185 Ethics Paper Topics: Choose Your Favourite!

Ethics Paper Topics

Are you a college student looking for ethical paper topics to write on? Well, make sure that whatever ethics paper topic you pick offers you ample scope to create an interesting write-up. However, more important than that, your topic should be able to grab your teacher’s attention and then should be covered in detail to get you good grades.

When writing on any of the ethics paper topics, it is important to remember that these topics must be handled with respect and sensitivity to others’ opinions as well. Your write-up should not be hurtful to a specific group or community and still offer ample arguments in favour or against the subject.

Here is a comprehensive bank of some of the most interesting and attention catching ethical topics to write about. Take a look:

Environmental Ethics Topics

Here are some ethics topics based on the subject of environmental awareness:

  1. Are we morally bound to take initiatives for environmental conservation?
  2. Is environment awareness a virtue?
  3. Is it ethical to keep animals in circuses and zoos?
  4. Are zoos any better for the animals than circuses?
  5. How ethical or justified is the use of animal skin and fur?
  6. Should the tanning and fur industry be banned or strictly regulated?
  7. Should there be strict policies against polluting water bodies by the industries?
  8. Should game hunting be banned completely across the world?
  9. Is cutting of forests justified for setting up research centres for environmental protection?
  10. Does landscaping and beautification of landfills with plants solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste?

Medical Ethics Topics

If you want to write your paper on medical ethics, here is a list of ethical topics to pick from:

  1. Is it ethical to accept an executed felon’s organ?
  2. Are suicides assisted by doctors moral and ethically correct?
  3. Is it ethical to freeze women’s eggs for conception later?
  4. Is surrogacy ethical?
  5. Is uterus transplant ethical if it gives a woman the chance to carry her own baby?
  6. Can doctors be considered ethical if they display the pictures of patients who have died?
  7. Is it ethical to recycle medical equipment?
  8. Is abortion morally upright?
  9. Is it ethical to shop for the best egg to ensure desirable best traits in the child to be?
  10. Should human genetic engineering be made legal?
  11. Is it morally correct to do cloning of living beings like animals, birds, or eventually humans?
  12. Should human embryos be used in genetic engineering research?
  13. Is organ donation by a poor person for money considered ethical?
  14. Why is gender determination ethical in some countries and unethical in others?
  15. Are hospitals morally correct to sell medical supplies within their premises?

Business Ethics Paper Topics

Ethical issues topics related to the verticals of business and management are plenty:

  1. What are the business ethics related to the sale of marijuana?
  2. Is it morally correct to legalize the sale of marijuana?
  3. Should an employer who does not believe in the need to use contraception be made to pay for the same for his/her employees?
  4. Is utilitarianism ethically justified?
  5. Can businesses generate positive responses on social media without eroding business ethics?
  6. The ethical philosophy behind Bitcoin – an insight
  7. Does Bitcoing border on being money laundering or does it offer lower costs to end users?
  8. Is it ethical to promote a company’s CSR initiatives on social media?
  9. Should an employee’s inappropriate social media presence be reason enough for the company to fire him?
  10. Beauty industry and its ethical standpoint on extensive use of plastic?
  11. Does being extremely rich automatically become unethical from certain perspectives?
  12. Should you buy products of companies that privatise water?
  13. Is online employee monitoring for behaviour ethical on the company’s behalf?
  14. Is unequal wealth distribution unethical in the society?
  15. Is it ethical to force companies through law to hire more women to promote gender equality?
  16. Are businesses justified in having sexual exploitation laws for women but none for men?
  17. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the concept of universal income?
  18. How should businesses handle hate messages on social media?
  19. Is it ethical to install surveillance to supervise employees in an office?
  20. The ethical need to identify and correct workplace hazards.

