How to Write an Opinion Essay? Topics And Tips

opinion essay

If you are one of those lucky persons who have an opinion on everything, then the best way to express them is by writing opinion essay prompts. Opinion writing is the perfect way of expressing your opinions to the public. Keep in mind that expressing your opinion towards someone else and opinion writing are two different things.

While it is fine if your thoughts are not properly organized when you share them to your friends, it would be a great idea if you use a proper opinion essay format when you are writing an opinion paper example.

Also, when you are writing an example of opinion essay, be sure to use precise and clear transition words for opinion essay. Don’t forget to include strong pieces of evidence that can support your arguments. If you are still a beginner, then you can view some opinion essay samples on the internet. There are opinion essay examples free that include some comments to help you learn what works best. If you are writing an opinion essay 5th grade, then you can use an opinion essay graphic organizer to make your task easier.

Do you know what is an opinion essay? An opinion essay is a custom piece of writing done in a formal way. It contains your point of view on a particular topic. Be sure to express your topic clearly so that it can be understood by your readers. You must also provide different viewpoints about the topic that you have chosen. When writing a opinion paper, always include some samples and reasons that will support your point of view. It’s also great if you can incorporate an opposing perspective in a separate paragraph.

How Does an Opinion Essay Differ from Other Types of Essays?

You might be wondering how a personal opinion essay differs from an argumentative or persuasive essay. It is very easy. If you are writing an argumentative or persuasive essay, then you should have a contrasting concept and be sure to state your essay topic from various viewpoints. On the other hand, if you are writing opinion paper, then you don’t need to put so much attention on the pros and cons. All you have to do is express your opinion about a certain topic. Reading an example of opinion essay can be a great help!

Topics for Opinion Essay

Many students do not know how to start an opinion essay? Most especially they are having a hard time searching for perfect opinion paper topics. The best thing that they can do is to search for something that they are interested in. If you are struggling on what to write, then check out some of our opinion essay ideas

Political Opinion Essay Topics

  • Is their freedom of speech in media?
  • Is the law equal for everyone?
  • The problem of racism and politics
  • How can we get rid of corruption?
  • Is there a way for the government to control the religious system?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of socialism?

Good Opinion Essay Topics About Social Media

  • Should there be censorship on the internet?
  • Compare Cyberbullying against physical bullying
  • Are you getting addicted to some smartphone applications?
  • What can you say about identity theft online?
  • How can smartphones affect the youth of today?

Opinion Essay Outline

The basic opinion essay format should include a title, introduction, argument, supporting evidence, and conclusion. In some opinion essay examples, you can find the opinion is expressed clearly. After presenting your argument, you should support it with some pieces of evidence to make it more credible. You are welcome to include a contrasting point of view in your opinion essay sample. Here is the idea opinion essay format that you need to follow if you want to know how to write an opinion essay

  1. Title

    The effective way of writing an opinion essay is to ask yourself what you agree with and what you do not agree with. Afterward, formulate a statement about it and use it as the title of your essay.

  2. Introduction

    The first paragraph of your opinion essay should be the introduction. Make sure to include something that can entice the readers. It could either be reliable data or statistics. Your introduction will also comprise your thesis statement. The thesis statement is where you will include your main argument. This will be the main focus of your opinion essay.

  3. Argument and Evidence

    Here you will be defending your thesis statement. You can place several arguments. Always ensure that you will provide some evidence along with your argument. This can help you in convincing your readers. There are different types of supporting evidence that you can use such as any reliable data from research or statements from academic papers. The most important thing is you have to ensure that the data that you present is extremely accurate and it can support your argument.

    After writing all your arguments, you need to follow it up with several supporting pieces of evidence. Also, you can include a contradicting point of view in these paragraphs.

  4. Conclusion

    Here, you will provide a summary of all the things that you have written in the essay. When writing an opinion essay, the thesis statement is usually included in the conclusion. But this time, it will be something different. It is rewritten in such a way that it will focus more on the writer’s stand whether he agree or disagree with the topic being discussed in the essay.

In opinion paper topics, the conclusion plays an important role since this is where you will leave some convincing statements to your readers. Opinion writing prompts also require accurate data and pieces of evidence.

Tips on How to Write Opinion Essay

To make your opinion essay a success, you must try to understand your topic thoroughly. Although you have already an absolutely developed opinion, yet it should not end there. You should research contrasting opinions as well. In this way, you will totally understand what you are contending for or against. This can help you in knowing how to write a opinion essay efficiently.

If the topic that you will be writing about has been debated previously, then you can review the arguments that were made in the past and check if they fit your opinion. Is there a difference between the previous viewpoints and the present ones? If there is none, then what does this imply?

When writing an opinion paper, do not forget to include transition statements since they play a significant role in your opinion essay. Also, include a statement that describes your opinion. When writing your statement, be conscious of your tone. You can be passionate about expressing your opinion but never use any sarcastic words. This is very unprofessional and might destroy your argument.

Using supportive evidence can greatly help in validating your opinion. It is significant that you must back up your opinion with true statements. This can create a huge impact rather than just stating your opinion or ambiguous remarks. When making research, look for information that can prove that your position on an argument is precise. Be sure to use supporting statements that can match the type of your opinion essay. It could either be quotes from the people who are involved in the topic or relevant data from researches.

We hope this article has helped you in learning how to write an opinion paper. Before you start writing your opinion essay, research some opinion paper examples so you can familiarize yourself. If you decide to get help, we advise you to contact our essay writing service.