115 Awesome Architecture Research Topics: Useful List Of Ideas

architecture research topics

If you are reading this, it means you need to write an excellent architectural research paper and need some help choosing the topic. The good news is that our expert writers have just updated our list of 115 unique architecture research topics.

This means you can find some original ideas right here on this page. Of course, you can use any of our ideas for free – as long as you get an A+ on your next research paper.

Writing an Architecture Essay Quickly

If you are like most students, you probably don’t know how to write complex architecture research papers quickly. This can be a real problem, especially if you need to finish your essay quickly. After all, you probably have several other school projects to focus on – not to mention tests and exams. This is why we will give you more than just awesome architecture research paper topics. We will help you with a guide on how to write a great paper quickly:

  • First, go through our architectural research topics and pick the one you like the most.
  • Write a thesis statement. In a sentence, tell your readers what your paper aims to demonstrate.
  • Write an introduction for your essay. This is where you present your thesis statement and tell your audience a bit more about the subject.
  • Write three or more body paragraphs, each dealing with a single idea. Generally, you will start the paragraph with a clear statement and then use the rest of the paragraph to bring evidence in support of your statement.
  • Write a conclusion for your research paper. Most often, it’s enough to restate the thesis and summarize all your findings. Tell your audience how your findings support your thesis and wrap everything up with a call to action (this is optional).
  • Edit your work and delete parts that are redundant, don’t make sense or are simply unnecessary. Add more content to parts that need it.
  • Proofread your work at least twice. Who wants to lose some points over silly mistakes like typos or spelling errors?

Best Architectural Topics for Research

Now that you know what you need to do to write a paper quickly, you probably want to minimize the time you spend searching for architectural topics for research. This is where we can definitely help you. Take a look at our list of 115 awesome architecture paper topics and use as many of them as you like. All of them are 100% free!

Interesting Questions About Architecture

Here are some interesting questions about architecture that should fire up your creative engine:

  1. What are the costs of an architect?
  2. Is concrete obsolete in 2023?
  3. How long does it take to design a unique skyscraper?
  4. What are the worst architectural mistakes of the 1900s?
  5. What does an architect really do?
  6. How do you pick the right architect for a major project?
  7. What is the worst thing about architecture in the UK?
  8. Is architecture an artistic profession?
  9. What are the expected advancements in architecture in 2023?
  10. How long will we continue to use steel?
  11. What are the best ways to design a skyscraper?
  12. Is architecture a creative profession?
  13. Why is planning a bridge so difficult?

Easy Research Topics in Architecture

If you don’t want to spend more than a few hours working on your architecture paper, we have a list of easy research topics in architecture right here:

  1. A short history of architecture in the United States
  2. Discuss urban planning in Eastern Europe
  3. Talk about maritime technology
  4. Ancient Greek architecture
  5. Talk about metal fatigue in skyscrapers
  6. Is it difficult being an architect?
  7. Ancient Roman architecture
  8. The importance of restoring heritage buildings
  9. Talk about innovations in bridge design
  10. Architecture in Asian countries
  11. Planning a new urban park in your neighborhood
  12. Discuss climate control in modern buildings
  13. Architecture in African countries

Topics Related to Public Structures

Designing public structures is not an easy thing to do, but writing a paper about them shouldn’t be too difficult. Here are some nice topics related to public structures:

  1. An in-depth look at the design of the Lincoln Memorial
  2. Design the plan of a new bank in your neighborhood
  3. Designing a new skyscraper in your city
  4. An in-depth look at the design of the Empire State Building
  5. Building the latest public service building in the city
  6. A space research center in Colorado Springs
  7. An in-depth look at the design of the White House
  8. Research the design of the United States Capitol building
  9. The Golden Gate Bridge: an innovative design

Top Ideas Related to Urban Planning

Interested in talking about urban planning? No problem, we can help. Take a look at our list of top ideas related to urban planning:

  1. An in-depth look at bicycle transportation in New York City
  2. Research the rational-comprehensive approach to urban planning
  3. Housing peculiarities in Scotland
  4. Discuss the importance of urban design in 2023
  5. Discuss the Concentric Model Zone by Ernest Burgess
  6. How can you become a successful urban planner?
  7. The importance of landscape in modern urbanism
  8. An in-depth look at housing affordability in the UK
  9. Planning land use in large cities in North America
  10. What is the role of an urban planner?
  11. Transport problems in London
  12. Discuss the Three Magnets theory by Ebenezer Howard

