How Is Google Making Us Stupid: A Response Essay

is google making us stupid essay

We are in an era where the world information is available at the fingertips. No matter what you want, the commonest answer today is, “I can just Google it.” This has brought about one question, “is the internet making us smarter or dumber?” Well, Nicholas G. Carr think it is making us stupid.

In his famous article, is Google making us stupid? What the Internet is Doing to Our Brain! Carr is critical of the internet’s impact on cognition. As the debate on is Google making us stupid rages on, many lecturers are likely to ask their students to write a response essay. Here is a demonstration of how to go about it.

What Is a Response Essay?

A response essay, is a type of academic writing that responds to an issue or article written in press. For example, you can write a response essay on the article “is Google making us stupid Nicholas Carr.” Also, the article can be works of fiction aimed at demonstrating a student’s writing skills.

The goal is ensuring you understand the issue being highlighted in an article and using different resources to extrapolate it.

How to Write a Response Essay

When your professor asks you to do a response essay, how do you go about writing it? Here are some useful tips that you can use to write a great response essay such as “is Google making us stupid summary and response essay?”

  • Start by selecting the preferred essay or an issue of interest. Make sure to look for an article that is easy to analyze and understand the issues being brought out well. When you support or criticize an argument or part of it, make sure to give clear reasons.

  • Read the selected article and use other resources to understand the magnitude of the problem being discussed. Go ahead and look at statistics, quotes, and reports that demonstrate the seriousness of the problem.

  • Read other response essays. To know how to write great argumentative essays, it is prudent to read other top essays, especially those done by experts. They can help you to know how response essays are crafted and the best format to use.

  • Strictly follow your lecturer’s instructions. When your teacher asks you to work on a response essay, he might give specific instructions to be followed. For example, you might be required to follow a specific referencing style. But if the teacher did not give specific instructions, make sure to develop a good structure.

  • Do not wait until the last moment. To make writing your essay easy, make sure to start immediately the lecturer issues the assignment. If you wait until the last moment, the chances are that you will rush the assignment and risk getting poor grades.

  • Start by writing a draft response essay. Before writing your final response essay, it is advisable to start by working on a draft. This essay allows you to start and write comprehensively while leaving ample room for improvements. Once you are through with the draft, keep it away for a day or some moments, and finally look at it afresh. Then, incorporate new ideas, points, and ensure they flow well.

  • Proofread your essay well before submitting. Even if you have a great essay but it has loads of mistakes, there is a danger of losing marks. Therefore, you should carefully proofread it to ensure that sentences are clear, there are no clichés, and it has a clear flow from the start to the end. You could also ask an unbiased friend to help you to proofread the essay.

Is Google Making Us Stupid Summary Essay: Sample Essay

To help you understand how to write a great “is Google making us stupid summary essay,” we are now going to provide a sample. This essay responds to the article “is Google making us stupid? What the Internet is Doing to Our Brain!” by Nicholas Carr. Note how the essay filters and replies to the issues that Carr brought out about internet making us stupid.

How is Google Making Us Stupid? A Response Essay

The article “is Google making us stupid? What the Internet is Doing to Our Brain!” by Nicholas Carr demonstrates how the internet has transformed the way people think today, the way they read texts, and how they process info. Carr appreciates the extent the internet is applied today, therefore, his goal is to highlight the negative impact of using it.

He employs the metaphor of a scuba diver and Jet Ski to explain how his reading has transformed. Before the internet came, Carr had to dive deep into the “water” and struggle a lot to get the information he wanted. But the internet changed him from a person who had to read tons of books to a savvy guy who simply swaps a screen to read. This transformation is made possible by technology, internet, and Google.

Yes, it is true that internet has brought about major problems as more people become lazy since everything is only a click away. This has decreased people’s desire to learn. On this one, I agree with Carr. But in many ways, I must strongly disagree.

I hold the view that the internet has been extremely beneficial to people all over the world. It has, especially helped to accelerate technology development and information retrieval rates. You no longer need to drive for hours to a library to read a book; you can access it and many other related resources with related info on Google.

The internet has transformed how people read; this is not negative. Instead, it has made it efficient and helpful. Today, people can easily access and read what is interesting. Indeed, people prefer to consume interesting reports as opposed to hard pieces of paper that are boring and take a lot of time.

In the modern world, people are more adaptive to innovative technologies that help them to move steps ahead, closer to a better future. This is not a bad thing, isn’t it?

When to Seek Help from Experts

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