136 Fantastic Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

compare and contrast essay topics

Compare and contrast essays can be fun to read and even write. What makes them difficult, however, is finding the right topic, and figuring out the perfect format. Where do you even begin? How do you create the perfect outline?

Is your topic even good enough to create compelling content? Compare and contrast essays are a perfect amalgamation of research, opinions, and a flair for writing. This guide offers all the writing help you need for researching suitable topics as well as the correct formatting for writing on comparative essay topics.

Everything You Need To Know About Compare And Contrast Essays

Comparisons are an integral element of writing thought-provoking content. The major part of what we write is a comparison – whether between our thoughts and ideas or our reality and desires. Compare and contrast essays cater to these kinds of writing. Comparison, as the name suggests, discusses the similar elements between the two subjects. Contrast, on the other hand, discusses differences. A compare and contrast essay could focus on either one of these two elements, or even both.

For instance, say you are writing on a compare and contrast topic like A Complete Analysis of Health Risks of Diabetes and Heart Strokes. For this, you could focus on only the difference between the severity of the risks involved, comparison of similar symptoms and lifestyle changes involved in the onset and prevention of bot. You could also do a complete analysis, including comparisons, as well as the contrast between the two.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

The first step to writing a relevant and informative essay is to find good compare and contrast topics. Don’t just randomly pick off two topics and decide to write an essay on it. Find subjects that are connected with each other. You also want to make sure that you are passionate about the topic or subjects. Below, we have provided an extensive list of compare and contrast essay topics from different genres to help you find one that interests you most.

Research, Research, Research

Once you have found your desired topic out of possible comparative analysis essay topics, it is time to get down to research on it. This where most students lag behind; just because you have to jot down an essay doesn’t mean you need to begin with a pen and paper in hand. A well-written piece is 70% research and 30% writing. Do not undervalue the importance of research. Make sure you dedicate at least a few days to thoroughly researching both the subjects you plan to compare and contrast.

Even if you plan on focusing on just the comparisons, you want to know everything about the differences too. Begin with researching both the subjects individually then move on to researching others compare and contrast essays available on those subjects. By reading other people’s work, you get a glimpse of different perspectives and views that will help shape yours too.

Writing an essay without research is like a telling a story without a plotline- you could start at Point A, but without a Point B in mind, it can only go downhill! However, if you aren’t that big a fan of research or writing on things to compare and contrast, there is no reason why you should! We house top-notch wordsmiths to create high quality and well-researched comparison contrast essay topics for your assistance.

Create An Outline For Things To Compare And Contrast

Outlines help divide data into different components. Without a proper format or outline, you will only end up representing a number of facts in no particular order. When creating an outline, the most important step is to sieve out all the important facts and pointers that will become the central argument of your essay. Look for information that you believe could lead the essay and turn it into a compelling read.

The outline of your compare and contrast essay should look like a skeleton, that you just need to add flesh and blood of your creatively crafted words to. Ideally, a compare and craft essay should have six paragraphs.

  • The Introduction. This is where you write a thesis statement statin clearly the two subjects that you plan to contrast and/or compare, and the reason why you are doing it. Your introduction should clearly state whether it’d be focusing on comparisons or differences or both.
  • Next comes the body of your essay. This will consist of four or more paragraphs and will gradually outline all the research into a compelling and informative format. You could dedicate a paragraph each to talk about the two subjects individually, and then the remaining paragraph analyzing the comparisons and differences. There is no specific format here. Try to be creative but remain focused on our objectives.
  • In the end, you will add a concluding paragraph. Avoid closing with inconclusive statements. Be sure about your argument and state it in a matter-of-factly tone.

Good Compare And Contrast Topics

Now that you have somewhat an understanding of the structure and process of writing a compare and contrast essay, consider checking out some topics. These compare and contrast topic examples are meant for you to write about, or to be inspire by to make up your own ideas of compare and contrast academic term papers. There are a variety of compare and contrast subjects presented, so choose your field of specialty. Feel free to look through and find what you think is interesting, for that is the most important aspect of writing a successful essay!

