200 Hot Impromptu Speech Topics For A+ Grades

impromptu speech topics

Being able to give a great speech requires some practice. But the process will be a lot easier if you have a few impromptu speech topics to go to. Good impromptu speech topics allow you to talk about something you are passionate about and impress the audience. To help you with this, we have prepared a list of best 200 topics for impromptu speech for you.

Easy Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. Why friends are the most important thing for happiness.
  2. Talking with someone and talking to someone are different activities.
  3. Four things that scare me the most.
  4. We should allow girls to play with boys in school sports teams.
  5. Who is the most successful person you have ever met?
  6. The popularity of fast food relies on marketing.
  7. What determines a person’s sexual orientation?
  8. The best job I ever had.
  9. A glass with water up to the middle level: Is it half-full or half-empty?
  10. Advantages of allowing performance enhancement drugs.
  11. If I become president, this would be my first project.
  12. Your favorite cartoon when growing up.
  13. What is the best way to impress your parents?
  14. Describe your ideal pet.
  15. Describe your ideal job.
  16. Your morning routine.
  17. How does a rainbow form in the sky?
  18. Why kids should be allowed to decide what to eat every day.
  19. Why you should see a dentist every year.
  20. Living in the city or countryside: Which is better?
  21. What are the main stages that a person goes through when sleeping at night?
  22. Should parents use CCTV cameras inside their houses?
  23. Why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?
  24. What is the best way to set personal goals?

Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. What are the best ways to get up easily in the morning?
  2. Special strategies you can use to make your boss happy.
  3. How do you tell that that boy likes you?
  4. Three first date tricks used by ladies.
  5. The best methods of overcoming phobias.
  6. Why TV is bad.
  7. Should we lower the voting age?
  8. How to read a 300 words book faster.
  9. Parents should be allowed to have genetically perfect kids.
  10. We should celebrate Christmas twice every year.
  11. If I had the powers to change the globe, I would ….
  12. Three things that I will always remember
  13. My favorite book.
  14. Social customs are simply a waste of time
  15. The most important skill for starting a new business is.
  16. How to make your holiday more productive.
  17. Boys are favored than girls in school.

Academic Decathlon Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. School administration should not have the right to search student lockers.
  2. Are all sports good?
  3. Why laughing is a medicine
  4. Assisted suicide: Why it should be banned.
  5. Women are happier than men.
  6. The best ways to save on gasoline.
  7. Cell phone use in cars: Should they be banned?
  8. Examinations: Why they should be replaced by other types of assessments.
  9. Space tourism: Should it be encouraged?
  10. Should we allow the selling of human organs?
  11. Why using animals in circuses should be banned.
  12. Being fair: Does it ways work?
  13. Private tutoring: Do you support it?
  14. Should colleges provide birth control pills to students?
  15. Being wise or intelligent: Which is better?
  16. Why winter is the best and worst time of the year.
  17. Kids learn what they live with.
  18. Reasons why the days of the week should be made shorter.
  19. Why parents are responsible for the rising cases of childhood obesity.
  20. Should we allow the use of genetic engineering to recreate extinct animals in laboratories?
  21. Who was your most favorite US president?
  22. Why countries that colonized others in the 20th century should be forced to pay for it.

Controversial Topics for Impromptu Speech

  1. Should we allow public prayer sessions in classrooms?
  2. Should religious organizations pay taxes?
  3. Women in the church: Should they be allowed to become priests?
  4. Should we ban human cloning?
  5. Should GMO be legalized?
  6. Fashion victims.
  7. My best pet.
  8. Girls and boys should never go to school together.
  9. Is the Paris Agreement a means of control or financial obligation?
  10. Should physical libraries be banned for online libraries?
  11. Do you support the legalization of medical marihuana?
  12. Are violent games related to crime in society?
  13. Should we develop and adopt the use of robots in industries?
  14. Should use of family planning medication be mandatory for all women?
  15. Should all products made from plastic be banned to save the environment?
  16. Should we ban keeping animals in zoos?
  17. Every country should ban imports to promote local industries.
  18. Should we replace jails with recovery programs?
  19. Selling fast food should be banned in the US.
  20. Why incarcerating offenders for life is a bad idea.

Impromptu Speech Topics for High School

  1. How to start a great website.
  2. How to protect endangered species.
  3. Special tips for preventing fraud.
  4. What are the biggest mammals in the world?
  5. The secret of becoming a great singer.
  6. How to prepare your favorite meal.
  7. How to remember things
  8. Should we replace money with cryptocurrency?
  9. How can we prevent bullying in school?
  10. How to overcome peer pressure.
  11. Creativity cannot be taught.
  12. How to learn a new language fast.
  13. How do you deal with a loss?
  14. Cool games for a rainy day
  15. Failure is the greatest teacher.
  16. The main steps to becoming a singer.
  17. Can you learn a new skill in one month?
  18. How to stay safe and healthy.
  19. My biggest concerns for the future.
  20. Conservation is survival.
  21. Why computer games are good for kids.
  22. What is the best way to overcome obesity?

