100 Great Medical Ethics Topics for a Research Project

Medical Ethics Topics

One of the most important aspects of writing a great assignment in medicine is coming up with a great topic. There are endless issues and debates that are worth discussing, but we know that students do not always have the time to find medical ethics topics that meet their requirements. This list of medical ethics topics that was put together by our academic experts can be modified to fit numerous situations.

Medical Ethics Essay Topics for College Students

The following medical ethics paper topics are suited for students that have mastered the skill of researching and writing. They are designed for college students that have the time and dedication to put in the work craft a great assignment:

  1. Doctor withholding information from families for extended periods.
  2. Testing fetuses for birth defects to determine abortion cases.
  3. The obligation to treat prisoners serving life-term sentences.
  4. The federal mandate to treat prisoners with degenerative diseases.
  5. Donating organs to relatives in lower need versus non-relatives with greater need.
  6. Privacy rights for minors getting abortions without parental consent.
  7. Patients’ rights to refuse treatment in any state.
  8. The right to refuse an organ donation without a medical reason.
  9. The point in which an unborn baby is considered alive.
  10. Importance of physical health in medical professionals to provide treatment.

Medical Ethics Topics for Essay in Graduate School

The following topics in medical ethics are catered to students at the graduate level. They will require a lot of research and may take several weeks to complete:

  1. Access to birth control for minors without parental consent.
  2. Terminating a pregnancy because of a birth defect.
  3. The ethics in allowing medical students to be more proactive.
  4. End-of-life care patients and access to nutrition.
  5. Advance directives and non-resuscitation orders.
  6. The negative impact a physician’s stress level can have on patients.
  7. The ethical way of using social media in medicine.
  8. How social media has enabled individuals to seek medical care.
  9. The impact online communication has on patient-physician relationships.
  10. Patient favor or gift exchange for special treatment.

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics for Ph.D. Students

When you work on a Ph.D. you will likely be conduct research on what will become the foundation of your professional expertise. Consider these topics for a Ph.D. capstone project in your area of interest:

  1. The ethics of treating patients without insurance.
  2. The best way to address disparities in health care.
  3. Approaches to dealing with patients that do not want treatment.
  4. Methods for working with surrogate decision-makers.
  5. Required use of masks during pandemics.
  6. The Covid-19 vaccine and its implied risks.
  7. Malpractice cases and the right for doctors to return to work.
  8. The use of animals to test potentially harmful medications.
  9. Using technology to conduct open-heart surgery.
  10. Artificial intelligence to minimize human risk.

Current Medical Ethics Topics for 2023

These medical ethics topics for research papers are what are being discussed in the community today. From medical malpractice to Covid-19, you will find the latest issues here:

  1. Overtime payments and fees for doctors.
  2. Assisted suicide and affordable health.
  3. The risks of selective reproduction.
  4. Allowing technologies to monitor a patient’s health.
  5. Saving the life of a pregnant woman while putting an unborn child at risk.
  6. Human donor lists and the priority assigned to recipients.
  7. HIV/AIDS testing and counseling for teenagers.
  8. Challenges posed in family planning decisions.
  9. The quality of care for low-income families.
  10. Organ donation and ethnic preference.

Controversial Medical Ethics Topics in the News

Here are some medical debate topics ethics that are controversial and should generate a lot of interest from the reading community. Just be sure you conduct ample research to guarantee you are finding and using the latest information:

  1. The vaccine against Covid-19 should be mandatory.
  2. Criminal charges for accidental treatment deaths.
  3. The impact stem cell research has on curing diseases.
  4. The increase of biohackers around the world.
  5. The risk of having genetic and medical data stolen.
  6. Physician liability and legal responsibilities.
  7. Patient information and privacy laws.
  8. Patients’ rights to refuse types of treatment.
  9. Organ and tissue transplant oversight laws.
  10. The impact that bioterrorism has on people.

