Best Business Topics (50 New Prompts Included)

business topics

So, you’ve decided to look for some original business topics. Congratulations! You are already on your way to a top grade. No matter how difficult your essay may seem, the topic you choose will significantly improve your chances of getting an A or and A+. The only problem is that finding exceptional business research topics requires a lot of time. You also need serious research skills, of course.

Why would you lose your time finding original business essay topics when you can just use one of our 50 sample topics? Remember, all of them are fresh and 100% original (at the time of writing). You can use any of our essay topics for free. Moreover, you can modify any of the topics as you see fit.

Why Business Topics Really Matter

But why do business topics for research paper matter so much? Well, the main reason students are constantly looking for the best topics is the grade. Professors award bonus points to students who manage to come up with something new. As long as you can intrigue your teacher and capture his attention, you will probably get a top grade.

Now, think about some good business persuasive speech topics. You do realize that good topics make your essay easier to write, don’t you? This is why they’re important after all. Some topics have plenty of information written about them on various places on the Internet. You don’t even need to visit the library.

Where to Find the Best Business Topics for Research Paper

Looking for the best business proposal topics? Or perhaps you need the latest business law topics for research paper. In either case, you need to be able to find the most interesting ones. Here are some of the best places to find top quality business topics:

  • The Internet. Of course, you can find plenty of topics online. However, keep in mind that many of them will probably be picked by your classmates as well. With strong research skills, you may find one or two though.
  • The local library. Just pick some articles or journals and read them. Find some areas that require further research and you have yourself some very nice topics.
  • If you need great business law essay topics, just read some interesting court documents. You can find plenty of them online.
  • You can ask people on social media, blogs or even forums. In many cases, industry experts will be more than happy to give you some advice and some pretty nice ideas.
  • Get in touch with an academic writing company. If you need the best business related topics, one of their professional writers can help you. Remember, these seasoned academic writers are exceptionally good at finding amazing topics (including business ethics paper topics).

50 New Business Topics for 2020

Business Law Topics

Are you looking for new, fresh business law topics to write about in 2020? If so, why don’t you pick one of these awesome topics:

  1. How can you protect yourself from termination?
  2. The history of business law in the United States. (our top pick in business law paper topics)
  3. How is copyright applied by entities in the US?
  4. These are the 5 important laws that govern online advertising.
  5. The 3 interpretations of the Law of Contracts in the US.

Business Research Topics for College Students

If you are a college student, you will probably be thrilled to see our business research topics for college students. All brand new and original:

  1. Which is better, merging or being acquired?
  2. Can turnover rates measure the loyalty to a company?
  3. Can online course companies replace traditional schools?
  4. How to engage your employees and retain them.
  5. Why did the recession not affect the telemarketing industry?

Business Ethics Topics

There are hundreds, if not thousands of business ethics topics you can write about. However, to keep things original, we found a couple of new topics for you:

  1. Surveillance vs. privacy at the workplace in the United States. (one of the best business ethics research paper topics)
  2. Do companies unwillingly use child labor?
  3. Fighting discrimination at the workplace in Mexico.
  4. Can you sell a product when you can’t prove that it actually works?
  5. Do promises hold any value without written contracts?

Business Communication Topics

Communication is a very important part of business. As such, we feel that our list of topics wouldn’t be complete without these business communication topics:

  1. The effect of word of mouth on the restaurant industry.
  2. Why loyalty programs are becoming increasingly effective.
  3. The important attributes of an effective PR department.
  4. Does direct marketing still work in 2020?
  5. Are online ads actually hurting your business?

Controversial Business Topics

Controversies arise in business every day. But you probably don’t have the free time to keep an eye on all the latest controversies. Don’t worry; you can use one of our fresh controversial business topics:

  1. Product testing on animals negatively affects a company’s bottom line.
  2. Are biased responses influencing test marketing strategies?
  3. How do climate changes affect companies in the US?
  4. Large corporations are not affected by economic instability.
  5. Should large businesses do whatever it takes to acquire smaller companies?

International Business Topics

Nowadays, companies are turning into corporations. International business is booming. Why don’t you write an academic paper on one of these international business topics:

  1. The uses of social media in international business.
  2. How important is strategic management for an international company?
  3. What is shadow banking?
  4. The mechanisms of the foreign exchange market.
  5. The effects of e-commerce on international business.

Hot Business Topics

Do you want to surprise your professor? Do you want to get some bonus points? If you do, give our hot business topics a try:

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of international business.
  2. Can terrorism affect international business transactions?
  3. Will globalization end in the near future?
  4. How important is relationship marketing to companies?
  5. Does your government make a good profit out of war?

Business Informative Speech Topics

Finding good business informative speech topics can be pretty difficult these days. Here are some our academic writers consider to be the best for 2020:

  1. BRICS countries: what are they and how do they become BRICS?
  2. Would international business work without online stores?
  3. The best way to start an international business.
  4. The methods used by IKEA to go international.
  5. The effect of modern tech on the success of e-commerce companies.

Business Debate Topics

Who doesn’t like a good debate? Business debate topics are not easy to come by, we agree. However, we managed to put together of list of the best ones below:

  1. The best way to start an e-commerce business.
  2. What is the best product to sell in 2020?
  3. Are men better than women at negotiating? (the best of all business speech topics)
  4. Are job interviews really helpful for large corporations?
  5. What do you think makes an exceptional leader?

Business Presentation Topics

When you need brand new business presentation topics that nobody thought about, you should definitely take a look at the following sample topics:

  1. Defining the term “business credit guarantee”.
  2. What is international trade and why is it important?
  3. The differences between international business growth in the US and China.
  4. The main things that will ruin a business presentation.
  5. The advantages of having periodic meetings in the company.

Finally, the quality of your topics can make a huge difference. You can find amazing topics that can bring you the top grades you need. You just need to know where to look. And remember, you can count on an experienced academic writer even if you need some interesting research topics. Or just invest some time and effort into finding the topics yourself. It’s up to you.