Political Science Research Topics

We hear of governance and see how our leaders exercise authority over us, but do we ever understand the depth of political science? Is it just a case of making decisions and collecting taxes from subjects, or is there more to it? Political science dates back from the 17th century when Aristotle started defining the types of ruling governments during that time. Fast track to the current millennium, political science is one of the most sought-after careers since it comes with a lucrative salary. Today, anyone who wants to pursue this profession has to have a political science degree.

One of the major things a political student has to do is write a political science research paper on a topic of their choice. The subject has to address a political issue that leaders and citizens face daily. Skim through this post for more information on how to go about selecting a popular research topic and writing such a piece.

First things firsts: Selecting a Political Science Topic

Before writing a research paper, you have to search for a topic to write about. Coming up with relevant political science research topics may seem tough, but it shouldn’t take too long. The best way to come up with a useful topic is to look around and find governance problems that require solutions. Take a look at the steps essential in coming up with a good political science research topic.

  1. Identify a question
  2. Political science research questions will help you build on the essay’sheading. Once you know the underlying issue, it easy to come up with solutions to the problem. Use political science related keywords to create political science research paper topics that you want. While formulating the heading, briefly go through your library catalog to ensure that whatever literature material you want to use in your research is available. There is no point in getting a good topic which you cannot expound on due to lack of books.

  3. Check for the recommended writing style
  4. Academic writing requires you to use a type of citation style when you use someone else’s work in your study. Each university provides a different one for their students. Learn what style your university or college avails and find out how to cite sources using it.

  5. Source for literature
  6. Comprehensively search for political science topics literature that will help you expound on your topic. Do not limit yourself to one type of literature considering that new age writers prefer to sell paperless books over the internet. Some of the literature sources you can incorporate in your research include:

    • Reference Books
    • Encyclopedias
    • Journals
    • Dictionaries
    • Handbooks
    • Political science topics
  7. Downsize and use only the essential material
  8. Once you have a catalog of literature, you can begin skimming through each one of them and see whether they have the information you are looking for. Weed out the resourceful from the unresourceful ones. The ones with good content you can use to build on your political science research topic. Read through the books while selecting chunks of detail to borrow from them. Remember to write down the details of the book’s author for citation purposes.

  9. Create a coherent text
  10. Once you have all the information you need, start organizing your work. Ensure that every detail is in the right place. Put your thoughts in an orderly manner so that the political research paper topics can have a consistent flow.

Types of Political Science Research Topics

Political science topics are not confined to one type. College students interested in writing a paper in this realm have the choice of writing the following forms of papers.

  • Expository – An expository paper is one where the writer informs the reader about a particular issue. The main aim is to give information.
  • Argumentative – It is also known as a persuasive paper. Students have to present two sides of a story, analyze them then recommend the one that they prefer the most, with the aim of convincing the reader to change.
  • Analytical – In such political science topics, you have to state the variables at hand. You will then analyze all the points stated before concluding.
  • Cause and effect – This kind of paper aims at elaborating the causes of specific problems and the consequences that come with them. No solution is provided to the problem. It is up to the reader to find answers to the stated vices.
  • Compare and contrast – In this case, you are required to take two options and compare their perks. Also, you have to show the significant differences between the two variations.
  • Reports – When writing a paper in report form, there has to be research done. You will then write the findings of this research without

Sample Political Science Ideas

As a student, the most challenging part of the study is coming up with a topic. You have to ensure that it is unique and that it tackles current political problems that most countries face. We have compiled a list of possible researchable topics which you can use as inspiration to create your desired paper heading.

General topics

• The history of political science
• Theories in political science
• Who were the dominant people behind the revolution of political history
• Political psychology and its impact on society
• Neoinstitutionalism: How it rose from the dust

Political development

• The impact of terrorism on the politics of a country
• Democracy: Is it for the betterment or detriment of a country?
• Why ethnic differences spur trouble for politicians in multi-lingual nations
• What are the models of democracy, and which are the most common ones?
• The role of electoral parties in a democracy

Gender politics

• Why it is important for women to participate in politics
• Gender-based leadership laws: Why do they fail?
• The difference in men and female dominated states
• What is the future of politics in regards to gender equality?
• What are the roles of men and women in politics?


• Political critiques on constructivism
• The most successful experiments in political science
• Political science: The evolution story
• An in-depth look into constructivism
• Research methodology in political science today

Political thoughts

• The role of socialism in the modern world
• The contribution of Marxism to modern day politics
• A comparison between Christian, Islamic, Asian, and ancient thoughts
• Liberalism: what is it and what are the criticisms around it
• The impact of socialism in developing countries

International relations

• What is the relevance of international relations?
• Why third-world countries depend on developed ones
• IMF Loans: Another form of modern-day slavery
• The basics of international law politics
• The highs and lows of global economic and political trade

American politics

• LGBT representation in the US parliament today
• The effects of race and ethnicity to the US political realm
• Voting in America: Is it genuinely free and fair
• Is the media a thorn in the flesh to American politics?
• Political campaigns and the process of vying for office in the US

Environmental concerns

• The role of politics in the changing atmospheric climate
• The reason international leaders are not ganging up against deforestation
• Nuclear weapons: Are we preparing for world war III
• Global warming: Who is to blame for it
• Why more communities are fighting to keep exotic forests intact


• The Scandinavism political movement of the 19th century
• Human rights movements: Why they hit a snag most of the time
• The civil rights movement in the USA
• Disability rights movement: Is it overdue
• Why feminist movements are on the rise

Significant people

• Who are the founding fathers of political science?
• Medieval history: How Plato and Aristotle ruled the world
• Niccolo Machiavelli’s contribution to the politics of the day
• Behaviourism: Who came up with the idea and what was the inspiration behind it
• Key personalities that led to the rise of the first world war

Final Take

Political science research paper topics require your dedication and willingness to work on them. One essential tip for choosing the right topic is to find a general topic that excites you. In case you are not too enthusiastic about political science, choosing an easy research paper topic will do the trick.