Special Speech and Debate Impromptu Topics

  1. Is being young great?
  2. Are self-driving cars the biggest innovation in the history of transport?
  3. Could WWII have been avoided?
  4. Is a sense of humor important when teaching in class?
  5. Should we abolish all other religions except Christianity?
  6. Is voting important?
  7. Should we combine all the states in the US into one big state?
  8. Real vs fake flowers: Which ones do you prefer for home decoration?
  9. Should we limit the use of painkillers?
  10. Can watching movies help to reduce stress levels?
  11. Children should be allowed to select their preferred religion.
  12. We should abolish homework in all schools.
  13. Is it possible to live without technology?
  14. Can you be successful without going to school?
  15. Why we should start mining minerals in the moon.
  16. Fossil fuels are limited: What happens after their depletion?
  17. Imagining the world without electricity.
  18. Are we adequately prepared to handle global pandemics?
  19. What do you think should be done to prevent the emergence of another pandemic such as COVID-19?
  20. Why more students should be encouraged to do science subjects.

Persuasive Impromptu Speech Example Topics

  1. Why the US administration should stop all forms of foreign aid.
  2. All food menus should have calorie counts.
  3. The current US tax system puts more pressure on the middle class.
  4. The importance of security protocols.
  5. The benefits of paying more taxes.
  6. How to prepare for exams in college.
  7. Why we should have control over the weather systems.
  8. Peer pressure can be beneficial.
  9. Volunteering is helpful in building careers.
  10. The government should pay the education costs of students up to the university.
  11. How to drive safely in wet conditions.
  12. How to survive when moving to a new city.
  13. Working at home or abroad: Which is better?
  14. Colleges have become financial debt.
  15. How to avoid academic dishonesty.

List of Impromptu Speech Topics on Social Media

  1. Instagram images are always distorted.
  2. Social media is a major cause of obesity and overweight in the society.
  3. Too much use of social media results in addition.
  4. Social media use encourages online bullying.
  5. Young children should be discouraged from using social media.
  6. Why social media use should be taught in school.
  7. Strategies for making social media safety.
  8. What are the main safety risks associated with social media?
  9. Should social media be banned?
  10. Physical interactions cannot be easily replaced by online interactions.
  11. Do you support the closing of social media during times of civil unrests?
  12. Social media as a platform for seeing justice.
  13. How to use social media to strengthen your brand.
  14. How Facebook helped you overcome …
  15. Reimagining the society without social media.
  16. Social media marketing is crucial for business success.

Impromptu Speech Topics for College

  1. How to increase return on investment (ROI) for your enterprise.
  2. Scholarships: Why they are not always fair.
  3. Students and stress: Why you should do something.
  4. The secret to avoiding financial scams.
  5. Dress code for workplaces: Why it is important.
  6. The best methods of decreasing production costs.
  7. Why students should be allowed to pick the preferred roommates.
  8. Many professors have very biased attitude.
  9. What are the best strategies to save money in college?
  10. Is it possible to make the internet safer?
  11. The main causes of campus crime.
  12. Are professional footballers paid too much money?
  13. Are paper books better than electronic books?
  14. School uniform does not make students equal.
  15. It is impossible to have an unbiased media.
  16. Roman Empire: Why it is the most important empire in history.
  17. Colors affect our perceptions.
  18. Reasons why poverty is a state of the mind.
  19. In what situation is lying considered good?
  20. Why people with no kids should have pets in their houses.
  21. Real learning happens outdoor and not in the classroom.
  22. Bring rich or influential: Which one do you prefer?
  23. Children should not be allowed to watch television.
  24. Who are the most influential people in your life?
  25. Why WWIII is impossible.
  26. Nuclear energy is a bad idea.

Impromptu Speaking Topics for Conservation

  1. Why efforts to conserve nature are failing.
  2. The best way to protect polar bears is?
  3. Should we make offshore drilling illegal?
  4. Are the tsunami prevention strategies ample?
  5. The best ways to protect marine life.
  6. What are the main dangers facing whales in the sea today?
  7. Why the current efforts to address global warming are inadequate.
  8. We are all responsible for global warming.
  9. Can we stop global warming?
  10. Learning about conservation should start from an early age.
  11. Climate change is a natural occurrence.
  12. What causes cyclones?
  13. Taking pictures with animals is unethical?
  14. What causes earthquakes?
  15. Conservation vs development: What comes first?
  16. Should we feed animals during draught?
  17. Conservation is survival.
  18. The best methods of environment conservation in urban centers.

What Next?

Once you have selected the best topic for your essay, the next step is getting down and writing it. If you find it challenging to write your paper, it is a great idea to seek writing help from expert writers. They know how to write the best papers and earn you top grades.