100 Blazing High School Research Paper Topics To Explore

high school research paper topics

Finding high school science research paper topics is like looking for a nail in a haystack. However, we open the pile for you and avail not one, but 100 needles, how does that sound?

Thrilling, right? Then keep reading to unravel the professionally handpicked topics for a high school research paper:

Unique High School Research Paper Topics in Literature

  1. Is feminism the epitome of literature narratives?
  2. How is the American Dream portrayed in literature?
  3. The significance of poetry in society
  4. The works of Leonardo Da Vinci
  5. The use of hyperbole and its effect on delivery in literature
  6. Can we use fables and human stories real?
  7. How does modern literature compare with traditional research?
  8. Why is “Harry Potter” so famous among literary works?
  9. How the works of Shakespeare shape literature
  10. Why sex and romance is hyped in literature

History Research Paper Topics For High School

  1. The origin of the American national flag
  2. Why the legislative branch comprises of the house of representatives and senate
  3. What necessitated the Nazi holocaust concentration camps?
  4. The rise of totalitarian leadership among political elites
  5. What is the cold war, and how is it dangerous?
  6. Which is best: Liberalism or Conservatism?
  7. A study of the Aztec Empire and its architecture
  8. The most capable military in the world
  9. The correlation between the democrats and the republicans
  10. Is it essential to study human history?

Interesting Research Paper Topics for High School Students in Law

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court
  2. Report on the essence of bail and bond terms for penal offenses
  3. Why is it essential to study business law?
  4. Is environmental code still valid today?
  5. How do people perceive Islamic Sharia law?
  6. How election laws of the world compare and contrast
  7. What is the legal mandate of a patent office?
  8. What is the role of the UN advocating for international justice?
  9. Does gender play a critical role in selecting judges and magistrates?
  10. Laws that protect citizens against forceful exile

Biology Research Paper Topics High School

  1. The functioning of the medulla oblongata
  2. The study of the cell structure
  3. What is the hierarchical structure of single and multi-cellular organisms?
  4. Discuss cellular respiration and cell division
  5. Do fossil and genetic evidence effectively support that evolution?
  6. How mutations enhance the ability of a species to survive
  7. Eye and hair color as hereditary traits
  8. Creating and maintaining an organism through the genome
  9. How living organisms support each other
  10. What happens when one breaks the natural cycle?

High School Senior Research Paper Topics on Technology

  1. The use of tech in developing vaccines: Hoe effective is it?
  2. Analyze the impact of the infrared and gamma rays
  3. How will the 5G change the technology landscape?
  4. Is Artificial Intelligence surpassing the human brain?
  5. How technology has led to reduced literacy rates
  6. What is the most competitive smartphone technology in the world?
  7. How has technology made the world a global village?
  8. Is the coronavirus a technology test?
  9. How the use of drones has improved surveillance
  10. The growth of hackers and why this is a threat to security

Persuasive Research Paper Topics for High School Students

  1. Should advertisers use animations or real human characters?
  2. Is it fair to pay taxes and levies during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  3. Why is it necessary to wear masks in closed spaces?
  4. Should pregnant school-going girls continue with their studies?
  5. Why should students in high school put on uniforms?
  6. Is it justified to award scholarships to international students?
  7. Should it be legal for students in high school to own guns?
  8. Is music an essential item in the academic field?
  9. Does cold weather affect the spread and danger of coronavirus?
  10. Why do some cancer patients recover, and others lose the battle?

Physics Research Paper Topics High School

  1. The role of mathematical concepts and vectors in physics
  2. Kinematics in one direction and its effects
  3. How Newton’s Laws contribute to the study of physics
  4. Discuss the Principle of Superposition and Interference
  5. Calculating the magnitude and direction of the magnetic force on a particle
  6. How induced electric and magnetic fields lead to electromagnetic waves
  7. Applying the wave model to the electromagnetic spectrum
  8. The properties of different types of electromagnetic waves
  9. Understanding the concept of polarization
  10. Discuss the two postulates of special relativity

Medical Research Paper Topics for High School Students

  1. Compare and contrast between herbal and modern medicine
  2. The benefits and dangers of vaccinations to children
  3. Discuss the milestone achieved in cancer treatment and research
  4. The role of a healthy diet in preventing coronavirus
  5. Effects of smoking on human health
  6. Analyze the various eating disorders and their prevention
  7. The impact of aging on mental and physical health
  8. How to deal with sleeping disorders
  9. Success and failures of biomechanics in medicine
  10. Why are antibodies important in treating diseases?

Math Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. Why geometrical proofs are important
  2. How non-linearity presents themselves in real applications
  3. The role of mathematics in digitizing information
  4. How algorithms in WWII unlocked the science of creating machines
  5. The use of Chaos theory in real life
  6. The place of calculus in science and engineering
  7. How math developed in Europe
  8. In what ways is Einstein’s mathematical contribution significant?
  9. Who invented the “zero” concept and how has it shaped math
  10. How to derive the famous Pythagoras’ theorem

We wind the curtains on this broad topics list with some of the most recent chemistry research paper topics for high school.

Chemistry Topics for Research Paper High School

  1. How we collect pure oxygen from the mixture of natural gases
  2. How to determine PH and why it is important
  3. Discuss the chemical ways of water purification
  4. Describe how to perform fractional distillation
  5. The environmental impact of nuclear energy
  6. How organic chemistry contributes to discoveries
  7. The forms of hydrocarbons and their uses
  8. The five states of matter
  9. Why is the study of electrochemistry critical?
  10. Discuss radioactive elements and their uses

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