122 American Government Research Paper Topics For You

American Government Research Paper Topics

American government research paper topics lie under the political science category in schools, universities, and colleges. Many educators ask learners to write about these topics when pursuing political studies.

But, writing about these ideas is not an easy task due to the dynamic nature of politics. Ideally, political tides keep shifting every day. However, students should write about fresh and original ideas to impress their educators and earn top grades.

American Government Research Paper Outline

After picking a topic and researching it, a learner should write a paper with the following sections.

  • Introduction: This section should introduce your topic to the readers and briefly tell the readers what you’ll be discussing in the paper. It should also have your thesis statement or problem statement.

  • Literature review: Here, your paper should highlight relevant studies relating to your topics. Include information about past studies that you have used to research your title.

  • Methodology: This section should tell readers about your research methods and how you analyzed information about your topic.

  • Findings: Tell readers about your research findings in this section. You can describe and evaluate the results.

  • Conclusion: Summarize everything and tell the audience how your findings support your thesis statement. Also, recommend or suggest further studies on the topic if necessary.

Selecting interesting American government paper topics is perhaps, the essential thing when working on this assignment. That’s because you will spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing information. If you pick a dull topic, you won’t enjoy working on your paper. Here are exciting issues to consider when writing a piece about the American government.

Exciting American Government Topics

If the educator didn’t assign you topics for your American government essays, pick titles that you will find exciting to work with from the beginning to the end. Here are exciting ideas to consider for your papers.

  1. Does the federal government have too much, enough, or the right power amount?

  2. Effects of the 14th Amendment on the United States’ civil liberties

  3. Why the Equal Rights Amendment failed

  4. Direct democracy vs. representative democracy

  5. Should the law extend democratic decision-making to the government, workplace, and school?

  6. How New Jersey and Virginia plans led to the Great Compromise

  7. What should the U.S. constitution change about the government?

  8. States versus the federal government- Which deserve more power?

  9. Which programs can compel more people to participate in local and presidential elections?

  10. Is gerrymandering dangerous to presidential elections and voting?

  11. A comparison of the United States’ political parties- What are their election policies?

  12. Should the government require schools to secure a warrant for searching students’ properties?

  13. Does the First Amendment provide the fundamental right?

  14. Which branch in the federal government wields the most power?

  15. How presidents have used the executive orders in the U.S. history

  16. How many executive orders has the current President issued?

  17. Should congress members vote by following the people’s will or their conscience?

  18. Should the congress members have term limits?

  19. A comparison of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate

  20. Why do some people call the media the 4th branch of government?

  21. How social media has strengthened political parties in the U.S.

  22. What are the primary sources of funds for political campaigns in the U.S?

These are compelling topics that will captivate your professor or teacher to read your paper. Nevertheless, research your idea extensively to develop a winning essay.

Legislative Branch of Government Topics

Perhaps, you’re interested in a topic about the legislature. In that case, this category comprises topics you’ll find fascinating to work on from the beginning to the end.

  1. The role of advocates, opponents, and experts in the rejection or passage of a bill

  2. Why does the number of subcommittees and committees matter?

  3. Describe the legislative process that the Senate follows

  4. Why does the decisive vote by the Vice President matter to the Senate?

  5. The 17th Amendment ratification in 1913

  6. Why representatives should elect their house speaker

  7. The essence of the 25th Amendment to the legislature and the house

  8. How effective is the Senate in committee hearings and inquiries

  9. Why the Congress should have powers to remove a seating President

  10. Passing a bill- What is the origin of the two-third majority rule?

  11. The importance of the Senate in approving presidential appointments

  12. Why does the 25-year age limit matter when vying?

  13. Why house representatives should sever for over two terms

  14. The essence of the census in determining the representatives’ number

  15. A critical evaluation of the Senate and House of Representatives

  16. Is the American legislature an accurate reflection of women’s representation?

  17. Is the United States Congress adequately constituted?

Consider these ideas and then explore them through research to develop informative papers. Aim to provide relevant and valuable information through your essay to impress the educator.

U.S. Government Research Paper Topics for College & University Students

Perhaps, you’re in college or university, and you need a topic for your research paper. In that case, consider the following titles for your essays.

  1. How reliable are presidential election polls?

  2. American government’s public relations and their essence in its success

  3. Clinton and Bush war doctrines

  4. What is the U.S. government’s stance on immigration?

  5. Why the 2008 U.S. Presidential election was a biased female politician’s depiction in the mass media

  6. How the constitution balances power between the government branches

  7. How the U.S. government influence the American democracy

  8. How the government’s bureaucratic processes influence modern America

  9. How the U.S. government’s foreign policies affect the European politics

  10. The government’s role in fighting against terrorism

  11. How political scandals affect the U.S. government

  12. How divisions in the U.S. government affect its functioning

  13. Foreign policy by the U.S. government- Guns or words?

  14. The U.S. government and church interconnections- How do they influence society morals?

  15. The U.S. government policy on speech freedom in modern society

  16. Should direct voting replace the Electoral College system?

  17. The pros and cons of the U.S. government policy on marijuana legalization

  18. The U.S. government censorship- Should citizens watch whatever they want?

  19. An empiric study of money distribution by the U.S. government

  20. What is the U.S. government’s policy on outsourcing?

  21. Describe the U.S. government’s policies about the web

  22. Does the U.S. government have a religious aspect?

  23. What are the issues facing the Federal government in the U.S.?

  24. How the U.S. government policies affect social inequality

  25. The U.S. government’s main principles and their implementation during the XXI century

Some of the topics in this category require high-level research to produce quality papers. Nevertheless, you can write a good essay if you take the time to research your preferred idea.

