How To Write A Powerful Gender Equality Essay In 2020

Gender Equality Essay

Raise the question of whether men and women have the same rights, and you’ll have evoked many to speak. That is why there are so many writings on gender equality. Every side is trying to champion for its rights, survival for the fittest it is.

However, what will make your gender equality essay outstanding from the millions of articles available on the internet and in print? That is the hidden secret we are going to dissect bit by bit in this article. So, please keep your eyes peeled because it is a secret, and not many people are entitled to a secret.

Defining Gender Equality

Before proceeding any further, let us first have an understanding of this term and how it is relevant to society today.

Since time immemorial, society has embraced male chauvinism. Equality between men and women has been seen as an almost impossible thing. It is like asking President Donald Trump to quit twitter.

All the best things in life are considered to be for men — talk of education, innovations, white-collar jobs, and even the latest car models. The place of women over the years has been in the kitchen and childbearing.

However, with the championing of gender equality, both men and women are seen as having the same roles and responsibilities in society. Women can now own Companies, drive Porsche vehicles, and even lead countries as presidents.

Let’s get back to our gender equality essay now. When writing an essay on whether man and woman should have equal rights, there are vital considerations that you will have to incorporate.

We will look at them based on the structure of a typical essay.

To start us off, we’ll look at all you need to know about the topic of an essay on gender discrimination.

All you Need to Know About Gender Inequality

The subject of gender inequality is an ocean of ideas. The topic you choose should, therefore, be one that comprehensively deals with one aspect.

It has to be impressive enough and provoke the reader to delve deep into the body to satisfy the curiosity created.

Here are sample gender topics to write about for your gender equality essay:

  • How is gender equality in Western countries compared to Africa?
  • What is the history of gender equality?
  • Should men and women have equal rights?
  • How are women discriminated against in society?
  • What is the role of UN agencies in gender equality?

The next part is the introduction of a gender issues essay.

Writing the Introduction

The format for an essay introduction remains; the topic sentence, outlining sentences, and the thesis statement. In the gender inequality thesis statement, ensure that you give the main idea of your essay.

As a writer, you should be able to articulate whether your introduction is worth someone’s time or not. Having a captivating introduction for your gender equality essay will act as bait to have the reader’s attention.

For instance, you are talking about equality in education; you can have the following introduction:

Gender discrimination has deprived women of their right to education. Instead of women attending school, they are left at home to fend for the babies and perform house chores. However, both men and women should be given equal access rights to education without undermining the other.”

One can be able to see that the writer is going to champion equality in education, especially on the part of women. Such is how you can structure your introduction paragraph of gender equality related essay.

But here’s the catch.

The Body

It is where the writer gets to argue out his or her thesis statement in paragraphs. The pieces of evidence are given in the body to affirm the writer’s point of view. It uses supporting evidence such as facts, statistics, real-life examples, and analysis.

Such a topic as gender equality is broad, and thus the body might be longer. However, you should use the three-body paragraph structure to make your essay succinct and enticing. Remember that too much is boring and short is sweet.

To write the body swiftly, ensure that you brainstorm and have your points well outlined first. It will save you the agony of having to scratch your head for nothing. You might end up pulling your hair for goodness sake.

And if that’s not enough, here’s one more crucial part.

Concluding your Gender Equality Essay

Essays on gender equality also have the same structure for the conclusion. It gives a summary of the arguments made in the body using one sentence or two. On top of providing an abstract of the discussion, it also restates the thesis statement.

Bonus: Free Tips to Guide Your Gender Essay Writing

  • Consult a variety of sources on sensitive issues.
  • Avoid statements that may provoke one side.
  • Maintain objectivity at all times.
  • Ensure that you extensively cover every argument in the body
  • Have a structure before you start writing your essay.
  • Proof-read your work before submission.

And with that, good luck with writing your gender equality essay. Do not leave anything to chance, from the topic, introduction, body, to the conclusion. Every section counts!

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