133 Tip-Top Human Rights Topics To Get Best Grades

human rights topics

A great topic can make the essay writing process a piece of cake. Human rights is an important subject that may seem easy but is a hill climb when choosing exceptional topics. It would help if you had pertinent human rights topics that will complement your academic interests and be effortless to research and write about for your paper.

The ideal human rights topic for a high-scoring paper should tackle growing issues over a certain period and create social awareness. This article has listed out more than 100 unique human rights topics to get you started. Whether you prefer to focus on international human rights, cases of historical rights, or current events, we have you covered.

Human Rights Topics For Research Paper

  1. Discuss the impact of body size on professional capability
  2. Explain how social discrimination has affected patients living with HIV/AIDS.’
  3. Explain why same-sex marriage is more social than religious significance
  4. What are the flaws in the morals of a child raised in the U.S.?
  5. Discuss the problem of employment for the native population as created by immigrants
  6. Detail human rights violations in China and how it has impacted the image of the country
  7. Explain the negative impact of the war against terrorism as it related to human rights
  8. Break down how the international community has reacted to sweatshops in Asian countries
  9. Define the responsibility to protect ad explain its relationship to the problems of human rights
  10. Since when has freedom of creative expression become one of the human rights?

Top-Notch Human Rights Essay Topics

  1. Outline how the international human rights law impacts USA policies
  2. Explain how a company avoids doing business with countries that violate human rights
  3. In what ways does business contracts that violate human rights impact a company’s reputation
  4. Explain the influence of cultural relativism on human rights problems
  5. Define the difference and similarities between segregation and apartheid
  6. What is the contrast between slavery and serfdom concerning how they violate human rights
  7. Compare and contrast between the human rights model and the freedom model

Impressive Human Rights Debate Topics

  1. Explain why democracy is the best political system to protect fundamental human rights
  2. Investigate the effectiveness of the European Commission of Human Rights
  3. Explain whether it is possible to achieve free education for all
  4. Examine whether human rights should be gender-based
  5. Investigate whether human rights should be tradition specific
  6. Outline how male circumcision is a violation of human rights
  7. Discuss why gay marriages do not have religious significance
  8. Outline the amendments to legalize gay marriages
  9. Examine how immigrants create employment problems for the native population
  10. Analyze how obesity impacts professional capacity

Original Topics In Human Rights

  1. Discuss how to deal with bullies in school
  2. Break down the impact of racial discrimination on the staff productivity
  3. Outline the best ways to participate in human rights protection campaigns
  4. Explain why LGBT relationships and marriages are illegal in some nations
  5. Analyze how utilitarianism is an infringement of the concept of human rights
  6. Investigate the factors that promote human trafficking
  7. Highlight the development of the human rights issue in Hidden figures
  8. Explain the influence of Eleanor Roosevelt in the human rights protection campaign
  9. Investigate the innocence of presumption as a significant policy in the American judicial system
  10. Evaluate the representation of human rights in the Enlightenment philosophy

List Of Basic Human Rights Topics

  1. Discuss the violation of human rights during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  2. Examine the violation of human rights in Crimea in 2014
  3. Define human rights and explain their origin
  4. Evaluate the role of World War II on human rights
  5. Explain the human rights that the 1948 declaration made universal
  6. Outline the purpose of the 1993’s Human Rights Act in New Zealand
  7. Analyze the defining factors for human rights in Medieval Europe
  8. Examine the groups of the population that had voting rights in ancient Greek Poleis
  9. Highlight the implications of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
  10. Detail the similarities and differences between segregation and apartheid

Controversial Human Rights Topics

  1. Compare and contrast civil rights and human rights
  2. Evaluate the violation of human rights in Belarus
  3. Explain how the international community can punish states that violate fundamental human rights
  4. Analyze mechanisms of preventing police-related human rights violations
  5. Examine whether prisoners should also have the right to vote or not
  6. How does the installation of surveillance cameras in public places violate human rights?
  7. How does the capitalistic system defend or violate human rights?
  8. Explain how life imprisonment is a violation of human rights
  9. What is the role of global trade in promoting labor rights
  10. Discuss how immigration restrictions in the U.S. is a violation of human rights

Extended Essay Topics Human Rights

  1. Analyze how social media networks guarantee the right to privacy
  2. Discuss the best way to deal with body shaming problems
  3. What is the role of social media in women’s empowerment?
  4. Detail the history of racial discrimination in the UAE
  5. Break down women rights in Asian countries
  6. Explain why minorities should be allowed to pray at their places of work
  7. Explain factors that limit equal representation of females in leadership roles
  8. Discuss the history of child labor
  9. Evaluate the connection between child labor and post-traumatic stress disorder?
  10. Explain the primary rights of the LGBT community in the US

