127 Excellent Video Game Research Topics For 2023

video game research topics

Are you looking for the best video game research topics for 2023? We are proud to say that you have arrived at the right place. Our experienced ENL writers and professional editors have just finished creating our brand new list of 127 awesome video game topics for high school and college students. You can use any of our ideas for free – no credits required.

Best Way To Write A Video Game Essay

Before we get to the list of topics, we want to make sure you know how to write a great essay. After all, finding a great topic is just part of the writing process of any custom term papers. Here are some pointers that should help you do a better job on your research paper:

  • Structure your paper properly and always start with an outline. We recommend you use the 5 paragraph essay structure, as it’s extremely versatile.
  • Make sure your grammar and vocabulary are spot-on. Edit your work and polish your writing to make sure you get a top grade.
  • Be careful with quotes and citations. Remember to include all your sources in the References chapter.
  • Always start your paper with a great thesis statement. Dedicate some time to crafting the best one possible.
  • Keep in mind that each body paragraph should start with a clear statement and then support it. Don’t tackle more than one important idea in a paragraph.
  • Make sure you research the topic thoroughly and get accurate data from reputable sources. This is, after all, a research paper.
  • Last, but not least, write in a clean and concise manner. Express your ideas clearly and avoid unnecessary information that would just confuse or bore your readers.

Now that you know what to do and what to avoid when writing the video game research paper, it’s time to take a look at our list of original video game research topics:

Easy Video Game Topics

We will start our list with a selection of easy video game topics that are perfect for students who don’t want to spend too much time on their papers:

  1. Talk about your favorite video game
  2. What do you like about modern video games?
  3. The process behind the creation of a new game
  4. Why do you want to become a video game developer?
  5. What is a MMORPG video game?
  6. Differences between FPS and RPG games
  7. Analyze the gaming industry in a country of your choice
  8. An in-depth look at cyber sports and video game championships
  9. Can playing video games be considered a sport?
  10. What makes League of Legends so popular?
  11. Research gun violence in modern video games
  12. Are the games you play bad for you?
  13. Talk about the impact of video games on small children
  14. Do video games have any positive effects on you?

Video Games Topic For Every Student

Below, you will find a selection of topics for every student from high school to college. Check out our video games topic for every student list:

  1. The psychology behind modern video games
  2. Analyze the launch of a popular game
  3. How are video games priced?
  4. The history of online gaming
  5. Games as learning tools
  6. Controlling video game addiction
  7. Shooters or strategy games?
  8. Why you shouldn’t play video games
  9. Physical benefits of games

Interesting Video Game Topics To Write About

We know; you want a topic that is both interesting and easy to write about. Take a look at these interesting video game topics to write about:

  1. Do violent video games make teens violent?
  2. What is the effect of video games on children?
  3. What changed my view on video games?
  4. Skills that can be improved by playing games
  5. Do adults play video games?
  6. Research the increase in demand for video games
  7. Compare video games in the US and the UK
  8. Ethical responsibility in the gaming industry
  9. How addictive are role playing video games?

Fun Gaming Topics

Yes, writing a research paper can be fun – if you choose a great topic. Pick any of our fun gaming topics and start writing your paper right away:

  1. The entire history of video games
  2. Positive effects of video games
  3. Android games vs iOS games
  4. The Candy Crush popularity
  5. Gaming industry careers
  6. Genres of video games
  7. The technology behind the Xbox 4
  8. What causes addiction when it comes to video games?
  9. How do games improve learning skills?

Latest News On Video Games

If you want to write about something new, we recommend you take a look at the latest news in video games:

  1. Talk about the use of augmented reality in video games in 2023
  2. What are incremental console upgrades?
  3. An in-depth look at inclusivity in video games
  4. Which games are trending in 2023?
  5. Most anticipated video games of 2023
  6. Latest advances in 3D and SFX effects
  7. Talk about the remastered cinematics of Diablo 2 Resurrected
  8. Halo Infinite: everything we know so far
  9. The clan system in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Informative Gaming Topics To Talk About

Do you want to write an informative paper? No problem, we have a long list of informative gaming topics to talk about right here:

  1. Why do people love video games so much?
  2. Can video game addiction be treated like substance addiction?
  3. Case study: The Elder Scrolls of Oblivion
  4. Discuss government regulation of video games in the US
  5. Compare and contrast the Xbox and the PlayStation
  6. A closer look at the Japanese gaming industry
  7. What does it take to become a video game creator?
  8. The rise of Android video games
  9. Do we really need computer games nowadays?

