Argumentative Essays On Abortion – Learn How To Write Them

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Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in the world. That is why writing an abortion essay requires extra precision compared to writing any other essay. People across ethnic groups, racial groups, and social classes around the world have different opinions when it comes to writing an essay on abortion. So, let’s start from the basics. What is abortion? Induced abortion refers to the process of ending a pregnancy artificially by extracting the embryo from the womb. There is a lot of moral subsoil surrounding the issue. Thanks to the empowerment of women over reproductive healthcare, many countries have legalized abortion. However, there are still fierce debates about the topic in countries where abortion is legal. So, if you want to know how to write essays about abortions, you need to learn as much as you can about essays on abortion.

How To Write A Why Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay

When it comes to writing essays against abortions, your job will be to tell your reader why you believe abortion is bad and should be declared illegal. This type of essay can also be called the pro-life essay. While trying to convince your reader to believe what you believe, you also need to approach the matter from an attentive, medical point of view. That isn’t the time to get sentimental or religious about the topic. Do not quote the religious text as part of your research because your essay is meant to be based purely on empirical data. Even if you must quote a religious text, make sure that it isn’t the only form of persuasion in your essay. Before you start stating your opinion, make sure that you define abortion and give some background data about abortion in your introduction. You should not just start your against abortion essay by listing the disadvantages of abortion. Make a powerful and sound introduction that will arouse the interest of the reader. You can state statistics in your first line. For example, some good introductory lines would be: “Do you know that up to 22,800 women die yearly from complications of abortion?”. Or: “The World Health Organisation says that between four to seven million women who survive unsafe abortions end up with long-term injuries to their reproductive systems.”

With the two sentences above, you can arouse the interest of the reader. The reader will want to learn more about the topic and how you got your statistics for the anti-abortion essay. The statistics should be followed by a definition of the term and related terms. Make it obvious that the content of the essay is abortion as a problem. After the introduction, move on to the first paragraph of the body. You can pick three main reasons why you think abortion should be illegal and discuss each reason extensively in a paragraph. Here is a list of points you can choose from.

Arguments To Be Taken Into Consideration

  • Talk about the physical side effects of abortion. You can make this your first point. In this paragraph, discuss all the possible physical side-effects of abortions. These include but are not limited to bleeding, abdominal pain, vomiting, prolonged spotting, cramping, diarrhea, and in some extreme cases, death. Analyzing each possible physical side effects of abortion is going to help the reader understand why abortion should be illegal from a medical perspective.
  • Talk about the emotional side effects of abortion in the second paragraph. It may surprise you to know that the emotional side effects of abortion are more common than the physical ones. However, they are often neglected. Most women do not discuss the psychological risks of abortion with professionals before they proceed. Some of these effects include self-hate, regret, shame, loss of self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation, and anger, among others.
  • Talk about how abortion deprives the child of the right to live. According to medical science, life starts at conception. So, a child who is aborted after conception is deprived of the right to live a full, satisfying life. Look for research on how the conception process takes place and make reference to how the child’s heart starts beating just two weeks after conception. You can state that the fetus has to experience a significant degree of pain when the procedure is performed up to 27 weeks after conception. That should be your strongest point, so make sure that it is backed by hardcore research. The third paragraph is your last chance to convince the reader that abortion legalization is a bad idea for society.
  • Your conclusion should be a summary of the entire work. In your concluding paragraph, write a summary of everything you’ve said in your introduction and body. It doesn’t need to be a repeat of what you’ve already said; it should just be a reaffirmation of points. You can also ask the reader to think deeply about everything you’ve said and make a decision based on it. Your conclusion is a general deduction that must be in line with your thesis statement. In your final sentence, recommend adoption as an alternative to abortion.

How To Write Pro-Choice Abortion Essay

The pro-choice abortion essay is the opposite of the pro-life. While pro-life activists believe that abortion should be made illegal, the pro-choice activists believe that women should have the legal right to terminate pregnancies. When you’re writing a should abortion be legal essay, make sure that you support the notion 100%. Your goal will be to convince the reader that abortion is one of the fundamental human rights of the pregnant woman. Your introduction should include a definition of abortion, your thesis statement, and an intriguing fact about abortion. Just like with any other essay, adding statistics and case studies is always a good way to keep your reader engaged. These are some points you can use in your should abortion be legal argumentative essay:

  • Start by stating that pregnancy occurs in the body of the woman. So, she has the right to do anything she wants to her body, including terminating a pregnancy. In the 21st century, women empowerment movements advocate for women to be independent. Depriving her of the power to decide if she wants to keep or terminate her pregnancy is the same as stripping her off her independence. Pro-choice activists also believe that the decision should be made by the woman and not in consensus with the man. So, if the woman wants to have an abortion and the father of the child doesn’t agree, the woman can go ahead with the abortion.
  • Counter the theory that embryos have personalities and can feel pain. According to anti-abortion activists, personhood starts after conception. However, there is scientific evidence that counters this claim. Since the fetus cannot survive and develop fully outside the mother’s body, it cannot be called a person. Apart from this, neuroscientists claim that the fetus doesn’t feel any pain when abortion is done in the first or second trimester. The ability of the fetus to feel pain develops after 27 weeks of pregnancy, according to research.
  • Refer to the fact that making abortions illegal increases the deaths and long-term injuries associated with abortions. When abortion is against the law, women who want to terminate pregnancies will seek backstreet methods that may cost them long-term health and even their lives. However, legalizing abortions allows women to have direct access to medical professionals who will make the procedure safe. The risks of lasting health problems and death will be reduced dramatically.
  • Point out the fact that women may be forced to give birth to children with serious birth defects when they do not have access to legal abortion. Doctors can spot some physical challenges long before the child is delivered. The mother should be allowed to decide if the child should be born to live with such disabilities or not. Apart from this, some failed abortion attempts can leave the child with physical challenges. This can be avoided when abortion is legalized.
  • You can talk about how having unplanned pregnancies can reduce the standard of living of unprepared mothers who will have no choice but to live below the poverty line because they cannot afford to care for their children. There is also a higher risk of these women becoming victims of domestic violence due to unplanned pregnancy. In developing nations where abortions are illegal, teenagers may be forced to live together by their parents due to unplanned pregnancies.
  • You can decide to talk about the fact that children who are born as a result of unplanned pregnancies may not have the privilege of growing up in a loving, functional home. Some parents treat such children as burdens, while others give them up for adoption. In some cases, children may be rejected by foster homes several times until they become adults. This can have far-reaching psychological effects on children.

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