Interesting Human Resources Topics for Great Research Papers

Human Resources Topics

Human resources (HR) is one of the crucial assets for any business. This is why a lot of students are interested in it. Therefore, if you are a college student pursuing business-related courses or behavioral sciences, your professors will no doubt require you to do assignments on HR.

To gain more insights about your field of study, get better grades, and stand out from others, you should always use the best human resources research topics. But selecting the right topics is never easy for many students. In this post, we have listed some of the best human resource research paper topics for you.

Strategic Human Resources Research Topics

This area of study involves assessing, observing and planning, which is done by HR professionals, especially in areas of strategic management. Here are some of the best topics in the niche:

  1. A closer look at the best strategic HRM processes in non-profit based organizations.

  2. Importance of strategic planning during crisis: A case study of Johnson & Johnson Company.

  3. What is strategic management? How can it be applied to new businesses?

  4. Capture theory vs traditional approaches of strategic management.

  5. How can family businesses handle human resources impartially?

  6. Evaluating the impacts of strategic human resources management policies adoption in schools.

  7. What are the best strategic HRM methods for new businesses?

  8. Keeping up with change: How do small organizations cope with organizational change?

  9. Organizational culture change: What are the best strategic HRM tactics for success?

  10. How does HR fit in strategic planning?

Human Resources Research Paper Topics in Rewards Management

Rewards management deals with policies related with incentives for promoting productivity, staff retention, and loyalty. Here are some of the best human resources paper topics in the area.

  1. Analyzing the impacts of non-financial rewards on organizational staff.

  2. Evaluating business reward methods in developing countries.

  3. Assessing the impact of using reward systems in startup companies.

  4. Comparing the rewards systems used by companies in the US and the UK.

  5. Motivation and job satisfaction.

  6. Is it possible to cap wages based on performance management?

  7. Can HR help to solve all the issues with people in an organization?

  8. Does motivation impact performance?

  9. Analyzing the main factors that can increase staff loyalty.

  10. Should business organizations meet their employees’ cost for further education?

Human Resource Management Research Topics in Training and Development

If you want to know how good an organization is, simply look at the qualifications of its staff. To build the skills of their staff, organizations invest in staff training and development. Here are some hot topics on HR training to write on.

  1. How much do staff training and development influence organizational productivity?

  2. Online staff training vs traditional training: Which is better?

  3. Does staff training really work?

  4. Comparing soft vs hard skills in staff training and development.

  5. How do you determine that staff in an organization requires further training?

  6. Explaining the responsibilities of HR development managers in business.

  7. What are the best methods of staff training in modern organizations?

  8. HR training and staff motivation.

  9. Comparing talent hunting and talent management.

  10. Overqualified employees: What do you do about them?

Human Resources Research Topics in Performance Management

Performance management (PM) is one of the important branches of human resources management, which related to assessing the performance of an enterprise. Here are some great topics to consider for your paper

  1. What are the best performance management techniques for new businesses?

  2. Analyzing the main objectives of performance management in HRM.

  3. Performance management applications in the tech-driven companies.

  4. What is the best method of retaining staff?

  5. Analyzing the latest trends in performance management: A case study of US companies.

  6. Evaluating the latest performance management tools used in public institutions.

  7. What are the best strategies for protecting customer data?

  8. Analyzing the latest challenges that face HR managers today.

  9. What is the relationship between performance management and staff wages?

  10. Performance management and HR development.

Interesting Human Resources Research Topics

In the last two decades, the organizational environment has changed so much. Experts are trying new strategies in different organizations with the intention of enhancing productivity and success. To explore these new trends, strategies and efforts, here are some interesting topics to consider.

  1. How can HR managers deal with bullying?

  2. What are the best strategies for enhancing workplace diversity?

  3. Analyzing the impact of effective communication in companies.

  4. Evaluating the five most important things that motivate staff in the workplace.

  5. Analyzing the UK policies on protecting staff from sexual discrimination.

  6. What are the main factors that affect staff retention?

  7. Application of staff appraisals in organizations.

  8. What are the negative impacts of staff appraisals use in public companies?

  9. Does organization growth affect staff motivation?

  10. Is monetary rewards the best method of rewarding staff?

  11. Comparing the differences between staff motivation in public and private companies.

  12. What are the best strategies for driving change in organizations?

  13. Employee relations and staff retention: A case study of American companies.

  14. Analyze the different management theories.

  15. A deeper look at the ethics of cross-national diversity.

  16. Is it possible to fully eliminate discrimination from the workplace?

  17. Impact of positive corporate culture on staff satisfaction and organizational success.

  18. What are the best recruitment strategies for startups?

  19. The importance of good leadership in driving better staff development.

  20. Leadership and change management.

What Next?

Now that you have the best human resource research topic options to choose from, what next? It is time to get down to crafting your paper. Make sure to carefully follow your professor’s guidelines, craft a good paper structure, and use the best arguments. But even with the best human resources topics for a research paper, many students still find it challenging to craft their assignments. The best option at this point is seeking professional help, which is offered by experts in academic writing.