100 Top-Notch Expository Essay Topics

expository essay topics

What is an expository essay? An expository essay is one of the four major types of writing assignments and requires students to teach or explain information in an objective way. To achieve this, students should write in the third person and inform, compare and contrast, or show cause and effect. Ample evidence and examples must be attained and the student must present the information in an orderly and effective manner. Did we define expository essay adequately? Keep reading to learn five simple steps to help guide you through the writing process. We’ve also included a list of 100 essay topics to help you get started.

How to Write an Expository Essay: 5 Steps

  • Consider different expository paper topics. Make sure the topic you choose is one you are interested in and is manageable. Don’t burden yourself with a lofty topic that will be difficult to research. Take a look at these 200 speech ideas.
  • Research facts and details. Search online for all pertinent facts and details. The information should come from reliable sources but you can find a lot of background content to help you get familiar with your topic.
  • Create an expository essay outline. Group and organize your ideas and discussion points and put them in an outline. The outline will help you stay on track as you write each draft. It’s much easier to evaluate your content and rearrange it in an outline than in a completed draft.
  • Write the first draft quickly. Writing the first draft quickly is a great way of getting all of your ideas down on the page efficiently and effectively. Don’t stop to make corrections to your writing; just allow your thoughts to flow.
  • Reorganize arguments in a revised draft. Set your paper aside for at least a few hours (or days if you have the time) before making your revisions. This exercise allows you to evaluate your work from a fresh perspective.

Expository Writing Topics for Middle School Students

These expository essay topics for middle school are great starting points for anyone just learning how to write this kind of assignment:

  1. Describe the four primary colors to somebody who is blind.
  2. Describe the saying “A stitch in time saves nine.”
  3. Describe what it means to be an active listener.
  4. Describe the habits of a good middle school student.
  5. Describe what it means to provide good customer service.
  6. Explain the types of foods pescatarians are allowed to eat.
  7. Explain the qualities of a good physical education teacher.
  8. Explain what it means to be a professional star athlete.
  9. Explain the qualities of a good sitcom.
  10. Explain what makes for an interesting game show.

Expository Essay Topics for High School

These expository paragraph topics are a bit harder than the ones above and should only be attempted once a student understands the fundamentals:

  1. Explain what one needs to do to get into college.
  2. Explain the reason for having an active military.
  3. Explain what it means to have a white or blue-collar job.
  4. Explain the importance of trade schools.
  5. Explain what is meant when someone says “That’s a job well-done.”
  6. Describe the financial impact Covid-19 has had in the U.S.
  7. Describe what it takes for a pandemic to spread.
  8. Describe the five important qualities of a leader.
  9. Describe the functions of the United Nations.
  10. Describe the impact Brexit will have on England’s economy.

Expository Essay Topics for College

As students advance academically, the assignments they receive will be more difficult. These expository essay topics college are challenging but manageable:

  1. Describe your college or university’s campus history.
  2. Explain the academic requirements of a rare discipline.
  3. Describe how to make the perfect omelet.
  4. Explain the steps for changing a tire in less than five minutes.
  5. Explain how one can stay healthy eating only junk food.
  6. Explain how to lose weight safely in less than 30 days.
  7. Describe a memorial commemorating U.S. soldiers.
  8. Explain the election process in your state.
  9. Describe how local ordinances are passed in your community.
  10. Explain the judicial process for non-violent crimes.

Expository Speech Topics for a Debate Assignment

These are all good expository speech topics for an assignment that must be presented before an audience:

  1. Explain the consequences of committing a crime when you are under the age of 18.
  2. Describe what it means to be on academic probation.
  3. Explain the process of taking a plea deal.
  4. Describe the negative effects of drug addiction.
  5. Explain the legal ramifications of committing a white-collar crime.
  6. Describe what it takes to be a successful comedian.
  7. Describe the process for become a police officer in your state.
  8. Explain how one can go about organizing a peaceful protest.
  9. Describe the history of affirmative action in the United States.
  10. Describe the welfare system in the United States.

