211 Epidemiology Topics From Experts To Score High

Epidemiology Topics

Epidemiology is one of the cornerstones of public health. It is a vast subject that explores various concerns and risk factors of healthcare. Finding the right epidemiology research topics can help you gather a lot of data and information to ace your paper. Given the scope of the subject, narrowing down on your ideas can be difficult. Here is a list of top epidemiology topics for paper, be it one for high school or college.

Best Topics in Social Epidemiology

These topics in social epidemiology deal with the relationship of the current social structure, institutions and social relationships on public health. Some of the best research topics in this area are:

  1. Infectious diseases and environmental determinants

  2. Mathematical modelling in public health and epidemiology.

  3. Public health and its relationship with evolution and behaviour

  4. The role of vaccines in public health

  5. The importance of social epidemiology in public health

  6. Changing patterns in International Health

  7. Health of Nations

  8. Socioeconomic development and health

  9. Economic determinants of population

  10. Economic determinants of public health

  11. Field methods in developing countries for epidemiology.

  12. Evidence, Health and Human Rights

  13. Global women health in the last decade

  14. The need for mental health services in university students

  15. Economic determinants of mother and child health

  16. Gender and its impact on individual health outcomes

  17. The role of genders in population health outcomes.

  18. Impact of gender inequalities on public health

  19. Income inequality and impact on health

  20. Neighbourhood characteristics and their effects on public health

  21. The role of social epidemiology research in developing better policies.

  22. Current status and future direction of social epidemiology.

  23. Apply theories, concepts and methods of social epidemiology to research any current problem of your choice.

  24. Top International researchers who have guided social epidemiology.

  25. Leading theories of social epidemiology

  26. Discuss some classic social epidemiology research papers and their impact on public healthcare.

Current Topics in Occupational Epidemiology

Occupational epidemiology studies the common risk factors to health associated with certain professions. These topics normally talk about group exposure and increased risk instead of individual exposure. They cover a range of factors like the work area, job titles, nature of the job and other factors in determining the risks for certain health issues. Here are current topics in occupational epidemiology that students can choose from:

  1. Opportunities for occupational epidemiology research in the 21st century

  2. Common challenges of occupational epidemiology

  3. Popular research methods in occupational epidemiology

  4. Occupational epidemiology and its importance in workplace health and safety

  5. Risk factors for lower back disorders in current working setups.

  6. Exposure to physical risk factors in mining

  7. Exposure to physical risk factors in agriculture

  8. Biases in occupational epidemiology

  9. Causes for shoulder neck complaints in modern workplaces

  10. Work related risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders

  11. Latency analysis in occupational epidemiology

  12. Exposure assessment in any industry of your choice using occupational epidemiology methods and techniques

  13. Concept of exposure variability in occupational epidemiology

  14. The impact of heavy lifting in retinal detachment

  15. Prevalence of lung diseases in miners

  16. Mental Health and the military

  17. The impact of unemployment on health

  18. Causes for pneumonia in welders

  19. Risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders in sedentary jobs

  20. Health risks of migrant works

  21. Environmental factors that cause Parkinson’s disease

  22. The outbreak of asthma and current occupational epidemiological studies

  23. Common research methods used in occupational epidemiology

  24. Health of older workers in modern industries

  25. Your understanding of Bayesian statistics

  26. Sudden explosion of stress in the workplace in the current world

  27. Repetitive strain disorder epidemic in Australia

Topics on Respiratory Disease Epidemiology

Chronic epidemiology topics for respiratory diseases are very relevant in the modern world. These topics study the increasing prevalence of these respiratory diseases and their impact on public health as well as the economy. These subjects are easy to research about as there is already a lot of data for students to browse through. Some of the most important respiratory disease epidemiology topics are:

  1. Global impact of chronic respiratory diseases

  2. Most prevalent respiratory diseases in the 21st century

  3. Causes for the rise in asthma since 1980

  4. Environmental determinants of chronic respiratory diseases

  5. The impact of passive smoking on prevalence of lung cancer

  6. Epidemiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

  7. Common childhood respiratory diseases

  8. Respiratory diseases in adults

  9. Pneumonia and Influenza: The fatal lower respiratory disorders

  10. Concerns regarding tuberculosis in adults with AIDS

  11. Socio economic status and its impact on respiratory diseases

  12. Cigarette smoking and its role in increase in respiratory diseases

  13. Is increased use of antibiotics for respiratory diseases causing resistance to common antibiotics?

  14. Comparison of mortality rates for pneumonia in developed and developing countries

  15. Comorbid conditions and related complications due to influenza

  16. Complications of influenza in pregnant women

  17. Importance of human and avian surveillance in managing chronic respiratory diseases

  18. Common respiratory diseases transmitted by birds

  19. The lessons learned from SARS and related public health measures

  20. The need for cost effective intervention for influenza in developed countries

  21. Economic impact of respiratory diseases in developing countries

  22. The burden of chronic respiratory diseases

  23. Economic impact of asthma in developed and developing countries

  24. Occupational lung diseases

  25. Methods of lowering risk of adult respiratory diseases

  26. Community acquired pneumonia due to hospital admission

Interesting Epidemiology Topics

Here are some interesting epidemiology topics for students to improve their understanding of the subject. These topics touch upon some of the most intriguing subjects that students can find a lot of data and information about in order to ace their papers:

  1. The concept of geographic epidemiology

  2. The risk of lung cancer in specific populations

  3. History of cancer epidemiology

  4. Challenges in epidemiological evaluation of effect modifiers

  5. Perspectives and strategies of screening of colorectal cancer

  6. Toxic torts and epidemiological evidence

  7. The role of epidemiology in understanding obesity in humans

  8. Human genetics and genetics epidemiology

  9. The effects of health conditions on child and maternal health

  10. Clinical and translational investigations of prevalent health issues

  11. The role of medical humanitarian missions in developing and underdeveloped countries

  12. The causes of rare genetic illnesses and the role of epidemiology in enhancing treatment options

  13. Placebo effect and homeopathic medication

  14. The differences between epidemics and endemics.

  15. Pros and cons of artificial organs and tissues

  16. Pros and cons of use of prosthetic limbs

  17. Is the use of animals in medical research ethical?

  18. The trends in modern child care

  19. Dangers and benefits of vaccination

  20. The causes and treatments for brain injury

  21. Chaos theory and organizational change: The structures and mechanisms

  22. Flawed distribution of data and the effect on management of Covid-19 patients

  23. Lessons learned from Ebola virus management

  24. Pharmacogenomics and precision medicine

  25. The effects of mental health on health of the foetus

  26. Mental health and pregnancy

Top Surgery Epidemiology Topics

These surgery epidemiology topics are based on the risks and outcomes of common surgical methods that are used. They also include the discussion of the importance of surgical intervention in modern medicine:

  1. Epidemiology and outcome of higher risk surgery

  2. Surgery as an option for cost-effective interventions in developing countries

  3. Worldwide epidemiology of surgical site infections

  4. Low resource surgical disease epidemiology

  5. Surgical sepsis and its current epidemiology

  6. The need of surgery to address the most prevalent diseases in top epidemiological regions

  7. Surgical morbidity: A severe public health issue

  8. Reduce mortality rate of surgeries in the modern world

  9. Epidemiology of plastic and reconstructive surgery

  10. Epidemiology of bariatric surgery

  11. Impact of new treatment options on surgical procedures

  12. The epidemiology of orthopaedic surgery in shoulder dislocations

  13. Epidemiology of surgery as a method of intervention in cancer patients

  14. Comparative epidemiology of various factors of non-melanoma cancers

  15. Epidemiology of allergic reactions caused by anaesthesia during surgery

  16. Epidemiology of abdominal surgery

  17. Cataract surgery epidemiology

  18. Population based epidemiology of retroperitoneal sarcoma surgery

  19. Epidemiology of endophthalmitis after cataract surgery

  20. Epidemiology of adhesions in children after open surgery

  21. Injuries that require surgery among high school athletes

  22. Importance of lymph node resection in patients with cancer: Analysis of epidemiology

  23. Epidemiology for recurrence after inguinal hernia surgery

  24. Epidemiology of surgical site infection in orthopaedic surgery

  25. Epidemiology of acute kidney injury associated with cardiac surgery

  26. Epidemiology of refractive lens exchange surgery

Latest Molecular Epidemiology Topics

These topics throw light on the importance of molecular biology techniques in understanding several health issues. Here is a list of the latest molecular epidemiology topics that you can choose from.