Biomedical Ethics Topics

  1. Should Ebola victims be quarantined? How ethical is it?
  2. Should donation of organs upon death be made mandatory?
  3. Is it the business of organ trafficking in developing countries the ethical responsibility of wealthy and developed countries?
  4. CRISPR — the associated ethical responsibilities, an insight
  5. Stem cell research — ethical problems an insight
  6. Is it ethical to start using humans for drug testing?
  7. Is it ethical to make vaccinations mandatory for all?
  8. What are the ethics guiding medical workers?
  9. Plastic surgery – harmful effects and the ethical standpoint
  10. Is it morally correct to keep alive a brain dead person?
  11. Is it ethical that the quality and duration of medical care be linked to a person’s economic status?
  12. Mustn’t everyone be made a default organ donor?
  13. For contagious disease patients what is more important — privacy or the at risk relative’s right to information?
  14. Is it ethical to perform prenatal invasive testing?
  15. Is it ethical to give neuroenhancement drugs?
  16. Disclosure and Barring Service — an ethical discussion
  17. How ethical is the enhancement of memory function through brain stimulation?
  18. Precision medicine — an analysis of the concerning ethical issues
  19. Surrogacy — associated ethical issues
  20. Is it ethical on part of a medical professional to collect a deceased person’s healthy tissues without prior consent?

Ethics topics in nursing

Take a look at some impressive ethical topics for papers:

  1. Is it ethical to bid for your healthcare provider?
  2. Was it ethical to offer treatment to American Ebola patients while others did not get it?
  3. Is it mandatory to give flu shots to kids?
  4. Should it be made legal to use drugs personally?
  5. Placing the elderly in care centers — whose call should it be?
  6. The ethical insight into the pressures on the nursing staff to complete their autonomy.
  7. The nursing staff has no autonomy over patient treatment; is it ethical?
  8. Personal rights Vs Nursing ethics — what to pick?
  9. Why is it morally correct/incorrect to place nursing staff as subjugates to doctors and legal provisions to break it?
  10. Laws that help nurses overcome doctor dominance and practice autonomy — how justified are they?

Computing Ethics Topics

  1. Is the imposition of mass surveillance justified?
  2. New software development — an insight into associated social responsibility.
  3. Is it ethical to remove offensive content from the Internet? Who decides what is offensive?
  4. What situations make it ethical to sabotage someone’s computer?
  5. Internet — which ethical problems does it raise?
  6. Job automation — are there associated moral problems?
  7. Media downloads from the internet and related ethical concerns.
  8. Drones and the associated ethical conflicts?
  9. How much dependence on computers is correct?
  10. The dangers of putting important data online — loss is whose ethical responsibility?
  11. How secure are computers to store such volumes of our information?
  12. Privacy Vs easy accessibility how and what to choose?
  13. Is ethical hacking really ethical?
  14. Do computers address privacy concerns satisfactorily?
  15. Online data distribution is whose ethical responsibility?
  16. How ethical is charging for software?
  17. Why are ethics boards required in tech companies?
  18. Computer crimes — are they less harmful as compared to crimes against humans?
  19. Is it legitimate to possess a patent for a computer algorithm?
  20. Cyberbullying — ethical concerns and prevention?
  21. Facial recognition systems and their unethical racial bias
  22. The ethical impact of anonymity on internet users.
  23. Online rights protection — which laws apply?
  24. Is hacking ever considered ethical?
  25. Is the lack of computerized infrastructure in poor nations an ethical question to be answered by the developed nations?
  26. Artificial Intelligence and the associated ethical problems
  27. Computer mistakes — whose ethical responsibility is it?
  28. What is ideal netiquette?
  29. What are the best ways to deal with tech ethical problems?
  30. Is ethical behaviour possible to ensure through AI algorithms?

Ethics presentation topics

  1. Psychological/ethical egoism — for and against arguments.
  2. Do a person’s ethics change by believing in God?
  3. Does culture or society affect morals?
  4. Is the issue of hunger in underdeveloped countries a moral responsibility of developed countries?
  5. Ethics of feminism — issues related to freedom and equality vs traditional values
  6. Sexism at the workplace — how ethics need to be defined
  7. Racism – an ethical injustice
  8. Are discriminations against LGBT+ people justified?
  9. Refugees – is it always the ethical concern of governments?
  10. Should past mistakes of modern nations still be held against them?

