Health Research Paper Topics That Worked

health research paper topics

To create an impeccable health research paper, you have to develop interesting and appealing health research paper topics. This stage of writing the paper is an essential one because it determines how good the paper will be. It also makes it easier for you to craft the paper if you have enough research to work with.
If you want to find health informatics research paper topics, you have to look out for topics that you understand. It is difficult to work on public health topics for research paper when you don’t have any clue about how to go about it.

You can find health related topics for research paper in depositories and scholarly journals. However, these resources are more general, so it may be difficult to narrow the topics to create great health topics for research paper. We have found some health research topics for college students to make it easier.

Some interesting health topics to research include:

Controversial Health Topics for Research Paper

  1. Should prescription drugs be advertised to patients?
  2. Should marijuana be approved for medical use?
  3. Should vaccines be given to children?
  4. Should advertising be allowed in cancer facilities?
  5. Is milk consumption ideal for the human body?
  6. Should physician-assisted suicide become legal?
  7. Why should abortion become legal?
  8. What is the correlation between abortion and murder?
  9. Does a vegetarian lifestyle prolong life?
  10. Medical marijuana benefits and the legality
  11. Should the drinking age be reduced?
  12. Is animal testing ethical
  13. Gluten-free diets and their health benefits
  14. Should the death penalty be banned
  15. Benefits of circumcision and the legal implications
  16. Drug addiction as an illness
  17. Should alcoholics receive liver transplants
  18. Life expectancy and its effect on the healthcare system
  19. The risk associated with cell phone use
  20. Generic research as a preventative screening method for serious diseases
  21. Is cloning ethical?
  22. ADHD and children
  23. Why peanut allergies have increased recently
  24. Should animal testing be permitted for vaccine creation?
  25. Are stem cell treatments ethical?

Mental health research paper topics

  1. Cause and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder
  2. The environment and its effect on mental health
  3. Social effects of different mental disorders
  4. Mental disorders and drug misuse
  5. Psychiatric disorders and alcohol addiction
  6. How social media can affect mental health
  7. The prevalence of teen depression
  8. Effects of loneliness and social isolation on serious mental disorders
  9. The benefits of physical activity to mental health
  10. Negative effects of isolation on both mental and physical health
  11. Mental health issues among the homeless community
  12. The link between mood and exercise
  13. Does stress pose a risk for mental disorders?
  14. Common mental illnesses in the USA
  15. Violence and mental disorders around the world
  16. Anxiety disorders and depression among young adults
  17. The influence of anxiety disorders on different people
  18. Economic burden of anxiety disorders and depression
  19. Schizophrenia: causes, diagnosis, and treatment
  20. Advantages of therapy

Public Health Topics For Research Paper

  1. The current beauty standards and its impact on the health of the general public
  2. How vegetarian lifestyle can improve your health
  3. Body positivity or ignorance of body problems?
  4. The impact of professional sports on the health
  5. The history of human health
  6. Will excessive weight affect human society negatively?
  7. Is bodybuilding healthy?
  8. Considerations to make before choosing healthy food
  9. Trauma from professional sports and its effects
  10. The importance of maintaining psychological health in today’s society
  11. Healthy lifestyle for different ages
  12. Newborn and infant health, what it entails
  13. Ancient health practices that remain useful in modern life
  14. Is it fashionable to be healthy? How it benefits society
  15. Are depression and anxiety a real threat to health?

Some Other Research Paper Topics On Health Include

  1. A critical study of healthcare in different countries
  2. Pregnancy and healthcare
  3. Is it necessary to ingest pills to different illnesses?
  4. Experimental treatment and the legality of the process
  5. The most devastating illnesses in the 21st century
  6. Is plastic surgery safe for health?
  7. How to cope with chronic diseases
  8. Palliative care and its effects
  9. Is chemotherapy helpful to patients?
  10. Does alternative medicine work? Should it be explored today?

You can get writing help from an expert at a cheap rate for research paper topics. Health care is an interesting field and you will definitely find so many topics to work with. Pick one you understand can relate to. It will go a long way to help you understand and write your paper quickly. With the right topic, your paper can stand out among your peers.