100 Excellent Informative Essay Topics

informative essay topics

What is an informative essay? This is very similar to the expository essay in that you are asked to explain one of the six organizational patterns (cause and effect, process analysis, definition, description, compare and contrast, solution, and interpretation) that can be applied when explaining a topic. However, unlike an expository piece, an informative essay does not encourage or challenge or reader to go out to confirm the information and should never present a personal opinion. There should be no analysis of the topic. The informational essay or speech is just – answer the “who, what, where, when, and why” of a topic in a factual manner, basically introducing the topic and providing enough information to make it a valuable resource.

How To Start An Informative Essay

If this is the first time you are learning about this kind of writing you will certainly find informative essay examples quite helpful in the way you should structure and present content on any given topic. You can get a good sense of this kind of writing by reading unbiased articles or even encyclopedia entries on the web. It’s also recommended you use a reliable writing guide, ask a teacher, or visit a professional academic writing website. You can get some really good examples for free and even get some fresh topic ideas to write about in the process. We’ve gathered 100 great topics to write about if you find yourself stuck. You may use these as is but you’re always encouraged to develop your own ideas in order to write on topics that you genuinely find interesting.

Informative Essay Topics for High School

  1. How do you develop a good habit of studying for tests when you have a busy schedule?
  2. How do you apply mathematical skills to succeed in your chemistry and physics courses?
  3. What are the steps towards writing a high-quality academic persuasive paper for school?
  4. What do you need to do in order to balance your social time when you have homework?
  5. What can you do to ensure you create a good studying environment to get work done?
  6. How do most high school students spend their free time while still earning high grades?
  7. What can students do to improve their chances of attracting college recruitment officers?
  8. What can high schools do to lower the number of bullying cases on their campuses?
  9. How does one learn to swim successfully when he or she is afraid of large water pools?
  10. How should a high school work on minimizing his/her time on social media sites?

Good Informative Speech Topics on Education

  1. What is the most effective way for you to protect yourself from violence on college campuses?
  2. How can you keep your grades up while maintaining a healthy social life at university?
  3. ESL students will benefit from the chance to take standardized exams in their first language?
  4. What you need to know about switching majors in college without having to duplicate courses?
  5. How students benefit from social development workshops and events held on campus?
  6. How to include religious curriculum in high schools without it being offensive to others?
  7. What are the most essential factors influencing the performance of college-aged students?
  8. How is higher education necessary to land jobs in business in today’s global economy?
  9. What the effects are of field trips on a student’s performance in early developmental years?
  10. How studying abroad helps a student’s comprehension of the ways different people learn?

Good Informative Essay Topics on Government

  1. What are the three branches of government in the U.S. and what are their responsibilities?
  2. What are the biggest causes of the rise of homelessness in large metropolitan areas?
  3. How can city and county governments work to keep homeless people in safe shelters?
  4. What is the easiest way to get the proper medication to those who don’t have Medicare?
  5. How did democracy become the preferred government in first world European countries?
  6. What actions can local governments take to prevent instances of child abuse by parents?
  7. How governments can include education, profession, and technology to make decisions?
  8. In what ways did the U.S. Constitution influence other nations in reshaping their governments?
  9. How can corporations be treated as individuals in terms of how they make donations for gain?
  10. Ways in which each the House of Representatives and the Senate differ in representation?

Feel free to check more political science topics.

Science Topics for Informative Essay Writing

  1. Why are black holes important to the way the physics of the universe functions?
  2. What are the ways in which certain allergens help ward off specific types of diseases?
  3. How do calories create excessive body fat in humans and how does one burn more energy?
  4. How can nanobots be used to help solve the diseases and other types of health problems?
  5. Why are more people becoming effected by season allergies throughout the United States?
  6. How does epidemiological research help the way scientists combat certain types of diseases?
  7. How can scientists use concepts from string theory to create more efficient travel?
  8. Why researchers have moved closer to treating people with Autism much more effectively?
  9. Why is the European ban on modified food crops an issue that is related to economics?
  10. How does the human aging process affect genetics of future generations of people?

