120 Hot Microeconomics Research Paper Topics in 2023

Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

For starters, knowing how to craft such topics is critical. The best way you can achieve this is by looking at examples. We have provided a comprehensive list of not ten, but 120 top microeconomics ideas. Enjoy!

Microeconomics Topics in Supply and Demand

  1. Ways of determining price in a competitive market
  2. Adequate price controls for maximum profits and returns
  3. Attaining an economic equilibrium: A case study
  4. Discuss the observable attributes of goods produced in a market economy
  5. Determining price and output for a market
  6. Who has the price-setting power?
  7. Do individual consumers rationally choose their most preferred products?
  8. Explain the “constrained utility maximization.”
  9. Why do higher prices attract fewer prices and vice versa?
  10. Describe the substitution effect
  11. Factors affecting the purchasing power of customers
  12. Why are businesses profit maximizers?

Microeconomics Topic Ideas for Elasticity

  1. Why do consumers switch when price changes?
  2. Why businesses prefer selling products that are inelastic in demand
  3. How the demand for a product or service is affected by the price
  4. Are there real-world examples of perfectly inelastic goods? Why is it so?
  5. Factors that necessitate minimal changes in price fluctuations
  6. Why is insulin a highly inelastic product?
  7. Why bouncy balls are highly elastic products
  8. How preference affects the quantity demand for a product
  9. How to tell if a particular good represents a necessity or a luxury
  10. How the availability of substitutes affects the elasticity
  11. Discuss the impact of the necessity of the elasticity of a product
  12. How time plays a crucial role in the elasticity

Microeconomics Research Topics on Ecology

  1. The impact of diverse weather conditions on the economy
  2. Is clean energy the way to make profits while conserving the environment?
  3. An investigation into how natural resources shape the economy
  4. How industrial locations play a role microeconomics
  5. Better business practices that conserve nature
  6. How to deal with profits and loss in a clean environment
  7. Niches in the background that are good business sources
  8. What is the impact of small factories on the environment?
  9. Use of substandard products and how they affect the ecology
  10. Maintaining a business venture in a hurricane
  11. How to assimilate select areas into businesses
  12. Why nature is the biggest victim of industrialization

Microeconomics Research Topic Ideas on Social Media

  1. The role of marketing on sales and profit margins
  2. What are the strategies of advertising in microeconomics?
  3. A case study of Uber and how it thrives online
  4. How to reach the tech-oriented generation through social media
  5. How social media stimulates supply and demand
  6. How to navigate through a business scandal online
  7. How to format and structure prices of digital commodities
  8. A study of network externalities that are critical with social media
  9. Business monopolies on social media
  10. How social media affects business consumer behavior.
  11. Optimizing operating costs through social media
  12. Impact of social media on consumer decisions

Technology Topics in Microeconomics

  1. What is efficiency in the age of robots?
  2. Using technology to beat the market competition
  3. Identifying market segmentation through technology
  4. How to increase the working potential through tech
  5. Using technology to overcome market failure and losses
  6. How technology eases fixed and circulating capital
  7. Technological innovations that outsmart losses from monopoly
  8. Importance of microeconomics innovation property rights.
  9. Impact of technology on customers and employee behavior
  10. How technology improves market speculation
  11. Technologically adjusting changes in income and prices
  12. Advantages and disadvantages of technology on businesses

Microeconomics Paper Topics on Healthcare

  1. Features of a private healthcare care system
  2. Is a private health care system a profitable business venture?
  3. Should private healthcare clinics face taxes?
  4. Cost implications of starting a healthcare system
  5. Coronavirus and its impact on medical facilities
  6. The cost of face masks before and after COVID-19
  7. Has the coronavirus made healthcare the most significant beneficiaries?
  8. The role of government regulations on private health facilities
  9. Discuss the notion of scarcity in health economics
  10. Discounting health products
  11. Distinctions between need and demand in health economics
  12. Efficiency and equity in health economics

Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper on Market Structure

  1. How Perfect competition leads firms to produce the socially optimal output level at the minimum possible cost per unit
  2. How to overcome Imperfect competition
  3. How society benefits from the product differentiation in a Monopolistic competition
  4. Why Monopolies are a terrible thing
  5. Formation of cartels through Oligopoly
  6. Monopsony: Discuss how many sellers affect the expectations of one buyer.
  7. Is bilateral monopoly viable?
  8. Oligopoly: Why there are few buyers and many sellers.
  9. The impact of government-directed economic planning on market structure
  10. Why competition is a regulatory mechanism for a market system
  11. Who determines the number of firms in the market?
  12. Examine product uniformity across different firms

Micro Economics Issues for College Students

  1. How to avoid small business bankruptcy.
  2. Unemployment as a result of minimum wages
  3. Government policy and its impact microeconomics
  4. Who is responsible for the appropriation of taxes?
  5. Discuss the Matthew effect on social investment.
  6. How to price items in tough economic situations.
  7. How microeconomics helps inefficient business decision making.
  8. What is the impact of employee strikes on small businesses?
  9. How college students shape the economy through part-time work.
  10. How to use natural resources effectively for profits.
  11. How productivity influences economic growth.
  12. The role of media reports on business excellence

Microeconomics Topics to Write About

  1. Factors that determine the pricing system
  2. Do we have an equitable taxation system?
  3. Compare and contrast the marketing strategies of KFC and McDonalds.
  4. Why businesses should support each other
  5. What is the role of business Sacco
  6. Hindrances to the excellence of an online store
  7. How to effectively differentiate products
  8. Why branding is key to market competition
  9. What causes consumer inflation to particular markets?
  10. How microeconomics can help reduce unemployment
  11. Why politicians should not transact with the government
  12. Barriers to the growth of startups

Impressive Microeconomics Term Paper Topics

  1. Ways to Improve the profitability of small enterprises
  2. The impact of local manufacturing to a country
  3. Why governments should promote their products
  4. Critical tenets for a successful business venture
  5. Political stability as a determinant for business growth
  6. Causes of economic crisis
  7. Competition between smaller companies with bigger rivals
  8. Forces that lead to business closures
  9. Analyze the significance of imports and exports to a country
  10. Strategies for expanding a company
  11. What are good competitive ethics?
  12. Impact of recession on the hospitality industry

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