A Collection of the Best Argumentative Essay Topics

There are many argumentative essay topics that you may write about. Not all students can come up with excellent ideas without any assistance, however. To gain some inspiration, you may check a list of argument topics generated by other people. Also, you may approach various sources to help you with selecting ideas and writing your papers.

A Selection of Outstanding Topics for an Argumentative Essay

1. Social media and loneliness.
You may argue that social networks make people lonelier or take an opposite stance.
2. Technology in schools.
You may raise arguments that using modern technologies during the classes often gets in the way of learning.
3. Children and gender issues.
You may argue that the majority of parents have different standards and hopes for their sons and daughters.
4. Early marriages.
You may raise arguments in support of the idea that young couples should live some time together before marrying.
5. High schools and football.
You may argue that schools should drop football because it causes too many students to get injured.
6. TV and stereotypes.
You may raise arguments that a lot of modern TV shows promote dangerous or unacceptable stereotypes in your argumentative essay.
7. Modern art and the society.
You may argue that some branches of modern art prove the degradation of human society.
8. Children and fashion.
You may raise arguments that children and teenagers should be free to wear whatever clothes they like.
9. Teenagers and driving.
You may argue that people shouldn’t be allowed to get driver’s licenses until they become adults.
10. Students and homework.
You may raise arguments that nowadays, school students get too much homework and have very little time for entertainment.
11. Schools and dress code.
You may argue that school students should all wear uniforms because this helps maintain discipline.
12. Standardized tests and students’ abilities.
You may raise arguments that standardized school tests don’t adequately measure the abilities and knowledge of students.
13. Schools and summer vacations.
You may argue that summer vacations should be shortened so that the students can learn more during a school year in your argumentative essays.
14. Free college education.
You may raise arguments that all students should be allowed to enter colleges for free but study very well to stay there.
15. The legal age for purchasing tobacco products.
You may argue that the legal age for buying cigarettes should be raised to 21 so that fewer people begin smoking at a young age.
If this list of argument essay topics doesn’t provide you with any inspiration, you should approach other people and organizations for help. For example, PaperWritten.com experts may provide you with a selection of absolutely original topics that will distinguish your paper from the works of other students.

Sources to Ask for Help with Selecting Argument Essay Topics

• Your classmates.
It’s likely that you have classmates who usually write remarkable academic papers worthy of high scores. You may ask them to help you with picking a topic for your paper. It’s likely that they’ll provide you with several interesting ideas.
• Tutors.
You may hire a competent tutor to help you improve your writing skills. During one of your lessons, you may ask them for advice with choosing argumentative topics. Their tips should help you select a decent idea.
• Internet users.
You may register on a large forum for students. There, you may start a thread asking the forum members to provide you with exciting argumentative essay examples that will inspire you on coming up with your own unique idea.
• Online academic writing companies.
You may hire a reputable online service to come up with a strong topic for your paper. Also, you may make deals with an agency to write custom argumentative papers for you. For example, if you turn for help to PaperWritten.com, you’ll get a custom-written argumentative paper that meets the highest standards of academic writing.
As you can see, if you have to write an argumentative paper, there are a lot of exciting ideas to choose from. Remember, however, that a good topic won’t guarantee that you’ll get an excellent mark. Make sure to work hard when taking other steps of your assignment or hire a competent online writing service to craft a well-written custom paper for you.