  1. How molecular epidemiology has changed our understanding of tuberculosis

  2. The molecular and clinical epidemiology of thyroid cancer

  3. Molecular epidemiology of respiratory viral infections

  4. Comprehensive review of the molecular epidemiology of porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus

  5. The impact of molecular epidemiology in understanding polioviruses.

  6. Antigen capture polymerase chain reaction method for molecular epidemiology of hepatitis A virus

  7. The methods of molecular epidemiology

  8. Impact of molecular epidemiology in improving intervention methods.

  9. Practices and principles of molecular epidemiology

  10. Assessment of false positive reports as an approach for molecular epidemiology

  11. Molecular epidemiology techniques to assess and analyse infections

  12. Molecular epidemiology of human adenovirus

  13. Recent advances in molecular epidemiology

  14. The future directions of molecular epidemiology

  15. Molecular epidemiology in cancer prevention

  16. Progress of molecular epidemiology in the last decade

  17. The importance of molecular epidemiology in cancer treatment

  18. Molecular epidemiology and typing of microorganisms

  19. Molecular epidemiology in understanding genetic markers for risk of diabetes

  20. Molecular epidemiology and population genetics

  21. Is molecular epidemiology the path to prevention of diseases?

  22. Molecular epidemiology of preeclampsia

  23. Latest trends in molecular epidemiology

  24. Biomarkers in molecular epidemiology for prediction of health risks

  25. Molecular epidemiology of malaria

  26. Risk prevention of lung cancer and the role of molecular epidemiology

Project Topics on Epidemiology

If you have a paper to present or have a project due, these project topics on epidemiology can help you improve your grades significantly:

  1. The prevalence of neck pain and common risk factors

  2. Treatment of deep venous thrombosis using the knowledge from prophylaxis

  3. The impact of modern lifestyle on common public health issues

  4. The increasing prevalence of sleep disorders

  5. The impact of sleep disorders on public health

  6. The relationship between eating disorders and mental health issues

  7. Impact of social media on mental health

  8. Why are mental health issues called the silent pandemic?

  9. The struggles of Alzheimer’s diseases

  10. The impact of aging on mental health

  11. The changes in physical health due to aging

  12. The increasing prevalence of eating disorders

  13. Common professional diseases

  14. The trends in palliative care in the 21st century

  15. The pros and cons of antibiotic treatments

  16. Increase in chronic diseases and the impact of lifestyle

  17. Lifestyle related public health issues

  18. Importance of Genomics in epidemiology

  19. Analysis of survival time

  20. Malaria and other common vector-borne diseases

  21. The foundations of the infectious disease transmission model

  22. The current trends in hospital epidemiology

  23. The biological basis of common health issues

  24. The role of epidemiology in improving public healthcare policies

  25. Advanced methods of environmental epidemiology

  26. The critical appraisal of any epidemiological study of your choice

  27. The use of modern statistical methods in epidemiological studies

  28. Common data analysis methods used in environmental epidemiology

  29. The advanced methods used in modern epidemiology

  30. Controversial issues related to the role of nutrition in the prevalence of chronic diseases

  31. Epidemiology of anxiety disorders

  32. Morbidity frequency measures in analysis of health risks

  33. The use of biostatistics in modern epidemiology

Current Research Topics in Epidemiology

The field of epidemiology is ever evolving. With new health issues affecting larger populations, the need for research in epidemiology has also increased. Here are some current research topics in epidemiology that talk about the issues in the modern world and the importance of epidemiological data in prevention and treatment.

  1. Molecular epidemiology in Covid-19 research

  2. The epidemiology of drug use

  3. Principles of epidemiology in modern public healthcare

  4. The lessons from SARS epidemiology and their application in managing the Covid-19 crisis

  5. The lessons from Ebola management and their application in Covid-19 research

  6. Mathematical models in modern epidemiology

  7. The epidemiology of aging and impact of modern lifestyle

  8. The need for social distancing and other practices after Covid-19 vaccine

  9. Epidemiological aspects of new types of cancer

  10. Use of social media in improving doctor-patient relationship

  11. An epidemiology of depression and anxiety

  12. The increasing prevalence and risks of mental health issues

  13. The biophysical implications of substance abuse

  14. Psychosocial effects of use of technology on school children

  15. The latest models of palliative care services

  16. The increasing incidence of food addiction and its impact of psychosocial health parameters

  17. Burnout and stress as a risk to public health

  18. Changing epidemiology of infectious diseases

  19. The need to create better public policies on social toxicology

  20. Internet gaming and gambling disorders: A detailed epidemiological analysis

  21. The epidemiology of increasing obesity among children and teenagers

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