Video Game Research Paper Topics For High School

Our list of video game research paper topics for high school is unique, so you can safely pick any one of our ideas and write your essay on it:

  1. What do modern video games promote?
  2. How much time should you spend playing video games?
  3. Are video games good or bad for our youth?
  4. Talk about how gaming will look 20 years from now
  5. Does playing video games make you think more strategic?
  6. How important are video games for our society?
  7. The importance of video games in treating depression
  8. Are games a good way to treat anxiety?
  9. Why do people spend so much money on video games?

Best Video Game Research Questions

A question is usually enough to spark your creativity. This is why we have an entire list of the best video game research questions right here:

  1. Are video games good for teens?
  2. How does video game violence affect children?
  3. How will games look 50 years from now?
  4. Can playing video games be considered a sport?
  5. How do games improve our collaborative skills?
  6. Why do we love looking at other play video games?
  7. How important are video games for our society?
  8. How damaging is piracy for the video game industry?
  9. Which are more popular, RPGs or FPSs?

Video Games Debate Topics

Are you preparing for a debate and need a great topic? Don’t worry about it; we’ve got your back. Check out these great video games debate topics:

  1. Discuss sexism in modern video games
  2. Talk about social problems related to video games
  3. Virtual reality in future games
  4. The important of augmented reality
  5. Can a game be educational?
  6. What makes games so fun and addictive?
  7. Gaming in the classroom in 2023
  8. Interesting online gaming experiences
  9. Important of games in special education settings

Good Video Game Writing Prompts

Are you looking for some good video game writing prompts that can help you write an intriguing research paper? Here are some of our best ideas:

  1. Compare and contrast the top 3 games in the United Kingdom in 2023
  2. What are some problems with modern video games?
  3. An in-depth look at advanced SFX effects
  4. 3D game rendering technologies
  5. Discuss online piracy related to video games
  6. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Modern video games
  7. How realistic are modern games in 2023?
  8. Tackle the violence theme in video games
  9. Sony vs. Microsoft: gaming giants battle
  10. The link between gaming and violence in teenagers
  11. Discuss the addictiveness of video games

Video Games Research Paper Topics For College

Of course, we have a list of video games research paper topics for college students. These are a bit more difficult than the others in our list:

  1. Linking video game addiction to substance abuse
  2. The use of first person shooter games in military training programs
  3. Flight simulation games and their real world applications
  4. Games that improve critical thinking skills
  5. The minimum age for playing video games
  6. Games that improve reaction times
  7. Pros and cons of playing assassin video games
  8. Debunking the most popular myths about video games
  9. Should parents prevent their children from playing video games?
  10. The link between video games and cognitive skill improvements

Engaging Video Games Topics

Want to engage your audience right from the start? If you are looking to impress your professor, you might want to give these engaging video games topics a try:

  1. The role of a developer in the video game industry
  2. How is testing being carried out on video games?
  3. Talk about the latest and most advanced video game effects
  4. An analysis of the video game industry in 2023
  5. Compare the 3 most popular games in the United States in 2023
  6. Are online video games more addictive than single-player ones?
  7. Discuss about the psychological effects of video games
  8. Compare and contrast 3 first person shooter games
  9. Improving reaction time in FPS games
  10. The effect of video games on education

Video Games Of The Future

Last, but not least, we have a nice compilation of ideas related to video games of the future. Take a look at our innovative ideas and pick the one you like:

  1. A closer look at Battlefield 2042
  2. Talk about how rendering graphics works in games
  3. Advances in graphics planned for games to be released in 2023
  4. Innovative graphics in Halo Infinite
  5. Discuss 3D game rendering technologies of the future
  6. What makes Pragmata a game of the future?
  7. The use of artificial intelligence in games in 2023
  8. Research the use of virtual reality in future games
  9. Discuss real-time rendering in future 3D games
  10. An in-depth look at Hytale (to be released in 2023)

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