133 Excellent Analytical Report Topics Free To Use

Analytical Report Topics

In academia, analytical report writing is one of the predominant, essential aspects of research writing. It’s a technical aspect of report writing that requires the collating of a bunch of qualitative and quantitative data, gathering relevant findings which will help the researcher come to a reasonable and workable solution.

This pattern of research writing can be found in different fields but is prevalent within business writing, making it a primarily used writing technique in MBA classes. Topics for analytical reports are widespread among MBA students in both colleges and universities.

On the other hand, Analytical reporting has intrinsic parts that complete the writing process. They include; the title page, table of contents, a clause, the main discussion, the conclusions, the recommendations, and sections for bibliography or appendices, which are required only when necessary.

Understanding the various roles the parts play within an analytical report enables you to select an analytical report topic. You’ll find in this piece some fascinating analytical essay topics for college and easy analytical essay topics for your research.

Uncomplicated Topics for Analytical Report

As a student engulfed with loads of school work to constantly deal with, the last thing you’d want to add to your plate is working on a complicated topic for an analytical essay. Here are some easy, straightforward analytical essay ideas.

  1. Does digital marketing create more traction than traditional marketing has ever done?
  2. A study into the effects of the proliferation of digital marketing on young adults
  3. The relationship and distinction between digital marketing and digital advertising in the 21st century
  4. A study on how advertising in the 21st century has risen exponentially than in the 20th century using reliable data information
  5. An overview of some of the areas through which marketing will be challenged in the case of the decline of technology
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of using personal social media accounts for marketing and advertising reasons
  7. Some of the growing benefits of online shopping as against physical store shopping
  8. Accessing the impact of digital marketing on the growth and performance of a company
  9. Accessing the use of hybrid marketing strategy for upcoming businesses
  10. The effect of the global pandemic on small scale businesses
  11. A study of marketing strategy during the global lockdown
  12. Analyze the preparation of a digital marketing campaign
  13. Efficient ways to carry out digital marketing
  14. Effective digital advertising strategies
  15. Should discounts and gifts be regarded as an effective digital marketing strategy?
  16. Sampling as an effective marketing tool
  17. Marketing tips that enabled wellness companies to double their revenue amidst a pandemic
  18. Effective ways brands can carry out advertisements and marketing on products that are liable to cause health hazards
  19. Importance of using Instagram for marketing
  20. How Instagram is gradually turning into a business platform and how business owners can utilize it
  21. Instagram vs. Twitter: Which is most effective for carrying out products surveys
  22. A study on how small businesses can utilize Instagram stories to level up their revenue
  23. A study of social media content creation as a substantial part of marketing.

Advanced Analytical Research Paper Topics

Aside from focusing on easy topics for analytical essays while choosing your analytical report topic ideas, many advanced analytical research papers will need to be written as you advance in your degree. Here are some of the cutting-edge analytical report topics to look into.

  1. Reasons why certain businesses experience intense lapses in their first trimester.
  2. Some of the best ways through which the government can better regulate taxes in favor of small businesses.
  3. Why large scale businesses need to pay more in taxation.
  4. The effects of multiple taxations on small scale businesses.
  5. Causes of insufficient taxation targeted at large scale businesses.
  6. A Taxing Problem: Why taxing amongst small, medium, and large enterprises should be regulated according to the revenue power.
  7. A study on why low-income neighborhoods are at the lowest echelon of government care.
  8. High crime rates in low-income communities and how it’s being propagated by capitalism.
  9. Capitalism and Socialism: Which is the lesser evil?
  10. NeoCapitalism and its contribution to poverty rates.
  11. Pros and Cons of practicing capitalism in America.
  12. A study of the food waste system and food insecurity in America.
  13. Agriculture: why it’s not the answer to food insecurity.
  14. Analyze how poverty promotes the influx of capitalism into low-income neighborhoods.
  15. Gentrification as a capitalist means of impoverishing people in low-income neighborhoods.
  16. Should Small and Medium-sized enterprises pay tax?
  17. Importance of tax refunds.
  18. How racial inequalities primarily sponsor taxation.
  19. How does racial equality grow the economic power of a nation?
  20. Analyze the relationship between capitalism and neo-capitalism.
  21. Analytically discuss the causes of inflation and how it can be curbed in advanced countries like America
  22. Rising causes of the present recession faced by countries.
  23. Cappletalism: the end of Apple’s capitalization?
  24. Global Jihad and the impact of the Taliban’s victory.
  25. Analyze the Great Depression and how it shaped the industrial revolution.

Analytics Essay Topics for College Students

For college students looking for analytical topics on various issues for college assignments or which topic is best for an analytical essay, this list contains fascinating topics for analytical essay prompts.

  1. How does the Internet impact the behaviors of young adults?
  2. What processes could be carried out by fintech companies to achieve cashless and unrestricted transactions worldwide?
  3. An overview of the economic benefits of wireless transactions.
  4. Economic unrestricted transactions proffer.
  5. Pros and Cons of only using digital media for business transactions.
  6. Benefits of digital media as the only means of business promotion.
  7. What is the importance of promoting free healthcare in countries?
  8. Why older generations are victims of cyber fraud.
  9. Cyberbullying and ways to address it.
  10. Is anti-cyberbullying effective?
  11. Possible ways through which drug addiction amongst youths can be curbed.
  12. The role of education in enhancing one’s knowledge.
  13. The benefits of internet connectivity to businesses.
  14. Exploring the upside and downside of the global pandemic.
  15. Pros and Cons of online shopping.
  16. Effective measures to curbing alcohol and drug abuse amongst college students.
  17. Effective ways through which students can progress in their academics.
  18. Why screen time should be regulated for college students.
  19. Substantial causes of depression amongst college students.
  20. How social media influences character build.
  21. Worldwide thrifting as a viable means of curbing the rising consequences of fast fashion.
  22. A look into the causes of food insecurity in low-income neighborhoods.
  23. What governments fail to know about privacy infringement.
  24. The rise of cyberfraud and the implications of cryptocurrency.
  25. Explain how the Blockchain industry is a haven for criminals and frauds.