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Food And Health

  1. Tea vs. Coffee
  2. Fruits vs. Vegetables
  3. Comparison between fast food and organic food
  4. Comparison between fast food cultures of USA and UK
  5. Seafood vs. Poultry
  6. Oranges or Apples?
  7. KFC or McDonalds?
  8. Comparison Between Physical Exercise and Dieting
  9. Cow vs. Buffalo Milk
  10. Ice Cream vs. Frozen Yoghurt
  11. Health Comparisons Between Processed and Unprocessed Foods
  12. Comparison Between Good and Bad Carbohydrates

Comparative Analysis Essay Topics For Education

  1. School vs. College
  2. College vs. University
  3. Should You or Shouldn’t You Work While Studying?
  4. British English vs. American English
  5. Public vs. Private Schools
  6. Homeschooling vs. Traditional Schooling

Comparison And Contrast Essay Topics For Literature And Philosophy

  1. Roman vs. Greek Philosophers
  2. Fantasy or Reality?
  3. Mental vs. Physical Needs of Humans
  4. Is Vegas really better than Home?
  5. Real vs. Virtual World
  6. Why Dogs are Better than Humans
  7. Plato or Socrates?
  8. Comparison Between Darwinism and Creationism
  9. Comparison Between Yoga and Meditation
  10. Psychology vs. Philosophy
  11. Comparison Between Modernism and Post-Modernism
  12. Comparison Between Comedies and Tragedies of Shakespeare
  13. Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Books
  14. Difference Between Renaissance and Baroque
  15. Introverts vs. Extroverts
  16. Books vs. Television?
  17. Difference Between Feeling Lonely and Sad
  18. Reading on Kindle vs. Traditional Books
  19. Pride and Prejudice vs. Sense and sensibilities
  20. Newspaper vs. Online News Portals?
  21. Novels or Comic Books: Which are More Addictive?
  22. Japanese Family Structure vs. The American Nuclear Family Structure

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Practicing Essay Skills

  1. A day at the Beach or Night in the Woods
  2. Rich and Poor: The Lifestyle Comparison
  3. Animals vs. Humans: Who has a Better Chance at a More Content Life?
  4. Urban vs. Rural Life: The Major Comparisons
  5. Men and Women: The Similarities
  6. Coffee or Aspirin: Better Cure for Hangover
  7. Love and Hatred: The Similarities in Feelings
  8. Overworked or Overpaid: Which is Better
  9. Sun and Moon
  10. Pretend Play vs. Educational Toys: Which Contributes More to Creativity?
  11. Public vs. Private Commute: Which is More Convenient?
  12. Adulthood vs. Childhood
  13. Freelancing vs. a Day Job
  14. Radio Shows vs. Podcasts: Which have Better Content?
  15. Science vs. Art: Similarities and Differences
  16. Scientific Writing vs. Academic Writing: Which is More Challenging
  17. Rent an Apartment or Stay at the Campus?
  18. Extreme Summer vs. Extreme Winter: Which is More Difficult?
  19. Greek vs. Roman Architecture
  20. Autumn or Spring: Which is More Beautiful?
  21. Christmas at Home Vs. Christmas out on Vacation
  22. Female or Male Friends? Who Can You Call at 3 am?
  23. Ping Pong vs. Tennis?

