130 Best Problem Solution Essay Topics

problem solution essay topics

It is quite ironic that the first problem you encounter in problem solution essays is choosing the best problem solution essay topics!

However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. All you have to do is look for problem solution essay topics with viable solutions, and you should genuinely care about the problem. If you still have trouble finding good problem and solution topics, you can look for examples of problem and solution essay topics.

We have provided more than enough examples for you with over 100 problem solution essay topics contained in this article. Ready to find a solution to your problem solution essay topics? Let’s get started!

Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

Problem solution essays are one of the most common essays for college students. Students in college face a unique set of problems from other students. It is essential to write topics for problem solution essay on issues that you can relate to or have experienced.

Therefore, problem solution essays written by college students are quite different from all others. These essays deal with issues common among college students.

Still at a loss as to the problem solution topics to choose as a college student? Here are some examples that would point you in the right direction. Note that you don’t have to use them verbatim. These can serve as samples or inspiration.

  1. How can college students effectively balance out personal needs and academics? Is it possible to still have a social life?
  2. Large lecture halls can make it more challenging to learn and hear lecturers. How can campuses work on solving this problem?
  3. Most students have to work and study to pay for their education. However, work often takes away the time for learning. How can a student find a solution to this problem?
  4. Going away from home can be pretty hard, and many students battle with homesickness for a time. Proffer solutions to this problem.
  5. How can a student cut costs on decorating a dorm room or apartment?
  6. Lots of colleges match students as roommates. This practice often causes some problems between people with different personalities and interests. What can be done to make the adjustment period more comfortable for each roommate?
  7. Every student knows that the cafeteria is rarely the best place to get the best food. How can students help change this situation, though?
  8. How can parents help their children and wards without intruding on their privacy and taking away their independence?
  9. What should colleges do to have a more diverse number of students in their schools?
  10. How can colleges help their students relieve stress?
  11. Do parents need to know the grades of their children in college?
  12. How can colleges encourage students to participate more actively in sports and politics?
  13. How do college students decide on their major?
  14. What happens to a long-distance relationship when you are in college?
  15. How can a college student persuade his parents to allow him to be independent?
  16. What is the best way to handle issues with roommates?
  17. How can a college student stop procrastination?
  18. What degrees are the most marketable for college students?
  19. How do college students handle noisy or dirty roommates or neighbors?
  20. What can you do if you find out that your friend is suicidal?

These problems are issues that college students frequently encounter. Therefore, you only have to seek actionable solutions to the question, outline them and have a good problem solution paper.

These sample topics can also be converted into problem solution speech topics. If you were to give a speech, all these questions would make a good thesis for problem solution speech topics college students would love. You have the advantage of capturing your audience’s attention right from the onset as they can relate to the problems.

Not everyone is in college, though. For instance, if you are in middle school, the type of problem solution essay that would appeal to your audience and find interesting is quite different. Therefore, we have highlighted more problem solution paper topics to help everyone in different situations.

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle School is often a challenging time for most people. It is a time when teenagers feel like adults yet are still children in the real sense. This problem, coupled with many other issues, makes for a quite impressive problem solution essay topics list.

  1. What can a school do to help children who have behavior issues that stem from their home?
  2. How can society help and encourage children with autism and other developmental disorders instead of blaming their parents?
  3. What can parents and teachers do to help young female teenagers who are unrealistically trying to fit into the images they see on social media?
  4. Should middle school students look for a job before they gain admission into college?
  5. How can parents teach middle school students financial management before they get to college?
  6. How can parents and teachers combat the adverse effects of cell phones and other electronic devices on students?
  7. How can therapy dogs be controlled in a classroom such that it does not become a distraction?
  8. How can students do tests without experience undue stress and anxiety?
  9. How can society help children who are talented but have no means to further their education?
  10. How can school fit more creative subjects into pupils’ schedules to help them broaden their mental capacities?