Interesting Informative Essay Topics

  1. What are some ways to ensure you can find and strike a deal with a reliable roommate?
  2. What do you need to do in order to put up a camping tent when there is a strong storm?
  3. Who is your favorite fiction writer and what is the reason why others should read him/her?
  4. How do people stay independent when the cost of living is going up across the U.S.?
  5. How does the United States keep important social programs without increasing taxes?
  6. What are the biggest technological advancements in the 20th century we use today?
  7. Ways in which music can influence the way groups of people interact with one another?
  8. What is the most effective way of building and strengthening a long-term friendship?
  9. How the U.S. can succeed in eliminating cyber-crimes by investing in these three things?
  10. Ways in which the United States can help end widespread poverty with these moves?

Quirky Informative Speech Ideas

  1. What are some things you should do to avoid nature’s dangers when camping?
  2. What are some of the strangest solutions you have found to combat sleep disorders?
  3. How do you plan and fund a great graduation party without breaking the bank?
  4. How do you negotiate prices to land an excellent vacation rental for the family?
  5. What have famous billionaires done to land their perfect job with little to no education?
  6. What are the most effective ways to remain sober when out socializing with friends?
  7. Which is the best social dating site to use when looking for a short term fling?
  8. How you can earn a better education online than by attending a school in person?
  9. Why schools should eliminate detention as a form of punishing students for behavior?
  10. Why one should consider adopting a non-traditional, domesticated animal as a pet?

Topics for Informative Speech on Social Media

  1. How can we minimize the negative effects social media sites have on the way we interact?
  2. What is the most effective way to reduce the amount of time we spend on social media?
  3. How do social media channels affect the way we get international, national, and local news?
  4. Why has social media become so important in the way we connect with strangers?
  5. In what ways does social media help spread radical ideas around the globe so effectively?
  6. What are the worst things people can do on social media sites without repercussions?
  7. How has cyber-bullying become prevalent in the age of social media communication?
  8. What effects do politicians have on a population by maintaining social media accounts?
  9. In what ways is social media helping bring peace to historically unstable countries?
  10. How removing social media sites from the workplace increases employee production?

Best informative Speech Topics on Food and Diet

  1. What is the most effective way of losing weight safely and steadily over a few weeks?
  2. What are the causes of anorexia and other types of eating disorders in young girls?
  3. How does one start a diet geared towards gaining healthy weight instead of fat?
  4. What is the best way for a woman to lose belly fat after a successful pregnancy?
  5. How does one lead a healthy lifestyle when they are on a tight monetary budget?
  6. Why is it essential to have a childhood where healthy eating is present every day?
  7. How does nutrition affect a teenager differently than it does an adult in his 20s?
  8. How does one create a healthy eating plan to lose weight over a healthy period?
  9. Why is organic food classified as a healthier alternative to chemically processed foods?
  10. How does a healthy diet minimize the risk of developing diseases like diabetes?

Informational Writing Prompts on Sports and Games

  1. What are the most common superstitions athletes believe in concerning winning?
  2. Which are the least popular but highest paying sports from all over the world?
  3. How has the U.S. Women’s 2019 World Cup victory changed female pro sports?
  4. Ways in which the U.S. needs to restructure its pay grade for male/female athletes?
  5. What are the major reasons why people will still play football at such an early age?
  6. How important are team sports to a teenager’s social identity and sense of dedication?
  7. What makes playing sports outdoors great to a person’s mental and physical health?
  8. Which are the sports that are most likely to be recommended to teenage girls?
  9. What benefits to kids have in joining little leagues to learn how to play with a team?
  10. How do grown-ups stay physically healthy by playing intramural sports in their 30s?

Informative Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. What is today’s medical definition of mental health and how has it different from before?
  2. In what way is a mental disorder classified from something like a psychological deviation?
  3. What are the early signs of schizophrenia and what can people do to treat the symptoms?
  4. How does obsessive-compulsive disorder affect peoples’ relationships with co-workers?
  5. What are the five most sought after qualities in a good psychotherapist in today’s field?
  6. Which are the most popular and trustworthy psychological journals in the field today?
  7. Why is IQ (or another test) used as a method for measuring mental ability in people?
  8. In what ways do heroic people share qualities with people who may have mental disabilities?
  9. Why is narcissism an indicator of a more serious mental issue in some but not all people?
  10. How does mental health explain why certain people tend to be more forgetful than others?