List Of Human Rights Topics For College Students

  1. Discuss the causes of gender-based disparity in payment in the U.S.
  2. Compare the state of human rights between the UAE and the U.S.
  3. Explain how the Bible violates fundamental human rights
  4. Define environmental racism and explain its effects
  5. What roles does the ombudsman play in protecting human rights
  6. Discuss women rights in the roman empire
  7. Examine whether segregation is a form of human rights violation
  8. Investigate equal rights problems in Eastern European countries
  9. What are the critical issues with labor rights in the United Arab Emirates?
  10. Explain why a life imprisonment is a form of human rights violation

International Human Rights Topics

  1. What are the prominent examples of civil rights abuses in indigenous people in the U.S.?
  2. What are the critical impacts of discrimination based on race
  3. Discuss your views on modern human rights and the labor movement
  4. Evaluate the evolution of human rights from ancient times to the age of globalization
  5. Comment on why the disability right in the United States is under attack
  6. Many people flee as a result of the violation of their human rights. Who do you think they should turn to in such situations?
  7. Discuss whether it is appropriate to deny human rights on the grounds of sexuality, religion, and gender
  8. Examine how first World countries plan to deal with the violations of human rights taking place in North Korea
  9. Investigate the violation of human rights of women in some parts of the Middle East
  10. One has the right to stay silent according to human rights. Explain how this is likely to impact an accused person

Brilliant Human Rights Essay Ideas

  1. Outline your views on the revolt of the Cockroach People as the Chicano and the Acosta experience
  2. Discuss the civil rights movements from a Malcolm X and a Martin Luther King Jr. point of view
  3. Examine the reasons for and outcomes of the LGBT movement
  4. Explain how the interaction between the Chinese and the Japanese during WW II impacted the human rights problems of both states
  5. Elaborate the most heinous human rights problems of post-Apartheid South Africa
  6. Explain how the U.N. Refugee Programs enhances the welfare of refugees across the world

Top-Tier Human Rights Thesis Topics

  1. Discuss countries with the world freedom of press records versus their records of human rights
  2. Explain how the abolition of the death penalty can be considered a human rights problem
  3. Discuss how the popularity of social media is impacting human rights in the conflict zones
  4. What is the impact of BLM protests on racial equality in the U.S?
  5. Analyze whether prisoners of war deserve human rights protection
  6. Outline major human rights violations in the U.S. lately
  7. Does the U.S. constitution conclusively cover the problem of equality and human rights?
  8. Analyze how the globalization of the manufacturing sector has impacted the protection of human rights of manufacturing workers

Human Rights Violations Topics

  1. Detail the leading human rights problems refugees face after relocating to other countries
  2. Discuss parts of the world where indigenous people encounter the worst human rights violations
  3. Explain the impact of poverty on human rights in developing countries
  4. Examine how the internet promotes human trafficking in developing countries
  5. Discuss the key factors that influence outcomes if trials are the international human rights court at the Hague
  6. Evaluate how the amendment of laws to suit gay marriages
  7. Discuss the ethically legitimate forms of the death penalty
  8. Elaborate the factors that prevent poor people from accessing better health care in underdeveloped countries

Hot Human Rights Topics List

  1. Explain the causes of phobia of minority’s regions in developed countries
  2. Explain the lousy impact legalizing the use of drugs
  3. Discuss racial discrimination as witnessed in the recruitment of workers in the UAE
  4. Outline the main differences in leadership between the male and female gender
  5. Evaluate factors preventing equal representation of women in leadership roles

Latest Human Rights Paper Topics

  1. What are the impacts of child labor on healthy adult psychology?
  2. Discuss critical problems facing LGBT marriages and suggest possible solutions
  3. Explain the main key factors that bring about gender-based pay disparity in the U.S.
  4. Discuss communism and the pursuit of political equality
  5. Examine the history of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense

A+ Human Rights Research Topics

  1. Discuss women’s suffrage in the U.S.
  2. Analyze racial profiling by the police
  3. Investigate transgender rights in Europe
  4. What is the U.S. policy on refugees?
  5. Highlight problems of the orphanage children across the world
  6. Discuss physical abuse in marriages in the U.S.

Advanced Human Rights Topics For Essays

  1. How do the rights of pets compare to human rights
  2. Discuss how to put an end to the violation of human rights by police
  3. Examine the purpose and fundamental principle of the European Commission of Human Rights
  4. Examine the structure of the European Commission for Human Rights
  5. Analyze the violation of human rights in Taiwan
  6. Examine the violation of human rights in the porn industry
  7. Investigate the link between human rights and ecological problems
  8. Discuss the frequently violated human rights at the workplace

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