Beyond school topics for problem solution essays, there are also other general topics that anyone who wants to write problem solution persuasive speech topics can use. We have highlighted these topics under the different sections below.

Problem Solution Essay Topics about Animals

If you love animals, then you would care about what happens to them. A problem solution essay can help you affect the changes that you want to see concerning animals. Here are a few interesting topics that you might want to try your hands on first.

  1. What is the solution to the animals that are overpopulating particular habitats because human activity has chased their natural predators?
  2. How can we prevent people from disturbing the natural habitat of endangered animals living in parks?
  3. How can we solve the problem of plastics destroying the natural ecosystem in the ocean?
  4. What can people do to combat the global climate change issues that would affect several animals’ habitats?
  5. How do we deter people who adopt pets on a whim and decide they don’t want these animals anymore?
  6. How we protect endangered species like snakes, which might live on people’s properties, without causing problems for the people or the animals?
  7. How can we prevent poaching with the rise in demand for animal flesh and parts worldwide?
  8. How do we protect migratory birds from obstacles like tall buildings and wind turbines?
  9. How can we deal with irresponsible dog breeders who run dog mills?
  10. How can farmers provide free-range eggs at a more affordable price?

You might have thought of some of these issues at one point or the other if you love animals in any capacity. Therefore, it would be relatively easy for you to write a problem solution paper on any of these topics if necessary.

Environment Problem Solution Essay Topics

Anything that affects the environment affects everyone in it. Therefore, problem solution essay topics environment-related are a common one for people. You can try your hands on any one of them. Who knows? Your solution might be what the world needs.

Some sample environment problem solution essays that you attempt are:

  1. How can we encourage more countries to work on climate change and take it more seriously?
  2. What can everyday people do to help cleanse the waterways from pollution?
  3. How can we encourage farming communities to convert to wind or solar farming?
  4. What can we do the stop the extinction of monarch butterflies?
  5. How can we reduce air pollution in major world cities?
  6. What steps should members of societies take to stop the rising acidity of the oceans?
  7. What can be done about the increasing world population as it affects the environment?
  8. GMOs lead to more food production but could cause biodiversity challenges. What could be done to solve the problem?
  9. How can we reduce food wastage, especially in larger cities?
  10. How can we reduce deforestation and encourage tree planting?

Find more environmental science topics on our blog.

Health Problem Solution Essay Topics

One significant aspect of life that people face challenges is in their health. This fact makes this aspect a good source for problem solution essay topics. Some of the health problem questions that these essays seek solutions to include:

  1. How can we encourage parents to vaccinate their children at an early age to prevent dangerous illnesses?
  2. How can people develop the habit of regular exercise?
  3. What can parents do to help their obese children?
  4. How can we get more people to sign up for a health insurance plan in the United States?
  5. How can the stigma surrounding mental health issues be reduced in our societies?
  6. How can we combat increasing health challenges like asthma caused by air pollution?
  7. How can we strongly encourage people to stop taking tobacco?
  8. How do we reduce death rates caused by accidental gun discharge?
  9. What can we do to encourage people to eat fresher, more balanced meals?
  10. How do we ensure people seek primary health care when they fall ill? How do we make primary health care accessible to all?

Political Problem Solution Essay Topics

Politics is an issue that concerns everyone, whether we like it or not. One way or the other, your actions and inactions would determine the state of your society and country.

There are no doubts that there are several problems in the political system all over the world today. These problems serve as the basis of political problem cause solution speech topics.

These examples that we have provided below will help you write on any of these political problem solution essay topics.

  1. How do we encourage people to vote more?
  2. Should the age limit of voting reduce as more children mature at younger ages?
  3. How do we enforce laws that would help our societies?
  4. Is there a way that we can eradicate racism, nepotism, and tribalism from the society
  5. Is there a way to increase the number of literate people in society?
  6. How do we balance the free speech right with the right not to insult or abuse?
  7. How can we solve the problem of terrorism?
  8. How can mass job creation reach everyone and reduce the poverty rate?
  9. Should politicians have some form of control over social media? How can we create a free and fair media space without any political interference?
  10. How should we deal with illegal immigration issues?

