Technology Essay: How to Craft a Juicy Techie Essay

technology essay

Technology has become the backbone of almost every activity in the world. New inventions are coming up every day, and within no time, the world is going to be the machine-controlled in virtually every aspect.

But the question still begs, what is a technology essay?
Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate sophistication – so let’s not be too technical even in the definition. A technology essay is a short piece of writing on technology.

So, the writer may choose to enlighten the reader on what technology is, its uses, and the impact of technology. Case in point, you may want to delve into a technology essay that solely deals with the adverse effects of technology.

Are we now demystifying the technicality of a technology essay? I hope so.

Now, let’s look at how you can creatively craft a technology argumentative essay without having to strain any single bit. Here, we will bring to light all you need to know about this kind of theme and take away all your worries – leaving you refreshed like dusty grass after a shower.

Let’s get delve into it then, shall we?

Is Technology Good or Bad Essay

Like any other persuasive essay, you will be required to present arguments on both sides of this topic in an objective manner. One may also opt to give one side more than the other. If writing the negative effects of technology essay, then you will present the arguments on the wrong side more forcefully than those on the right side.

Something worth to note before going further is that technology requires an expert mindset. The writer should, therefore, get all his facts right before embarking on this type of essay.

But here’s the catch.

Types of Technology

You need to understand the various kinds of technology before putting down those mind-blowing thoughts. A friend of mine told me that writing is the painting of the voice. However, that is a story for another day.

Briefly, let’s look at the various types of technology available today:

  • Creative Technology
  • It is a type of technology that uses software to come up with designs, adverts, art, and other creative innovations. Some of the techniques that come in handy here are computer graphics, 3D printers, and virtual reality – a concept that is taking over the physical reality.

  • Industrial Technology
  • Ever thought of how machines are made? Well, this is it! Industrial technology is responsible for the mechanisms of coming up with these machines. They increase efficiency by reducing the time and energy taken to complete industrial processes.

  • Information Technology
  • You’ve probably heard of the phrase that the world is now a global village. It is the niche of the technology behind this phrase that is almost becoming a cliché. In this type, telecommunication is used to send, receive, and retrieve information. The internet is most likely the best illustration of Information technology.

Now that we’ve known the various types of technology, let us switch gears to the structure of a short essay about technology.

Structure of a Technology Essay

You are about to find out how the fabric will enable you to craft your technology essay in a manner so captivating to your readers.

First things first.

  1. The Topic
  2. Technology essay topics are vast, like the sand of the sea. I mean, just from your simple kitchen to your living room, the items are everywhere.
    Here’s the big secret when choosing your topic.

    Ensure that your technology essay topic is outstanding and addresses what you are going to discuss. Have a specific question that will strategically cater to a particular problem or advantage of technology.

    Having a broad topic may lead you to write something that has already been written by others.

  3. Introduction
  4. Your introduction sets the pace of the argumentative essay. If it is boring, then the bounce rate will be higher than the number of tweets made by President Trump – just kidding. But you get the point, right?

    Let the introduction give a background in a rational, logical, and persuasive way. It should be like a bait that lets the reader to your hook – which is the body of your essay.

  5. Thesis Statement
  6. A thesis statement is crucial in the introduction of a technology essay. The readers should be able to know your stand in one sentence, clearly written and, summing up the content of your technology essay.

  7. The Body
  8. It is where you were out your claims with supporting evidence from factual and reliable sources. You don’t want your audience to see you as a rumor monger with shallow allegations that do not hold water.
    You can have up to four paragraphs depending on the information at hand.

  9. The Conclusion
  10. You can either choose to restate your thesis statement or present the importance of technology once again. One can say, “Without technology, we would probably not even be wearing clothes right now.”

Technology Essay Writing – Fast And Easy!

As seen from the discussions above, an argumentative essay on technology is not that hard to craft after all. Just ensure that you have:
• The type of technology at hand
• An eye-catching and problem-solving topic
• An appealing thesis statement, body, and conclusion.

Remember, it’s never easy until it is tried. So, apply for a professional writing help and get down to it now!