How To Write Strong Evaluation Essay

evaluation essay

In this blog post, we will discuss the evaluation essay. For most students, that is a pretty tricky topic. In fact, we’ve heard a lot of cases where students failed classes because of this assignment. Frankly, this type of academic paper is not very difficult to write. However, you need to know exactly what an evaluation essay is, how to pick the right topic, how to write a great outline, and where to find an excellent example. In this blog post, you will also find a very useful guide on how to write an evaluation essay. The guide works for any kind of evaluation paper, including the self evaluation essay.

What Is An Evaluation Essay?

Let’s start with the beginning. What is an evaluation essay? Basically, the evaluation essay is like a review. It will present the quality (or lack of quality) of a subject. The subject can be anything, including a book, a movie, an item, a service, or even a business. This essay can be earnest, funny, or even sarcastic. However, there is one thing you must keep in mind when you write a critical evaluation essay – your writing must never come across as biased. Even though evaluation essays have a dose of subjectivism, they must be written in an impartial manner, and all your statements must be supported by hard facts and evidence. Everything must be properly referenced. In other words, you must adhere to all the relevant academic writing standards. You can’t learn how to write an evaluation essay until you understand this important thing.

Read The Best Evaluation Essay Examples

Now that you understand what this writing assignment really is, it’s time to talk about the best thing you can do to speed up the learning process. You just need to read an awesome evaluation essay example. It’s worth a hundred guides, guaranteed! It doesn’t matter what type of evaluation paper you need to write; a good example is invaluable. And yes, it’s also very useful in case you want to write an evaluation essay on a movie. Here are the benefits of reading a great evaluation essay sample:

  • You get the chance to see how an experienced essay writer structures the paper.
  • You can learn a lot about various writing techniques.
  • You can quickly learn everything about the most important types of evaluation.
  • You can quickly understand what evaluative criteria are.

Remember that the best way to get an amazing example is to hire a professional academic writer. For example, our seasoned writers compose over ten evaluation essays every day. They can easily put together an excellent example for you. Yes, they can even write self evaluation essay examples. And the best part is that you can safely use the information in the example in your own essay. The samples are written from scratch, so they are always 100% original.

Picking Awesome Evaluation Essay Topics (Take A Look At Our 20 Examples)

The next thing you need to master is the selection of terrific evaluation essay topics. Yes, they need to be terrific! This way, you can awe your professor. Write on a topic that interests them, and that is original and useful, and you will get bonus points. That is almost a guarantee. And whatever you do, don’t write on the same topics that other classmates are writing on – you definitely want your topic to be unique, as well as the most interesting and captivating. We know that finding original evaluation argument essay topics is difficult. So we’re ready to save you a lot of time, right now. Here are some fresh topics for evaluation essay that any professor will find intriguing:

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of a frozen meal.
  2. Write a review of the school cafeteria.
  3. Are there any differences between watching a game live and watching it on TV?
  4. Evaluate your favorite athlete.
  5. Let’s evaluate tennis as a sport.
  6. The importance of getting a scholarship: an evaluation.
  7. Evaluate the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters. (excellent idea for an evaluation essay on a movie)
  8. Evaluate the latest Samsung or Apple smartphone.
  9. Evaluate your favorite romantic movie.
  10. Which is the best donuts shop in town?
  11. Evaluate a children’s movie.
  12. The best book I’ve ever read: A Game of Thrones
  13. Evaluate your favorite hamburger.
  14. Saving Private Ryan: A Brilliant Performance by Tom Hanks
  15. Which is better, the Galaxy S10 or the iPhone X?
  16. Textbooks or electronic books?
  17. The differences between the SAT and ACT exams.
  18. Evaluate your favorite professor (one of the best evaluative essay topics, but be careful!)
  19. Is a LifeGem a good way to remember a loved one?
  20. Can sports influence your mood?

Creating Good Evaluation Essay Outline

Now that you know how interesting topics look like (you can use any of the topics listed above for free, no strings attached), it’s time to talk about writing the evaluative essay. The first – and very important – step is to create the evaluation essay outline. The outline is like the skeleton of your academic paper. Each section of the outline will become a full paragraph. To create the evaluation essay outline, write down the most important ideas you stumble upon while doing the research. Then organize these ideas in a logical manner. You can even add some annotations to each section of the outline to make sure you don’t miss any of the most important talking points. Remember: the outline is there to help you stay focused on the subject and to prevent you from forgetting important ideas.

How To Write An Evaluation Essay: Short Guide

It’s time to see how you can write an effective evaluation essay. Here are the basic steps for writing an evaluation essay:

  1. Use your research to create an outline. You should use the five-paragraph essay structure: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Also, make sure that you’re following paper format (be it APA, MLA, or any other format).
  2. Write the introduction and don’t forget to include the thesis statement at the beginning. Your intro should explain the topic and provide some brief background info. It’s very helpful to learn how to start an evaluation essay.
  3. Write each body paragraph. Make sure you only discuss one main idea in each paragraph.
  4. Write a conclusion. That is a summary of everything you’ve presented and may include a call to action if one is appropriate.
  5. Edit and proofread the essay. Make sure all sources are properly cited and referenced.

Best Tips And Tricks

Remember to read a good evaluation essay sample before you start working on your essay. It’s very important to know how the final version should look like. Also, the tone of your evaluation argument essay should be neutral. Don’t get too excited and avoid sounding biased in any way. Keep in mind that you are free to use quotations, comparisons, personal experiences, and even descriptions. If your subject is quite controversial, you will need a good number of supporting arguments (at least five). Don’t worry; the five-paragraph essay structure can have five body paragraphs. And of course, you are free to present the opposite point of view briefly. In fact, that is a good idea because it shows your professor and your audience that you are aware of the opposing arguments. And last, but not least, don’t forget that a professional writer can help you with your paper – especially if you desperately need an A+!