Comparison And Contrast Essay Topics For History And Politics

  1. UK Prime Minister vs. Canadian Prime Minister
  2. Nazism and Fascism: Similarities and Differences
  3. World War I and World War II: Which Impacted the World More?
  4. Russian Foreign Policy vs. US Foreign Policy
  5. French and German: Economic Policies Comparison
  6. Obama vs. Bush
  7. Ancient Rome vs. Ancient Greece
  8. French vs. American Revolution
  9. Comparison Between Welfare Programs of Canada and USA
  10. Comparative analysis of the Assassinations of Ibrahim Lincoln and John F. Kennedy
  11. Islamic State vs. Al Qaeda
  12. Public vs. Private Companies
  13. Credit vs. Debit Cards: The Role of Government
  14. Ethnic Minorities vs. Sexual Minorities: Who Faces Bigger Challenges?
  15. Comparisons Between Men and Women Politicians

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Management, Marketing, and Finance

  1. Birthdays or Christmas: What Costs More in Presents?
  2. Back to School or Christmas Season: The Higher Spending?
  3. Invest in Gold or Oil?
  4. Investing in Stocks vs. Startup
  5. Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
  6. Comparison Between Strategic and Tactical Management
  7. BMW VS. Mercedes: The Better Marketing Strategy
  8. Marketing Strategy Comparison Between Pizza Hut and Subway
  9. Gucci vs. Chanel: The Market Faceoff
  10. Adidas vs. Nike: Endorsement Tactics Comparison
  11. Similarities and Differences Between Management and Administration
  12. Leadership vs. Management
  13. Mentor vs. Coach

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Music And Movies

  1. Rock vs. Jazz
  2. Rap vs. Pop
  3. Charmed vs. The Charlie’s Angels
  4. Bond vs. Avengers?
  5. Commonalities Between Thrillers and Horrors
  6. Lord of the Ring vs. Harry Potter: Which has a Bigger Cult?
  7. Drama vs. Comedy
  8. Dracula vs. Twilight: the Vampire Comparison
  9. Batman vs. Superman
  10. The Beatles vs. Elvis Presley: The Greatest Influencer Comparison
  11. Comparative Analysis of The Hunger Games and Divergent

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Social Media And Computers

  1. Facebook or Google: The Bigger Revolution
  2. Traditional Relationships vs. Online Dating
  3. Traditional Writing Services vs. Online Writing Services
  4. Smartphone Games vs. Video Games
  5. Forbes or New York Times
  6. Quora vs. Wiki Answers
  7. Instagram vs. Snapchat: The Easier User Interface

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Other Popular Subjects

  1. Tennis vs. Cricket
  2. Coke vs. Pepsi
  3. Are Sodas really Healthier than Fruit Juices?
  4. Dark Beer vs. Light Beer: Which is Most Preferred?
  5. Japanese vs. Chinese
  6. Microwave vs. Oven?
  7. Rice Cooker or Slow Cooker
  8. Gas vs. Electric Stove
  9. Earthquakes or Volcano Eruptions: Which Causes more Damage?
  10. Chemistry vs. Physics
  11. Michelangelo vs. Thomas Edison: Who Contributed More to their Future
  12. PhD and Masters: Comparison and Similarities
  13. Remote Learning vs. Traditional Education Systems
  14. 3 Stars or 5 Stars? Why Should You Opt One Over the Other?
  15. Parents or Celebrities: Who Influence Teenagers More?
  16. Reality TV vs. Contests?
  17. Series vs. Movies
  18. Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Energy
  19. Role Models Today vs. Role Models a Decade Ago?
  20. Cancer or Diabetes: The Bigger Epidemic?
  21. Qualities of Good and Bad Teachers
  22. Webinars vs. Traditional Seminars
  23. Should You Buy or Rent a Home? What Will Be More Profitable?
  24. Apple vs. Samsung
  25. Harvard or Oxford
  26. American and Australian English
  27. London vs. New York

Last Word On Topics To Compare And Contrast

There you have it! Everything you need to know about writing compelling, targeted, and well-researched essays on compare and contrast topics. This complete guide provides all the assistance on topics and formatting of a compare and contrast essay. However, if you still seek a little writing assistance or want to buy a custom essay, then head on to PaperWritten and get in touch with experienced professionals to help with your essay writing projects!