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cause and effect essay topics

When you need the best cause and effect essay topics on the Internet, all you have to do is read this blog post. We have a list of the best 100 cause and effect topics and these topics are updated periodically. You can get some ideas from our list right now, as it has just been updated for June, 2020. On top of the free topics, you also get to see why choosing a great topic is entirely in your best interest. Read on!

The Importance of Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Most students underestimate the importance of interesting cause and effect essay topic ideas. We don’t know why, but many students still prefer to get topics from the first three pages that pop up in Google’s SERPs. They probably don’t realize that at least a couple of their classmates will pick the exact same topics. You may thing that you have a good cause and effect topic and later realize that 5 other students have chosen that same topic for their essays. Here is why you need to come up with a 100% original cause and effect essay topic idea:

  • Your professor is bored of reading essays on the same plain old topics. When he sees a new topic, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Don’t underestimate how important this can be for your grade.
  • Interesting cause and effect paper topics have been shown by many studies to get higher grades. Why? It’s probably because professors tend to award bonus points for originality and uniqueness.
  • Consistently finding good cause and effect topics shows your professors that you really take the essay seriously. After all, you’re willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort to finding the most interesting things to talk about.

Where Can You Get Some Topics for Cause and Effect Essay?

Now that you know how important some original, fun cause and effect essay topics can be, it’s time to find the best of them. Of course, nobody expects you to spend hours every day thinking about topics. You are free to use the Internet. It’s an invaluable source of information, to be honest. There are several ways to get some really good topics:

  • You can go to the school library and read journals, articles and other writings to try to find topics for cause and effect essay. You’ll be able to find many ideas there, but it takes time to go through all the materials.
  • You can read newspapers and scientific articles online. New, intriguing research is being done every day, so you are almost guaranteed to find something interesting to write about sooner or later.
  • You can try to ask people to make some suggestions on blogs and forums. You can get some ideas from genuine experts, but it will take time.
  • You can read our list and pick a cause and effect topic for free. You are free to reword it just the way you like. And remember, we update the list periodically so we can help as many students as possible with original topics. Don’t hesitate to take a closer look at feminist essay topics.

Our Free List of Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

Without further ado, here is our list of 100% original cause and effect essay topics, updated for 2020. Pick a topic for cause and effect essay and start writing right now!

Social Media/Internet Cause and Effect Topics

Need some excellent social media/internet cause and effect topics? Look no further than our free list of topics:

  1. The effect of cell phones on US youth.
  2. The cause and effect of cyber bullying.
  3. Why is Google the largest search engine?
  4. The effects of identity theft.
  5. Are social media sites losing popularity? Why?
  6. Cause or playing video games and its effects.
  7. Social media and its effects on teens.

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Of course, we have some very interesting and fun cause and effect essay topics for you. Pick any of these and start writing right now:

  1. The causes why men are afraid to commit.
  2. Does a happy marriage have an effect on mental health?
  3. The causes why video games are so popular.
  4. The effects of eating your veggies.
  5. The cause and effect of a low grade on your essay.
  6. The use of screens to write instead of pen and paper.
  7. The effects of wearing a school uniform.

Culture Cause and Effect Topics

Looking for culture cause and effect topics? We have some of them in our list, of course. Just pick the best one:

  1. Does mass media cause a bias effect?
  2. Skinny models are causing a spike in anorexia cases.
  3. Discuss China’s one-child-per-family policy.
  4. Does college affect a student’s skills?
  5. The effects of going to the theatre regularly.
  6. Do some people learn foreign languages faster?
  7. Reality shows have a negative impact on youths.

Very Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Looking for very good cause and effect essay topics? Want the best topics? Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Hormonal changes are causing mood swings.
  2. Is your career influenced by bad eating habits?
  3. Personal relations are improved by humor.
  4. Stress can be reduced by regular exercise.
  5. Children are unhealthy because of junk food.
  6. Doing lots of homework doesn’t get you better grades.