Problem Solution Gun Control Topics

Gun control has been a big issue for years. Different people have their opinions on the solution to the problems that guns cause in society. Here are a few on the topic:

  1. How can we help victims of gun violence?
  2. Is there any way to reduce the rate of gun violence?
  3. Do we prosecute the sellers or buyers of illegal guns?
  4. Should civilians be allowed to carry guns? What justifiable reasons can a civilian give for owning a gun?
  5. How can we make our communities safer without guns?

These problem solution gun control topics can help you explore the issues surrounding gun use control.

Funny Problem Solution Essay Topics

Whether you want to or not, some problems would make you laugh. We have highlighted a few funny problem solution essay topics for you.

  1. Funny cat videos reduce stress during finals.
  2. Programmable electric locks might help you stop eating at night.
  3. Photoshop solves Instagram users’ low self-esteem issues.
  4. Would 3D Printing solve the dorm cooking problems?
  5. Lecturers can serve free coffee to keep students awake during class.
  6. Could recorders be used to solve the problem of sleeping in class?
  7. Can autocorrect solve the problem of texting language in essays?
  8. Glowing pillows could solve issues in long-distance relationships
  9. iPads as a replacement for textbooks would make the class more fun and engaging
  10. Alarm clocks should run from student’s reach before they turn them off to prevent oversleeping.

These topics contain funny solutions to real-life issues. While you can write a paper on these funny topics to entertain yourself, you might need more problem solution essay topics.

More Problem Solution Essay Topics

  1. How can we stop social media bullying?
  2. How can you help a depressed person?
  3. What can we do to domineering and manipulating people?
  4. How do you leave a bad relationship?
  5. How can we stop or limit steroid use in sports?
  6. Should student-athletes get paid?
  7. How can you learn a sport that you have never played before?
  8. How can you boost attendance at a sporting event?
  9. Should parents or teachers push children to engage in sports?
  10. How do homeschooled children prepare for college?
  11. Should schools offer more technical courses to prepare children for the changing world?
  12. What should parents or guardians do when a student gets pregnant?
  13. How can we encourage more people to adopt children?
  14. How can parents teach the value of honesty?
  15. What is the best way to discipline a child?
  16. How can we prevent traffic violations?
  17. How do we prevent drunk driving?
  18. Is there a way to increase driver education in the country?
  19. What is the best way to find a new location you have never visited?
  20. What can traffic law changes make driving easier?
  21. How can we make people use more public transport?
  22. What is the best way to train a student as a driver?
  23. How can we combat driving and texting?
  24. Should parents impose their religious beliefs on their children?
  25. How can we help families who have someone with mental health challenges?
  26. How can parents help their children have a confident body image?
  27. How should parents help with homework?
  28. In what way should technology be used in the classroom?
  29. Should teachers or students be allowed to carry licensed guns into the school premises?
  30. What should be the standard for dress codes in schools?
  31. Should students who prefer online studies in high school be allowed to use that medium?
  32. How can schools retain their outstanding teachers?
  33. Should schools promote more physical education?
  34. Should there be a general core curriculum for all schools?
  35. Is it ideal to give every child an iPad or laptop in school?
  36. Has digital technology caused challenges for the education sector?
  37. Should foreign language be made compulsory for every student?
  38. How should teachers treat cheaters when caught?
  39. Would a nationalized test prove the standard of schools?
  40. How can we help children flunking class?
  41. What can make gifted and talented programs more effective?
  42. How much should sports players earn?
  43. Should women ask men out on dates?
  44. How can you move out of a friend zone?
  45. What makes for a healthy relationship?

You can change these topics into local problem solution essay topics by specifying a state or location. If you are looking for easy problem solution essay topics or problem solution proposal essay topics, these topics will meet your needs. All you have to do is choose appropriate problem solution essay topics or contact a paper writer and get more help.