Government Research Paper Topics about the Executive Arm

Maybe you’re interested in the executive arm of the U.S. government. In that case, explore these topics about this branch of the U.S. government.

  1. Why the Department of Defense is the most significant arm of the U.S. government

  2. Does the committee have the correct number of departments to meet the U.S. people’s needs?

  3. Why is the cabinet comprised of the closest confidants of the President?

  4. Is it right for the U.S. president to select the cabinet members alone?

  5. Why the White House Chief of Staff has to be the closest adviser of the President?

  6. Why do Vice Presidents have a unique approach to their role?

  7. What is the national relevance of the President’s Oval Office?

  8. Is it necessary for the First Family and the President to live in the White House?

  9. Is the congressional delegation during the electoral vote a representation of the people’s will?

  10. What is the meaning of the State of the Union Address for a President?

  11. What are the President’s powers?

  12. Explain how the federal government administers and enforces federal laws

  13. Does the President have the ability to appoint independent national commissions heads?

  14. How the Congress affects overwriting a President’s veto

  15. Should the constitution allow the President unlimited powers to extend amnesties and pardons for federal crimes?

  16. Advantages and disadvantages of the Affordable Care Act by President Obama

Most research paper topics in this category revolve around the cabinet, vice president, and President. Nevertheless, they can be the basis of good academic papers.

Politics Topics to Write about in High School

If looking for political topics for high school, this section has the best ideas for you.

  1. Is it right or wrong for the U.S government to monitor the public?

  2. Government incentives and globalization

  3. Government aid and U.S. airways

  4. What is the difference between a parliamentary government and a presidential government?

  5. Should the U.S. government regulate the internet?

  6. How religion affects the U.S. government

  7. Business and government relations

  8. Does the government control equality?

  9. Influence of government policies on wealth and income distribution

  10. Local and state government accounting

  11. What is the role of government in the market economy?

  12. Does the constitution give citizens obligations and duties to the U.S. government?

  13. What are the principles of the United States government?

  14. Does the U.S. government control the media?

  15. Issues facing the U.S. federal government

These are exciting topics in American politics and the government for high school students. Nevertheless, learners should research their topics extensively to write quality papers.

Questions about American Government

Perhaps, you’re looking for questions you can answer in your paper about the American government. In that case, here are brilliant ideas to consider.

  1. Between representative and direct democracy, which is the best option for Americans?

  2. What should the U.S. constitution change about the government?

  3. What can convince more people to participate in the U.S. election?

  4. Between the federal and the state government, which is the most powerful and why?

  5. Who funds political campaigns in the U.S.?

  6. Is the media the fourth U.S. government branch?

  7. Do Congress members follow their voters’ will?

  8. How do the U.S. presidents use their executive privileges?

  9. Why are presidential election polls unreliable?

  10. Does the U.S. federal government have excess power?

  11. What led to the failure of the Equal Rightnecessarynt in the Senate?

  12. Why is the U.S First Amendment so important to Americans’ human rights?

  13. Is reducing the federal budget deficit important?

  14. Has the U.S. government contributed to citizens’ inequality?

  15. How does religion affect the U.S. government and citizens?

  16. What are the effects of the ruling party on the U.S. government?

  17. What is the U.S. government’s role in the American economy?

These questions can be the basis of excellent American government research topics. Nevertheless, research your preferred idea to develop a winning paper.

Public Policy Research Paper Topics

Perhaps, you want to write about a topic that touches on the public interest. In that case, consider the ideas in this category.

  1. Should the U.S. government legalize marijuana?

  2. Should the U.S. government change the public healthcare policy?

  3. Should the government ban alcohol commercials from television?

  4. Should state governments tackle the high divorce rate?

  5. Ways for the U.S. government to address the gun ownership issue?

  6. Does the U.S. government infringe on the citizens’ privacy through public surveillance?

  7. Should the U.S. government regulate university and college education fees?

  8. How does the U.S. government benefit from the high number of people completing higher education?

  9. Should the U.S. government require immigrants to learn the national language?

  10. Should the U.S. government make vaccines compulsory?

Writing an American research paper can be fun if you pick the right topic. Therefore, take your time to identify the best issues to write about, and you will earn the top grades in your class.

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