Funny Expository Speech Topics

Here are some funny expository essay topics to help liven the mood while still generating enough interest to keep readers hooked:

  1. Explain the most effective way to make a clown laugh.
  2. Describe how to get Buckingham Palace’s guards to move.
  3. Describe the best methods of cheating on an exam.
  4. Describe how one can get away from doing his or her homework.
  5. Explain the best way to get out of trouble for skipping school.
  6. Explain the best method for getting out of being grounded.
  7. Describe how you can get away with watching pornography.
  8. Explain why it is necessary to have parental restrictions.
  9. Describe how one can go about treating a mosquito bite.
  10. Explain the process for selecting a player in the NFL draft.

Easy Expository Essay Topics

Looking for something simple to write about? This set of topics for expository writing shouldn’t take very long to explore in a short assignment:

  1. Explain the best methods for getting into shape fast.
  2. Describe how professional athletes train during the offseason.
  3. Explain how to score a soccer goal from midfield.
  4. Explain the best defense for breaking a home curfew.
  5. Explain the best method to avoid spreading Covid-19.
  6. Describe the process for impeaching the President.
  7. Describe how to save money on food each month.
  8. Explain the best way to convince others to spend money on you.
  9. Explain the best way to get rid of an annoying mosquito.
  10. Describe the best dating apps to use for an immediate date.

Controversial College Expository Essay Topics

If you are somebody that likes to explore controversial ideas, then these topics for expository essay might be just right:

  1. Explain the effectiveness of capital punishment.
  2. Describe the process of appeals in the U.S. court system.
  3. Explain the psychological effects on women who undergo abortions.
  4. Describe why only women should have a choice regarding their unborn children.
  5. Explain the process of physician-assisted suicide.
  6. Describe why mental patients should not be tried as adults.
  7. Explain why it is necessary to arm our school teachers.
  8. Describe why one must retain the right to own firearms.
  9. Explain why students are driven to go to a four-year university.
  10. Explain fraternity or sorority rituals for initiation.

Current Topics for an Expository Essay

These topics for expository essays represent the latest issues being discussed today. They may be a bit challenging because there may be a lack of resources, so choose wisely:

  1. Explain the relationships between North Korea and South Korea.
  2. Describe the necessary steps for creating a COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. Explain the reasons for banning smoking in all public areas.
  4. Describe what is meant by martial law in the United States.
  5. Explain why the United States is removing Confederate Statues.
  6. Describe why Missouri is replacing its state flag.
  7. Explain why NASCAR decided to ban all Confederate flags.
  8. Explain how the use of plastics is dangerous to the environment.
  9. Describe how urbanization as led to higher pollution rates.
  10. Explain why public education should be available at no cost.

Informative Expository Speech Topics

These ideas are all great for an expository essay that aims to objectively inform the reader about a specific subject in today’s news:

  1. Explain why it is important to earn a university degree.
  2. Describe how the internet wastes people’s time.
  3. Explain why it is necessary to learn how to use the internet.
  4. Describe how the internet works to improve communication.
  5. Describe how the web puts people’s privacy in danger.
  6. Explain why high school couples break up before college.
  7. Describe the process of getting a date to the prom.
  8. Explain special needs children impact family life.
  9. Describe how obsessive-compulsive disorder is harmless.
  10. Explain how therapists apply treatment to their patients.

Good Expository Essay Topics

We end our list of expository topics with some fresh ideas taken from online conversations and articles. These may be current only for a little while, so be sure to keep checking for more:

  1. Explain how the use of 3D printing technology helps medicine.
  2. Describe how DNA can be used to store important data.
  3. Explain how flu vaccines work during winter months.
  4. Describe the purpose of the Salvation Army.
  5. Explain why teenagers decide to run away from their homes.
  6. Explain why the orphanage system in the U.S. needs reform.
  7. Describe the challenges of growing up with only one parent.
  8. Explain how your university or college has changed in the last 20 years.
  9. Describe why free public education is essential in your community.
  10. Describe the rules of your favorite team sport.

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