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Too many times, our company has been faced with an endless barrage of worries and questions from stressed-out students. Our company,, is an essay writing company – a place where we strive to relieve students of the mundane, repetitive, and frankly uneducational task of essay writing. How do you know you can trust us, though? How do you know we’ll deliver the top-quality work we promise? After all, for everything you know, we’re just a faceless internet company employing robots to compose carbon-copy papers. How can you have complete faith in us – enough to place your entire assignment in our hands by asking ‘please write my essay’?

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Let’s try a little exercise. This is called role-playing – where you ‘pretend’ to be the student, and we ‘pretend’ to be the essay writing company (honestly it’s not really an exercise – these are comments we get and respond to). So, what exactly might happen when you worriedly, apprehensively ask us: “will you write my essay for me?” Here are a few scenarios that will clear some of your questions up.

The student asks: “You’re paid to write my essay for me. It’s just a job. So how do I know that when you write my essay, you aren’t just copping out for a paycheck – aren’t just handing me something you wrote before, or something you stole from somewhere else? My teacher isn’t stupid. She’ll know right away that I paid you to write my essay for me.”

Our answer: “We understand your concerns – probably because so many essay-writing companies have the reputation of cheating their customers. But our writers love – literally, love – writing papers from scratch. It’s something they do because they enjoy it and they’re good at it, and the main reason we can promise high-quality, authentic work every time. Our writers want to write your paper, and your teacher will never tell the difference, because they started from ground one, like you.”

Your response: “Sure, that’s great – but I don’t know your writers. Just because you say they’d love to write my essay doesn’t mean it’s true. Plus, the last time I asked someone to write my essay for me, it turned out they couldn’t even speak English. The company outsourced to another country, and the paper read terribly! At least when I write my essay myself, I use proper grammar! I won’t let someone write my essay for me that way again.”

Our answer:“ You’re right on all accounts. So why don’t you talk to our writers yourself? You can communicate one-on-one with them as they compose your essay – and you can see and her for yourself, they are definitely native English-speakers. From the moment you ask ‘please write my essay,’ they’ll be talking with you in an easy, friendly manner.”

  • Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • 1 inch margins
  • 300/600 words per page
  • APA/MLA/Chicago style
  • Double/single spacing

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So far, so good. Everything seems great, even on the student’s end. When you ask someone to ‘write my essay for me’, though, you want to be incredibly sure of who’s doing it. You may even ask:

“The paper’s due tomorrow. You promise to write my essay for me, but even I couldn’t write my essay in that time – even if I stayed up all night! How are you going to write my essay in such a little amount of time?”

Our answer? “Honestly, we ask our own writers this. Sometimes its inhuman how quickly they write top-quality essays. If you asked them to write your essay in one night, they would have it to you before morning broke. It’s unreal, but they do it. We’ve never missed a deadline yet – even the overnight ones!”

What clients say

You have more questions, though. “How will I pay for it when you write my essay for me? When you write my essay, how will I get it? What if I don’t like the way you write my essay for me? Who will address my concerns while someone writes my essay?” We have a few easy payment methods, first of all. And we deliver you the final product through an easy email system. And if you have any more questions, are 24/7 customer support team is there to help.

So regardless of your question, we’re ready for it. When it comes to the question, “If you write my essay, will…” we’ve heard everything under the sun. So stop worrying and start believing in a company that really values customer service. Be on of the thousands of students coming confidently to our doorstep and proclaiming, “You are going to write my essay for me, and you’re going to do it right!”