Medical Research Paper Topics: Ideas For Students

medical research paper topics

When pursuing medical studies, students are required to write research papers on different medical topics. It’s not surprising that medical research paper topics are among the most searched phrases by students online. Perhaps, that’s because the grades of students in medical schools are largely dependent on their performance on research papers. The choice of a topic on medical science varies depending on the specific subject or area of study or interest.

But, whether it’s medical conditions or alternative medicine, the goal is generally to choose a topic that will grab the reader’s attention and compel them to read further. Medical research is very important because it enhances innovation and analysis. It also promotes a better understanding of the profession by students.

Nevertheless, developing or choosing medical research paper topics is sometimes challenging than the actual writing task. In some cases, professors provide a scope within which to choose topics. What’s more, there are different categories of interesting medical topics for research paper for students to choose from. These are some of the things that make choosing the topics to write about challenging for most students.

Best Medical Topics for Research Paper

Medical school professors are knowledgeable about most medical topics. Their reason for asking students to write research papers is to check their understanding and knowledge of the taught material. They also assign students writing tasks to stimulate their creative thinking ability. Nevertheless, the choice of a topic can affect the ability of a student to write a quality paper.

The best topic should be narrow and specific. However, it should enable the writer to present and discuss different issues. The topic should also be captivating enough to capture the reader’s attention. But most importantly, it should be a topic you are interested in.

Categories of Medical Research Paper Topics for College Students

Research topics for medical papers fall into different categories. When choosing the topic to write about, therefore, students should consider these categories. Here are the major categories of medical topics for writing research papers.

Controversial Medical Topics for Research Paper

University and college professors want students to tackle existing controversies in the medical field (for instance, regarding the problem of abortion) by analyzing the published evidence and then drawing conclusions based on the investigated evidence. Here are examples of medical controversial topics for research paper. All of them are quite complicated, so you may need to ask professional writers for help.

  • Is Cloning a Complication or a Solution?
  • Does Cloning amount to Trespassing on a Divine Territory?
  • Is there a Room for Medical Mistakes when it comes to Euthanasia?
  • Can Death Penalty Be Executed in a Humane Way?
  • Where is the Line Drawn Between Societal Security and Right to Privacy?
  • Can a Person be compelled to Donate Organs Under any Condition?
  • Is It Acceptable for Parents to be allowed to Influence the Future of their Children by Predetermining their Hair Color or Sex?
  • Who Should Decide to Donate a Dead Person’s Organ?
  • Is Prenatal Illness a Justifiable Ground for Parents and Health Workers to opt for Abortion?
  • Is Being a Vegetarian a Healthy Option?
  • Is Anti-Smoking an Effective Campaign from a Medical Viewpoint?

Some controversial topics can also be considered medical ethics paper topics. That’s because they also touch on medical ethics.

Argumentative Health Research Paper Topics

Argumentative research topics enable students to get a wider outlook on different medical problems. It’s also by conducting research and writing on these topics that students make informed decisions and take positions regarding them. Here are examples of argumentative health-related topics for research paper.

  • Why it’s Important to Involve Trained Dogs in Neurological Patients Treatment
  • How Breastfeeding Affects the Future Development of a Child
  • Why it’s Important to Increase the Awareness of the Public about Bipolar Disorder
  • Social Factors that Affect Schizophrenia Development and Eventual Progression
  • What is the Family Role in Sleeping Disorders’ Treatment?
  • How Does Formula Feeding Relate to Early Child Obesity?
  • What’s the Role of Physical Exercises in Heart-Related Diseases Prevention?
  • How Does Stress Affect Health Development?
  • What’s the New Problem Created by Electronic Cigarettes?
  • Should Eating Disorders be Considered Medical Illnesses?
  • Is Shifting Scientific Research towards Adult Stem Cells instead of Embryonic Stem Cells Critical?

Medical History Topics

In most cases, medical history topics try to address issues that have existed for a while. Some of them can be medical ethics research paper topics trying to address existing ethical issues. There are also cases where students are allowed to come up with topics. Here are examples of medical history topics for research papers.

  • Doctors in Totalitarian Regimes Service- Murderers or System Victims?
  • Frequently Abused Drugs Application in Medical Practice
  • Hygiene Introduction into Medical Practice- A Revolutionary Development
  • History of Modern Psychiatry Development from Radical Surgery to Fine Medicines that Have Minimal Side Effects
  • Historical Alterations of Nurses Roles, Responsibilities, and Duties
  • History of Osteopathic Medicine Development
  • History of Medical Testing Using Living Creatures
    Effects of Pandemic Diseases on Human Society and Medicine Development
  • History of X-Ray Photography and its Effectiveness in the Diagnosis of the Pulmonary Disease
  • Ultrasonic Research History

Medical Sociology Topics

Most public health topics for research paper fall into this category. Sociology is a more specialized branch of medical sciences. However, you may still want to write your paper on a topic in this category. Here are examples of sociology medical topics.

  • What’s the Role of the Government in the Health of its Citizens from a Statistical Standpoint?
  • Why is Centralized Effort Important for Public Health?
  • Social Factors Involved in Euthanasia Legalization
  • How popular are Unconventional Medical Practices?
  • How Sociological Data Influences Nursing Practices
  • The Effect of Medical Factors Like Sociological Data
  • Statistical Evidence Against or Supporting the Relationship between Weight Control and Physical Exercises
  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine Influences Modern Medical Practices

Some of these subjects are ideal health care policy paper topics. You can also use them as your inspiration to formulate your topics.

Current and Recent Events Medical Research Topics

The latest events related to the medical field can also be an inspiration for formulating research topics. For instance, increased alcohol and drug abuse in contemporary society have led to more cases of mental health problems. This trend can be an inspiration for formulating mental health research paper topics. Here are examples of interesting medical research topics related to current or recent events.

  • Why the Modern Lifestyle is to Blame for the Increasing Cancer Cases
  • How Technology is Increasing Autism Cases
  • Could Modern Diseases Be a Result of Science Negligence?
  • The Growing Concern Over the Increasing Cases of Insulin Resistance
  • Psychological Consequences of Prolonged Use of Mobile Phone
  • How the growing Refugees Number is Affecting the Public Health Sector
  • Rising Terrorism and Mental Health
  • Health Costs and Risk of Social Anxiety
  • Should the Society Turn to Alternative Medicine?
  • Should the World Open an Organ Market?
  • Is the Focus on HIV/AIDS Dying?

Whether you choose medical history or medical ethics research paper topics, it’s important to ensure that you can support your argument with authoritative facts. Therefore, choose a topic for which you can find credible sources of information and medical facts. Don’t forget to avoid confusing or misleading your readers when writing your paper.

The Bottom Line

The most interesting medical topics address issues that affect society. Therefore, follow the news, read medical publications, and consider your interests when choosing a topic for your medical research paper. This will surely give you topic ideas for your medical research paper.

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