Top 70 Sports Research Paper Topics

sports research paper topics

“Sports are fun and enjoyable when in the field but not in writing.” These are the sentiments most college and university students have towards writing sports research papers. So if you were recently assigned a sports research paper and finding it hard to come up with a topic, you should know you are not alone. The good news, however, is you don’t have to submit a dull paper. We compiled a list of interesting sports research topics to give you a great starting point.

Tips for Writing Interesting Sports Research Paper Topics

Before we get to the research topics about sports, it’s essential you know how to write one. Whether your topic of choice is on nutrition or sports psychology, the tips below will help you make good use of the topics we outlined for you below.

Narrow Down Your Choices

The word sports is an umbrella blanket for a wide array of sports. It also encompasses all sorts of topics. So if you are going to choose and write an impressive research paper on sports, you will need to finalize your options. Opt for a topic you are most passionate about or one you understand best. However, choose a popular one so you can have an easy time finding sources of information for your paper.

Select the Subject Area

Even if you choose football, keep in mind there is a lot you could write about when it comes to football. So again, you will have to narrow down your subject area to at least one you are most knowledgeable or passionate about. For instance, you could choose to go with sports nutrition topics, sports sociology topics, or sports ethics topics. Selecting this way makes it easier for you to choose one topic you find the most appealing. If you think you need professional writing hep, contact our research paper writers.

Compile Relevant and Genuine Data

Once you make up your mind on the subject area, review our selection of good sports research topics below and pick one that tickles your fancy. Next, start by searching for and compiling relevant and genuine data on it. If you are writing on a controversial issue, you will need to find incredibly authentic sources to back up the controversy. Some credible sources for sports research papers include

  • BBC Sports
  • Sportscience
  • The sport journal

Create an Outline

The secret to successfully tackling any academic work, leave alone a sports research paper is always to create an outline. It helps you organize your thoughts and also ensures you don’t forget any critical point. As a result, it becomes easier for you to make your sports research paper systematic and write faster.

Things to Avoid While Selecting and Writing a Sports Research Topic

  • Avoid choosing a difficult sports research topic. Choose one you can comfortably tackle.
  • Do not be overconfident even if you are passionate about the topic. Use a submissive tone instead as being overconfident can affect your grades
  • Avoid diverting from the topic or being biased.
  • Don’t sound too clichéd

Interesting Sports Research Paper Topics

Now that you are all set, here is an outline of some great sports research topic categories to get you started.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Any extreme sports played for entertainment should be prohibited
  2. How can a sports management team conduct fair sports games on both the state and national levels
  3. Compare and contrast short and long interval sports training.
  4. Card games are a sport
  5. Sport management teams should offer equal learning opportunities for all sportsmen
  6. Doping drugs: should they be allowed?
  7. Does VAR ruin a football game
  8. Betting on sporting events, for instance, football matches should be outlawed
  9. Political involvement or interference in sports management teams should be banned
  10. Sports should not be taught to anyone below two years
  11. Women should be barred from competing in male-oriented events
  12. Nationalism is an irreplaceable part of any sport
  13. Physical education should be made mandatory in our education system
  14. Should cross-gender sports training and coaching be allowed?
  15. Control is more crucial than power in Formula One.

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Sports is the best form of stress relief there is today
  2. Is there a link between aggression and hockey players
  3. Can a person with a mental disorder excel at sports?
  4. Why is it essential for sportspersons to have a strong character
  5. Does involvement in sporting activities affect one’s academic performance?
  6. The world cup competitions and negative influence on economics
  7. It is crucial that one have sufficient practical physical education knowledge for them to survive in the sports world.
  8. Women sports should get more coverage than male sports
  9. Explain why coaches and scientists need to work hand in hand.
  10. Women athletes are more prone to injuries than men
  11. Should women lift weights?
  12. Gym workouts can help increase an antisocial person’s social skills
  13. The positive implications of gambling on sporting events on our economy
  14. The psychological development of an individual towards sports is crucial to their success as a sportsperson.
  15. Sports cannot help prevent eating disorders.

Sports Psychology Topics

  1. Do winning sports trophies and medals help raise the self-esteem of sportspersons?
  2. Describe the psychological aspects of doping among sportspeople
  3. Meditation and its role in sports for concentrations
  4. The community, as well as the peer group that a sportsperson associate themselves with, plays a crucial role in their sports career.
  5. Can sports hypnosis speed up healing?
  6. Is aggression an irreplaceable part of sporting?
  7. How does trauma impact the mental health of sports players?
  8. Why is hygiene in sports crucial
  9. Wrestling and its impact on mental wellbeing
  10. The emotions and needs of women in sports today
  11. Outline the roles of a sports psychologist?
  12. How can athletes cope with anxiety before a big game?
  13. Can mental visualization before a game help improve the performance of sportspersons
  14. The impacts of sports on the mental and emotional wellbeing of the athletes
  15. What are the most effective methods an athlete can use to cope with depression during posttraumatic injury recovery?

Sports Medicine Topics

  1. Outline and explain the similarities as well as the differences in heart rate monitoring
  2. How engaging in sports with heart diseases can help improve an athlete’s wellbeing
  3. What is the relationship between hormones and sports?
  4. How the diet of a professional athlete benefits or damages their health
  5. The pros and cons of caffeine on an athlete’s performance
  6. What are the signs and symptoms of overtraining, and how does it affect a sportsman’s performance?
  7. Explain the link between genetics and sports
  8. Discuss the impact of the absence of sports on health
  9. What is the role of medicine technology in the rehabilitation of athletes suffering from vertebral-spinal injuries?
  10. Is dislocation in sports unavoidable?
  11. Discuss the various causes that have led to sudden deaths in sports and what sports organizations are doing to mitigate such occurrences
  12. What is the impact of good sports education on the growth and personality of an individual?
  13. The impact of sporting activities on the functional role of the neutrophils
  14. How Ayurvedic treatment ended up being an essential part of sports medicine
  15. What are the causes, the symptoms, and the methods of prevention for athletic varicose disease?

Sports Nutrition Topics

  1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pre-workout drinks
  2. The impact of isotonic drinks for rehydration
  3. Are sports drinks that safe?
  4. Why coaches need to interact more with nutritionists
  5. How whey impact bodybuilding
  6. Describe the organization of nutrition in fitness centers and sports clubs
  7. The various techniques used to create customized diets for athletes.
  8. The role and development of nutrition in martial arts
  9. Discuss the impact of water on an athlete’s body function
  10. The most effective nutritional supplements for professional athletes.