Ethical argument topics

The following are some great ethical arguments topics for your essay:

  1. Racial profiling — is it moral?
  2. Should books from killers be published?
  3. Is it morally correct for a father to keep alive a brain-dead mother so that the fetus can be incubated?
  4. Does the level of education influence a person’s morality?
  5. Should the future of technological advancements be discussed with philosophers as well?
  6. Is it ethical to punish protests by students?
  7. Are low moral standards punishable?
  8. Pet operations vs Investing in healthcare in developing countries? Which is ethically more deserving?
  9. Designer babies – the ethics behind the concept.
  10. Does feminism oppose religion?
  11. Is the disadvantaged position enjoyed by black Americans a responsibility of the white Americans?
  12. Is war ever ethical?
  13. If drug use was made legal, would it become ethical?
  14. Having children and their carbon impact.
  15. How is state control of the press ethically justified?
  16. Teaching religion at school – is it morally correct?
  17. Is it correct to keep a watch on kids’ internet activities?
  18. If ever you caused an accident that had no witnesses, would you report it?
  19. Is censoring hate speeches on social media ethical?
  20. When a patient refuses treatment that could save his life due to religious reasons what is the role of the doctor?
  21. If a client’s political/religious views are opposite of yours is it ethical to refuse?
  22. Is it ethical to promote something you do not believe in for money?
  23. Is lying for a job that takes you out of a poor lifestyle justified?
  24. Would you cheat on your partner to take revenge if they had cheated on you earlier?
  25. Is it ethical to ask back a loan from a friend if they are still not financially stable but you have a need?

Ethics discussion topics

Here is a list of ethics topics that offer ample scope for classroom discussion:

  1. Is it ethical to legalize marijuana for public use?
  2. Should a divorcee be allowed to use an embryo?
  3. Free will – Should it be reconsidered?
  4. Covid-19 — Ethical questions and response to the global pandemic
  5. Are ethics morally enslaving people?
  6. Can ethics be violated for a larger good — critical evaluation of Machiavelli’s ideas.
  7. Is charity everyone’s moral obligation?
  8. Is charity the moral obligation of rich people only?
  9. Are we morally obliged to be honest?
  10. Are democratic countries morally obliged to overthrow dictatorship?
  11. Have we achieved equality through feminism?
  12. Is it ethical to categorize the ageing as senior citizens?
  13. Is eating meat ethically justified?
  14. Is it correct to post pictures of someone on social media if they do not use them?
  15. If your teacher mocks a classmate regularly should you speak up?
  16. Will you let your son wear dresses to a family gathering if he likes to?
  17. Will you happily attend your daughter’s wedding to another woman?
  18. Is termination of pregnancy after discovering disability in prenatal testing justified?
  19. Should you relocate if your partner from a long-term relationship moves to another city due to a job?
  20. Is it ethical to quit your long term treatment if it is a financial burden on the family?

Applied ethics topics

  1. Is death penalty ethical?
  2. Can we categorize people as evil or good?
  3. Can religion and science go hand in hand?
  4. Which is the most convincing theory that explains the drivers of human behavior aptly?
  5. Is the use of cognition enhancing drugs ethical?
  6. What makes the use of performance enhancing steroids unethical in sports?
  7. Should we use products involving child labor?
  8. Should moral failure lead to legal consequences?
  9. Is patriotism always ethical and virtuous?
  10. Do we have enough poliicies to prevent discrimination?
  11. Is scientific testing of animals ethical?
  12. Will you tell your close family friend if his partner and your best friend was cheating on him?
  13. How do ethics play a role in making us accept undesirable or ugly gifts as well?
  14. If certain vegan products are produced in extremely difficult conditions will you buy them being a vegan?
  15. Will you return a borrowed gun back to a mentally depressed relative?

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