200 Rhetorical Analysis Topics for Students in 2023

rhetorical analysis topics

The first thing to note when writing anything on rhetorical analysis is that the essay requires you having a wide and in-depth knowledge about the specific topic you’ll be basing your essay on. A good mastery of rhetorical essay topics entails the ability to write effectively.

Sometimes, the challenge looks like not knowing where to begin. But, understanding that a rhetorical analysis essay requires the writer to deeply and accurately analyze a piece of work and make a plausible argument with supporting evidence about it will give you an edge when crafting and choosing a topic.

However, rhetorical analysis topics are majorly predominant in topics associated with the arts but are also not limited to it. Topics can be based on literature, movies, billboards, popular culture, ads, speeches, and even ordinary human conversations.

Aside from understanding what rhetorical topics are, having ample information about any selected topic is crucial as it helps to develop sound rhetorical analysis ideas. Here are some topics you can base your rhetorical analysis essay topics on.

Rhetorical Essay Topics to Choose From

In any rhetorical essay, what the writer does is highlight a problem, carry out extensive analysis on the listed problem to make a strong-base argument on the subject matter.

A rhetorical essay isn’t complete without sound backup evidence to the highlighted problem. Carrying out an essay writing of this form requires you to have done thorough research on whatever you will be writing on.

Knowing how to choose smart topics for rhetorical analysis isn’t enough to write the essay, there must be the existence of extensively done research as this enables the writing to come fully alive. Rhetorical analysis topics list can look like.

  1. Do social media encourage low productivity in young adults?
  2. Rhetorical Analysis of Shonda Rhimes’s How to Get Away with Murder
  3. Obama’s first presidential speech
  4. A textual analysis of Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life
  5. Analysis of Dove’s beauty Ads over the last 5 years
  6. A Feminist look at Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own
  7. Importance of complex themes in American TV shows and Movies
  8. Analysis of the Instagram aesthetics and what it entails
  9. The role of symbolism in Literature and art piece
  10. The work of representation in Popular Culture
  11. TV shows: That’s what I Like and Here’s Why you should too
  12. The implication of Horror movies on middle and preschoolers
  13. Do Smartphones encourage low productivity in Young Adults or not?
  14. The impact of Diversity representation in Hollywood
  15. A cultural exploration of Beyoncé’s Lemonade
  16. Madam CJ Walker, Diversity beauty-representation
  17. Explicit sexual exploration: the Hip Hop culture
  18. Purity culture an offspring of Rape culture
  19. Social exploration of the movie adaptation of Les Misérables
  20. Does Social media obscure reality or not?
  21. Rhetorical analysis: Mom blogs and the role they play within the society
  22. The Hidden Reality of Foodbanks in the American system
  23. Welfare mom, bad mom?
  24. Analyze the political implications of George Orwell’s Animal Farm
  25. The unsettling effect of Dan Fogelman’s This Life
  26. Homeschooling, the bane of many high school students.
  27. The impacts of gaming on preschoolers
  28. How PBS for Kids has changed the Parenting game
  29. The Role of the Erotica: The poems by E. E Cummings
  30. The absurdity of the Afterlife

More Topics on Rhetorical Analysis

There are varieties of different kinds of rhetorical analysis topics that it is unlikely that one can run out of ways to craft rhetorical analysis topics for any essay at all.

Since the majority of these rhetoric topics are mostly within the arts, there’s a wide range of sources and inspiration to draw your essay topic from. This is because art is an interesting field that keeps on giving.

These topics can be relevant for high school and for college students. Here are a handful of rhetorical analysis example topics to consider for rhetorical analysis.

