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criminal justice research topics

Going by statistics, getting a criminal justice honorary certification is the most difficult, next to General Law. Writing on criminal justice topics require a high level of accuracy and adequate sourcing for ideas and points that support your arguments. The first task of writing an excellent paper on crime topics is to source for quality criminal justice research paper topics. However, many students find this first a challenging one because most topics in criminal justice are considered too narrow or too broad. The good news is, this article helps find a solution to this challenge.

When you are done reading, you will not only have an idea of topics for criminal justice for research papers, you will also have an idea of how to write excellently on criminal justice paper topics.

Criminal Justice Research Topics

Before we make a list of diverse criminal justice research proposal topics, we must understand the difference between crime research assignment and theoretical part. As we shall soon see, there are numerous criminal justice research topics, depending on the type. Deciding between these legal essay types is what makes choosing topics confusing to many students.

A theoretical essay has one major aim; to be transformed into legislation. Therefore, it doesn’t have to include practical cases, court hearing, references in history, or case study. However, when you plan to address the flaws and changes in the justice system, you turn to criminal justice reform topics. This fact gives you a hint on what should be included in a legislative government template. You can compare cases or related events.

List of Basic Criminal Justice Topics

Below are some criminal justice research topics. We have grouped them into categories for ease of decision making.

  1. General Criminal Justice Research Topics:

  • Gun Control Debate
  • Criminal Justice Reform Changes
  • Power Abuse: Analysis of Police Officers
  • Juvenile Detention Criminal Process
  • Responsibilities of Incarcerated Parents
  1. Basic Criminal Justice Research Topics:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Religious Offences and Cultural Traits
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Gender Bias in Legal Investigations
  • Criminal Ethics History
  1. Criminal Justice Controversial Topics:

  • A Societal Leak? – Medical Marijuana
  • Bias in Investigation: An African American Perspective
  • Relationship between Modern Music Culture and Crime Propaganda
  • Eyewitness Evidence Importance
  • Capital Punishment Ethics
  1. Criminal Law Research Topics:

  • False Confessions Analysis
  • Jailhouse Informants Limitation
  • Cyberstalking Legislation
  • Sensitive Information Protection
  • Mental Disorder Causes: The Possibility of Remaining Neutral
  1. Criminal Justice Research Topics on Society:

  • After Prison Life and Rehabilitation
  • Child Abduction Cases: Similarities
  • Eyewitness Memory Evaluation
  • Social Control Theory
  • Feminism and Aggression
  1. Research in Criminal Justice System:

  • Prison Labor Ethics
  • Reform versus Punishment
  • Interrogation Process Recording
  • Stress Management Among Police Officers
  • Child Protective Services
  1. Criminal Justice topics in Types of Crime:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Political Corruption
  • Healthcare Frauds
  • Gang Control
  • Environmental Irresponsibility
  1. Criminal Justice Essay Topics: Court Cases;

  • International Court Justice
  • Los Angeles Riots
  • Court Case Notation Rules
  • Marbury versus Maddison Case
  • Rodney King Legacy
  1. Research Topics For Criminal Justice: Racism And Discrimination;

  • Gender Bias In Eyewitnesses
  • Discrimination In Negotiation Processes
  • African American Legislative Apartheid
  • Fashion Culture and Police Officers
  • Racial Prejudice: Case Study of American Prisoners
  1. International Criminal law Research Topics:

  • Methods of Tracking Drug Trafficking Activities
  • International
  • When is International Intervention Acceptable
  • Human Right Violations
  • Current International Offenders

The above sections sort out by study field some of the relevant topics in criminal justice. Depending on the type of criminal justice research essay you are trying to present, it is recommended that you address is based on the study field. Avoid trying to mix several criminal justice research topic ideas. Try to focus on choosing a topic that gives a strong argument. It will make your research paper well-structured and original.

Brainstorming Good Research Topics For Criminal Justice

To come up with good research topics for criminal justice, you cannot side-line the place of brainstorming. You need to ask questions that will lead you to focus on specific issues. If the criminal justice thesis topics you choose make you scatter ideas across the paper, it won’t make your statement clear and it won’t do justice to your thesis work.

A good criminal justice essay topic should present a hypothesis gotten from well-known legislation or practical case studies. While presenting your essay, you need to sound confident especially when you are dealing with controversial topics in criminal justice. Therefore, you have to select a topic you can present and defend confidently. Focus on subjects you can present and defend with great vocal arguments. If your essay sounds credible, your audience will stay glued till they are done with reading.

To achieve this result, effective brainstorming and proper arrangement of ideas are key. Below are some research questions that can help put your research topic for criminal justice in proper perspective;

  • What is the personal importance of is the topic?
  • What impact does the research topic have on the global perspective?
  • Is the essay comparative, argumentative, analytical, or a review paper?
  • Are the criminal justice essay topics argumentative enough?
  • What are the popular opposing opinions related to the research work?
  • Is there any previous research paper or work available in the area?
  • What additional information can you include?

A carefully done brainstorming session based on the questions above will help put your criminal justice debate topics in a proper perspective. You must take time to go through the questions and provide genuine answers to each one. It will lead to targeted sourcing which is the recipe for presenting an excellent criminal justice research paper.

Criminal Justice Research Paper: Writing Guide

By now, you know how to pick criminal justice paper topics and you can pick from our suggested hot topics in criminal justice. But, it is only the first step to presenting criminal justice thesis topics excellently. A criminal justice research paper well-presented is a combination of many other steps apart from picking a good topic. Let’s discuss these other steps;

  1. Do Rigorous Research

After you have identified the criminal justice essay topic you want to address, you need to create a research plan. You need to do deep research and organize your findings on paper. Your research will cover theoretical materials on the issue. Dig deep into statues, articles, cases, and other sources that answer the question your thesis seeks to address.

  1. Decide on Your Methods

Different methods can be applied to produce an excellent academic paper. The method you are to use is dependent on the criminal justice debate topics you choose. The procedures involved in criminal justice include;

  • conducting surveys such as with the use of questionnaires
  • observations: studying how target behave and how they respond to situations
  • conducting experiments
  • an in-depth look into case studies
  1. Create an Outline with Subheadings

The secret to a well-organized paper is found in a well-structured outline. Create an outline that deals with the criminal justice topics you have picked. To properly demystify the topic, add subheadings, then bullets. The general idea is to decide what you want to write.

  1. Determine Expectations

You must determine the type of paperwork your professor prefers. You need to ask your professor, ask previous students, and ask to see examples of great papers from prior classes. When you lay your hands on some of the previous papers, consider the Mechanics, Citations, and Organization.

  1. Write the Paper

Writing the essay is the last stage of the whole process. Put into consideration the tone you use while you write. Decide if you are to write a narrative, expository, persuasive, or comparative essay. Watch out for passive voice, punctuation, grammar, and typographical errors.

Criminal Justice Writing Tips

Excellence is the goal of any academic writing. To present an excellent paper on crime topics requires that you follow the procedures that deliver such results. Beginning from choosing a good research topic for criminal justice to the proper arrangement of your criminal justice research paper, how all these steps are achieved has been extensively discussed above. Alternatively, you may get help from the professional writing services.