Analytical Paper Ideas on Environmental Issues

For students who are focusing their analytical report writing on environmental issues, there is a wide range of topics for an analytical essay in this field. Here are some analytical writing prompts to look into.

  1. What are the intrinsic benefits of encouraging the growth of house and indoor plants?
  2. Analyze the helpful impacts of encouraging the use of sustainable products in our environments.
  3. A study of the harmful effects of the constant use of plastics.
  4. How the continuous dumping of plastics in the ocean affects aquatic lives.
  5. Ways to encourage go-green strategies in the environment and possible ways to maintain it.
  6. The cost of moving from plastic to the use of sustainable products.
  7. How the use of bamboo for production purposes also affects the environment.
  8. World Earth Day: what does it signify and plausible ways to attain its purpose.
  9. Ways to find a balance between plastic use and sustainable products.
  10. Recycling: how does it benefit the environment?
  11. Ways to promote the use of sustainable products.
  12. Climate change: how to resolve it or plausible ways to manage it.
  13. An overview into global warming and how it is affecting our environments today.
  14. Some unnoticed effects of global warming on the animals in our environments.
  15. Effective ways to manage and control global warming.
  16. Agriculture: a study into how it can promote healthy living and curb the existing effects of global warming.
  17. Analysis on how planting can hinder the continuous upsurge of global warming in our society.
  18. A look into the cost of managing our environments.
  19. Health benefits of practicing green living.
  20. The connections between veganism and sustainable living.
  21. How to better manage plastic waste
  22. Effective ways to curb the widespread global warming.
  23. Why governments should implement the carbon tax.
  24. Carbon tax: benefiting the rich or the poor?
  25. Impact of sustainable fashion on global warming and climate change.

Analytical Essay Topic Ideas for Test and Practices

As a college student preparing to write your analytical report essay, most times, to keep you grounded, you’ll be required to carry out some tests and practices to ensure your familiarity with the writing. Here are some analytical essay topic prompts to assist you.

  1. What is the distinction between personality and one’s upbringing?
  2. How does one’s upbringing interfere with their personality?
  3. On dealing with issues of the abortion ban, how does this deny women access to care for their bodies?
  4. The effects of promoting abortion pill control
  5. A study on how abortion regulation tampers with human and women’s rights
  6. How could suicide as a growing social epidemic be curbed in our societies
  7. Harmful effects of cyberbullying on teenagers and how it affects their psyche
  8. Mental health: Why therapy should be a free healthcare benefit
  9. Teacher-Student relationship and how it interferes with the etiquettes of teaching and learning
  10. What are the ways government can promote free therapy services to underserved citizens?
  11. Psychology: A case study of some of the vital ways through which family affects the psychological reactions of children
  12. How living in foster homes and growing up as foster kid impacts how most people see the world
  13. Food insecurity and how it affects the academic performance of most students
  14. Welfare services: A study on whether or not welfare services should be promoted in underdeveloped countries
  15. At what stage does a country move from underdeveloped to developing?
  16. What is the significant distinction between underdeveloped countries and developing countries?
  17. An analysis into the root causes of child mortality rate in black and low-income neighborhoods in America
  18. A study of recession and inflation and how they both impact the economic well-being of a given country
  19. An analytical study of sex, gender, gender roles and how they all impact the society
  20. A study of the harmful results of unresolved cases of teenage drug abuse and how it causes growth deficit
  21. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and how government should help in promoting them
  22. The distinction and similarities between rehabilitation centers and alcoholic anonymous meetings

Interesting Analytical Writing Topics

It’s important to note that analytical essay topics can focus on any particular issue at all. The following contains some exciting analysis topics and ideas you can explore.

  1. A study on how GRE exams enable college students to make better choices in school
  2. A look into the benefits of GRE exams to international students
  3. Why international students should pay attention to exams like IELTS
  4. The importance of introducing race relation topics to high school and college students
  5. An in-depth comparison of the education system in the UK and that of the US
  6. Exploring the issue of student loans and possible ways to curb it
  7. Why every student, both foreign and local students should aspire towards fully funded scholarships
  8. The importance of fully-funded scholarships to students from underdeveloped countries
  9. The devaluation of currencies and how this affects the global economy
  10. An in-depth analysis into how the global pandemic disrupted the global economy
  11. Analyze the Pros and Cons of government stimulus checks handed out during the pandemic
  12. What are the ways through which coronavirus can be curbed effectively across the globe
  13. Is Coronavirus an effect of global warming?
  14. The emergence of 5G networks and where technology hopes to go shortly
  15. Compare and Contrast the 4G network and 5G network and ways through which they promote globalization
  16. Is email marketing the most viable means of digital marketing?
  17. What are some of the underlying influences of the interference of politics in business and how it could hinder or promote sustainable growth
  18. The importance of restricting the upsurge of gentrification in low-income neighborhoods
  19. Gender roles: how does the social assigning of various functions to different genders contribute to gender-based violence in our society?
  20. Screen time: Why students should ensure to practice boundaries on how they use the internet and social media
  21. Possible ways to regulate the high risk of crimes prevalent in low-income neighborhoods
  22. A study of the effects of policing the female body.

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