Medical Ethics Topics for Debate or Presentation

These medical ethics debate topics explore some more serious issues requiring students to think outside-of-the-box and to challenge themselves by developing logical and interesting presentations:

  1. Acquiring patient’s private data for predictive analysis.
  2. How to protect patient data through de-anonymization.
  3. Current regulations provide adequate privacy protection.
  4. Big data risks of exposing patient private information.
  5. Limitations of patient information gathered through databases.
  6. How to protect patients from inherent bias used in public health analysis.
  7. Concerns with forced immunization around the world.
  8. The effectiveness of the response to global pandemics.
  9. The differences in medical ethics around the world.
  10. International ethics in the global community.

Medical Law and Ethics Topics for 2023

Topics in medical law change drastically from year to year. We have gathered the current hot topics related to this field and trust that you will find something you like:

  1. Laws that protect the well-being of patients.
  2. Medical negligence in cases of death.
  3. The rights of patients undergoing surgery.
  4. Preliminary agreements before invasive surgery.
  5. Ethical dilemmas that arise when acknowledging patients’ requests.
  6. Ethical standards across the United States.
  7. The importance of medical ethics in today’s world.
  8. The best way to monitor ethics in the medical field.
  9. The challenges of practicing medicine internationally.
  10. Cultural differences in medical decisions and law.

Medical Ethics Topics for Discussion or Presentation

This medical ethics topics list is perfect for any student that has to participate in a round-table discussion or conduct a presentation on the impact that medical ethics has on society:

  1. The ethical question regarding preventative medicine.
  2. End-of-care decisions regarding patient comfort and care.
  3. Religious beliefs contradict medical decisions and put patients at risk.
  4. Medical ethics versus cultural bias across the United States.
  5. Ethical questions when treating the mentally disabled.
  6. How to deal with medical ethics in third-world countries.
  7. The moral and ethical questions of treating patients without healthcare.
  8. The connection between poor health and financial status.
  9. The cost of healthcare in developed countries versus undeveloped countries.
  10. The major factors that drive the costs of healthcare in the U.S.

Medical Ethics Issues Topics for a Quick Project

There are plenty of reasons why students would need to find a topic they can research and write about in a short amount of time. Consider these ideas for a quick turnaround:

  1. The right to attain complete medical information despite age.
  2. The obligation to report instances of alleged organ trafficking.
  3. The right for patients to have access to all medical records after the age of 15.
  4. Child vaccination is a mandatory requirement of all legal residents.
  5. The ethics behind using surrogate pregnancies on-demand versus health reasons.
  6. Giving the homeless population free healthcare across the United States.
  7. A patient’s right to refuse treatment for religious purposes.
  8. How to improve the selection process in which donor recipients are selected.
  9. Encouraging patients to use homeopathy remedies before medicine.
  10. Accepting eastern medical practices to help patient rehabilitation.

Medical Ethics Research Topics for a Dissertation

Dissertations are long projects that can take several months to several years to complete. Be sure to consider a topic that you know you can handle and one that will make working with your advisor a positive experience:

  1. Allowing patients to opt-in or opt-out of the donor system in specific circumstances.
  2. The legalization of doctor-assisted suicide is a federal right in the United States.
  3. The advancements in technology improve the accuracy of treatments.
  4. Patient confidentiality and treatment during the Covid-19 global pandemic.
  5. Genetic testing, precision medicine, patient privacy, and confidentially challenges.
  6. The extent to which people without healthcare should be provided services.
  7. The international medical community during times of war.
  8. Different examples of cultural humility and volunteerism around the world.
  9. Moral and ethical obligations physicians have to society regardless of country.
  10. The effect of data breaches on the doctor and patient relationship.

For more good medical ethics research topics, contact our support staff who can connect you with a qualified academic professional in this field. He or she can find topics for medical ethics paper to fit any situation and academic level. We are available to help 24/7 and can be reached conveniently by chat, email, and telephone.