Architecture Thesis Topics

In case you’ve ran out of ideas for a topic, we have some of the best architecture thesis topics on the Internet. Check out these original ideas:

  1. Talk about the latest trends in environmental tech
  2. Discuss urban intensification challenges
  3. Design a brand new shopping mall in your area
  4. An efficient plan of the London transportation system
  5. Latest trends in theatre architecture
  6. Talk about lighting technology in Egyptian pyramids
  7. Common problems when designing a skyscraper
  8. Latest advancements in virtual planning

Complex Architectural Topics for Research

We know some students want to try something a bit more difficult to impress their professor. Here are some pretty complex architectural topics for research:

  1. Compare urban housing with rural housing in the UK
  2. The use of concrete in 2023
  3. Modern building technologies
  4. The latest building materials
  5. Talk about resource use maximization
  6. Discuss the impact of environmental technology on architecture
  7. Talk about the peculiarities of Islamic architecture
  8. Discuss planning a new school in a rural area

Great Architecture Thesis Ideas

If you are preparing to start working on your thesis, you will be thrilled to learn that we have a list of great architecture thesis ideas for you:

  1. Talk about the theories behind resilient designs
  2. Solving traffic congestions in New York City
  3. Building materials of the future
  4. Talk about sustainable rural development
  5. What are the principles of lightweight architecture?
  6. Materials used in ancient architecture
  7. The importance of using domes in your designs
  8. How can you make architecture an art?

Interesting Topics Related to Architecture

This is where our writers and editors selected the most interesting ideas. Check out our most interesting topics related to architecture:

  1. Talk about the rehabilitation of an ancient structure
  2. The design of Egyptian temples
  3. What do you think architecture will look like in 100 years?
  4. Indoor air quality and architecture
  5. Historic French architecture peculiarities
  6. How can you maximize usable space in your designs?
  7. Talk about constructing in extreme weather conditions
  8. How important are arches in 2023?

Interior Design Topics

If you want your research paper to be about something in interior design, our experts have compiled a list of unique interior design topics for you:

  1. Is interior design a dying industry?
  2. Talk about how people perceive colors
  3. The latest decorating styles in the UK
  4. The best color combinations in 2023
  5. Latest trends in interior design
  6. Differences in interior design in 3 different countries
  7. Talk about the rise of statement ceilings
  8. Curves instead of straight lines in 2023

Good Topics for High School Students

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a section of good topics for high school students. Check out these ideas and take your pick:

  1. Discuss why arches are important
  2. Is interior design a part of architecture?
  3. How do domes influence modern designs?
  4. Design a simple living space
  5. Design a new stadium in your area
  6. What is lightweight architecture?
  7. Talk about Roman concrete

Awesome Ideas for College

Are you a college student looking for top notch topics for his next architecture research paper? Check out these great awesome ideas for college:

  1. What is the most important building material today?
  2. Discuss the creation of 3D architectural designs
  3. Discuss about weather effects on buildings
  4. Common problems designing a hospital
  5. How did Covid-19 influence architecture?
  6. Talk about the use of technology in architecture
  7. The importance of virtual planning

Thesis Topics Related to Cultural Facilities

If you want to write your next paper on something related to culture, we have some of the best thesis topics related to cultural facilities:

  1. Design a new library in your city
  2. How important is the design of a cultural facility?
  3. Designing multidisciplinary spaces in 2023
  4. The concept of resonating with people
  5. The importance of integrating nature into your designs
  6. Making effective use of land in your designs
  7. Designing a worship center worthy of an award

Controversial Architecture Topics

Of course, we encourage every student to write about controversial topics. In fact, we have some very interesting controversial architecture topics right here:

  1. The design and building of the Sagrada Familia
  2. The lack of a national building code in Nigeria
  3. Discuss the problems involved with collaborative processes
  4. Trust issues in the modern world of architecture
  5. An in-depth look at the Scottish Parliament Building
  6. Is a good architect a good designer?
  7. Are building codes in the US flawed?

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