Catchy 80 Accounting Research Topics To Succeed

accounting research topics

Students commonly find accounting research paper topics difficult to choose. When you have limited time, and you are under pressure to select an issue, there is room for a lot of error. However, we have collated a list of top accounting research paper topic ideas to save you the struggle.

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What is Accounting Research?

It is a field that examines how individuals or organizations use accounting and the consequences thereof. Accounting research deals with financial transactions in an organization.

Among the activities involved in accounting, the research includes summarizing, analyzing, and making reports of the financial transactions. An accounting research paper topic will, therefore lie within one of these aspects.

There are thousands of accounting topics to choose from for your assignment. Our expert writers have outlined a few for you. So get your notepad ready and start writing an essay on any of the following topics:

Financial Accounting Topics For Research Paper

  1. How can a company make good use of limited assets?
  2. Managing liabilities during a time of crisis
  3. Means of attaining more revenue for a business that is starting
  4. How to achieve equity after making all your expenses
  5. Managing financial transactions through bookkeeping
  6. Running financial statements using the latest accounting software
  7. Properly addressing all of your income and expenses.

Public Accounting Paper Topics

  1. Preparing taxes for small-income businessmen
  2. Can accounting software help to bring out transparency and accountability in public accounts?
  3. The impact of tax advisory in public accounting firms
  4. A study on how to conduct financial statement preparation and analysis.
  5. Is there a need to have a specialized public accounting unit?
  6. Why should an organization conduct general account audits?
  7. Should companies retain long term, public accounting officers?

Forensic Accounting Topics For Research Papers

  1. Dealing with fraud in banks using technology
  2. The role of auditing in uncovering fraud
  3. Trends in accounting forensics all over the world
  4. The application of forensic accounting across public and private organizations
  5. How developing nations are dealing with the problem of fraud
  6. Fraud detection and prevention strategies for large-scale companies
  7. Managing corruption within the workplace through professional forensics

Accounting Theory Topics

  1. The principles behind accounting theories
  2. Development of new practices and procedures from existing theories
  3. The role of accounting theory in improving accounting practices
  4. Informational requirements for any accounting venture
  5. How to evaluate and develop financial accounting practices
  6. Responding to the needs of users through accounting information

Latest Accounting Topics To Write About

  1. Procedures and instructions for an accounting information system
  2. Classifying and recording transactions for future use
  3. Systematically analyzing and interpreting financial information
  4. How the size of the organization influences its financial records
  5. Effective means of achieving financial health of a business.
  6. How to determine the cost of implementing a program
  7. Potential risks when getting into a new market

Managerial Accounting Research Topics

  1. Critical and social analysis of management accounting
  2. Contemporary issues in managerial accounting research
  3. How to balance between performativity and ostensive management accounting research
  4. A case study of the significant relationship between Intra-firm and Inter-firm
  5. The origin and development of managerial accounting over the years
  6. Discuss the systematic relations that exist between categorical variables

Accounting Thesis Topics For Undergraduate

  1. How companies manage to lie in accounting books even after an audit
  2. Ways of improving the current accounting standards
  3. The much-needed regulation in financial reporting
  4. Security measures that companies can use to keep their records safe
  5. Should micro and small-enterprises venture into accounting?
  6. The role of technology in transforming the accounting sphere

Interesting Accounting Topics

  1. What is the need for and importance of financial accounting
  2. How to solidify accounting courses at diploma and degree level
  3. Is the current accounting curricula sufficient for the market needs?
  4. How coronavirus has transformed the world of accounting
  5. Security features for cash and credit transactions
  6. Differentiate between the double and single-entry systems

Financial Accounting Topics For College Students

  1. The role of sales and purchases journals in informing the public
  2. Sources of revenue for the service industry
  3. How does capital expenditure relate to revenue expenditure?
  4. The function of the perpetual and periodic inventory system
  5. Distinguish between the cash book, receipt, and payment account
  6. Irregularities and deficiencies that come with the cash flow system

Auditing Topics For Research Paper

  1. Using innovative technology in conducting specialized audits
  2. What is the essence of the auditor risk assessment?
  3. The impact of fraudulent financial reporting over audit reports
  4. What is the effectiveness and efficiency of audit committees and boards?
  5. A review of the previous public audits in the US
  6. An investigation into the disparities that arise from audit reports

Amazing Accounting Projects Topics

  1. A comparative analysis of small scale and large scale companies audit reports
  2. Does hiring graduates help to reduce fraud?
  3. How does vertical communication affect horizontal communication in accounting?
  4. The credibility of in-house audit reports
  5. Are our certified public auditors merely theoretical?
  6. A review of the accounting profession in the UK

Impressive Topics For A Research Paper on Accounting

  1. Is the current literature on accounting sufficient
  2. Why does the female gender dominate the accounting field
  3. Racial and cultural issues that hinder the effectiveness of accounting
  4. Making the best out of an accounting profession
  5. Dealing with conflicts arising from a financial crisis

PhD in Accounting Research Paper Topics

  1. Ethical and legal considerations in accounting
  2. The role of consistent bookkeeping records on an organization’s performance
  3. Compatibility challenges experienced in a diverse accounting office
  4. Prospects and challenges of digital technology in accounting
  5. Organizational challenges facing the accounting profession

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