Health Cause and Effect Ideas

When it comes to health cause and effect ideas, you won’t find better topics than ours. Check them out below:

  1. Causes and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Energy levels drop when eating junk food.
  3. The causes of Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Joint problems are caused by obesity.
  5. The cause of stress and its effects on health.
  6. Obesity is impacting the healthcare system in the US.
  7. The main causes of cardiovascular disease.

Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Don’t want to spend an entire day writing the essay? Just pick one of our easy cause and effect essay topics:

  1. The effects of pollution in Europe.
  2. How dangerous are earthquakes?
  3. The main causes of racism.
  4. The effect of telling a lie.
  5. The cause of the tsunami.
  6. Has your favorite book influenced you?
  7. The effect your pet has on you.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

Here are some cause and effect essay topics for college students that you will really appreciate:

  1. Why did you choose your major?
  2. The causes and effects of World War II.
  3. Water vapors can cause a greenhouse effect.
  4. The causes and effects of Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Multitasking causes an increase in stress.
  6. Strict immigration policies are causing severe tensions in the US.

Relationships Cause and Effect Ideas

Discussing relationships can be an excellent choice for an essay. Pick one of our relationships cause and effect ideas:

  1. Many breakups are caused by financial problems.
  2. How a parent’s behavior influences his or her kids.
  3. Affordable housing causes an increase of happy couples.
  4. Can a friendship end because of poor communication?
  5. Facebook can ruin your relationship.
  6. The effect of a Lottery win on relationships.
  7. The effect of smartphones of relationships.

Cause and Effect Paragraph Topics

Looking to write just a cause and effect paragraph? No problem! Here are some cause and effect paragraph topics:

  1. The effect of the Internet on high school students.
  2. What causes you to get low grades?
  3. Families are affected by vacations.
  4. Illegal deforestation is causing global warming.
  5. Should we conserve water?
  6. The dangers of being bullied.

Cause and Effect Speech Topics

Need to write a speech? We have plenty of cause and effect speech topics. Check them out below:

  1. Is your personal information private?
  2. The effects of illegal immigration on the US.
  3. The effects of the Coronavirus on the UK.
  4. Which is more loyal, a dog or a human?
  5. The main causes of global warming.
  6. The effects of a positive mindset.
  7. Good food really makes you happy.

Environment Cause and Effect Topics

Discussing the environment can be very interesting, so we have an entire section with environment cause and effect topics:

  1. What causes forest fires in the US?
  2. The effects of water conservation.
  3. What causes natural disasters?
  4. Do forecasts help prevent natural disasters?
  5. Why do some fish go extinct?
  6. The extinction of the dinosaurs.
  7. The effects of city pollution on humans.

Smoking Cause and Effect Topics

Is smoking really that bad? What about the menthol in cigarettes? Pick one of our smoking cause and effect topics and start writing:

  1. The effects of heavy smoking.
  2. Is pancreatic cancer deadly?
  3. The causes of not having medical insurance.
  4. Does nicotine affect your brain?
  5. The effects of quitting smoking.
  6. The causes why people start smoking.

Cause and Effect Topic Ideas for High School

Perhaps you want something easier, more appropriate for high school students. Check out our cause and effect topic ideas for high school students:

  1. The causes of acne.
  2. Do children suffer from social anxiety?
  3. The effects of cheating on your tests.
  4. What causes rivalry between siblings?
  5. The causes of teenage rebellion.
  6. Why do people want to travel so much?

Education Cause and Effect Ideas

Want to make a change? Pick one of these education cause and effect ideas and present your opinion to your professor:

  1. Does college education give you a better life?
  2. The causes of cheating at exams.
  3. The effect of standardized tests on students.
  4. Why do students consider school boring?
  5. Are single-sex classrooms necessary?
  6. The effect of homeschooling on a child.
  7. Do professors burn out?

Social Problems Cause and Effect Topic Ideas

There will always be social issues to be discussed. Choose one of the social problems cause and effect topic ideas and make a change:

  1. Why are men earning more than women in the US?
  2. The effect of food insecurity on people.
  3. What causes extreme poverty in the UK?
  4. What causes widespread racism views?
  5. The causes of poor sanitation.
  6. Why are disabled people unable to get good jobs?
  7. Should children watch news reports?

Need More Cause and Effect Ideas?

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