  1. A comparative analysis of non-fictional novels and fictional novels
  2. Analysis: Obama’s Farewell speech
  3. Rhetorical analysis of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre
  4. The Failure of Charity, Classism, Victorian era, the folly of Individualism: Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist.
  5. Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Joyce Cary’s Mister Johnson: an Anthropological exploration
  6. The realism of 11th century Scotland and how it’s portrayed in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  7. The Surrealism of the 20th-century art and Literary explorations with that era
  8. F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and how it’s an indictment to the “American Dream”
  9. Rhetorical Analysis of James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room and Another Country
  10. Why Movie adaptations can never measure up to Books
  11. The social and economic implications of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman
  12. The story of Leonardo da Vinci and the Monalisa painting
  13. Painting, Artistry and how Paul Cézanne’s art interrogates the subject of late-blooming
  14. What the use of mostly women for domestic Ads suggests
  15. How new Hollywood producers and showrunners address the issue of inclusivity and diversity in TV.
  16. What the use of the omniscient narrator in books suggests
  17. The Monalisa painting: Why is it Talked about so much?
  18. The rhetorical device in D.H Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover
  19. This is why best-seller books are called best-sellers
  20. Why kids avoid watching the news at all cost
  21. How the presence of social media impacts mental illness negatively
  22. The Role of Tv and Popular in promoting Misogyny and Misogynoir
  23. A call to Love: the recurring theme within James Baldwin’s works
  24. How reality Tv shows obscure actual reality
  25. How racism permeates Langston Hughes I, Too
  26. What is the distinction between Symbolism and Imagery
  27. The recurring effect of Misogyny in Malala Yousafzai’s real-life experiences
  28. Why documentaries on Minimalism should be encouraged
  29. Minimalism: a direct response to Late Capitalism
  30. The wide distinction between Liberalism and NeoLiberalism

Rhetorical Situation Essay Topics for 2023

Before embarking on choosing any essay topic in a rhetorical situation, you must first understand the role of rhetoric in writing. Good rhetorical analysis essay topics aim to compel action through oral, written, visual, and sound forms. Rhetorical analysis compels the reader or the present audience to reassess their perspectives based on what you are saying or have written.

A good rhetorical analysis essay topic primarily seeks to capture the base attention of the reader or audience. One of the most common situations where rhetorics come in handy is in the political field.

However, rhetorical situation essays are impassioned, affective and are intended to capture the emotion of the reader or the audience; luring emotion is its basic and most tactical style for a call to action.

  1. How the legislation on Birth Control pills has resulted in the untimely death of Women in rural areas
  2. The rise of inflation and its resulting consequences in low-income homes
  3. Was capitalism not okay enough? How the pandemic has displaced even more households
  4. How does Popular Culture contribute to the continuous subjugation of women
  5. Rape, teen pregnancy and the delegitimization of birth control pills: How they all conjure to control women’s bodies
  6. Television is helping us understand the complexities of human lives
  7. How the epidemic of drug abuse and its prevalence affects the lives of young Americans in the Deep South
  8. Gun Control: Why we should pay attention to guns rather than women’s bodies
  9. How lack of access and poverty is affecting homeschooling for young Americans
  10. Paying low-income workers below minimum wage is a late capitalist concept
  11. Gentrification: how it’s displacing people from their communities and homes
  12. Capitalism is the main reason why millennials can’t afford to buy a house
  13. The capitalist undertones of the “black to office” maximum
  14. The Vernacular of Fatphobia in American Popular Culture
  15. This is why America isn’t Post-racial
  16. Myth: The Post-racial American Society
  17. Why the rhetoric “The Future of Remote Work is Lonely” is a Myth
  18. The Fatphobia of the American Wellness Culture
  19. How Homeschooling is Demoralizing Teachers
  20. Navigating various identities: the reality of the immigrant household
  21. The Big lessons from Covid era: the diminishing returns of Hyper-productivity
  22. What it means to be displaced within a Pandemic
  23. Rhetorical Analysis of the Work Culture
  24. The Unrealized myth of Self-care culture
  25. The US Women as Social safety nets
  26. Analysis of how Email became Work
  27. What the Pandemic has taught workers about Unionism
  28. The insidious nature of work culture and how it contributes to Burnouts
  29. How Publishing is promoting Diversity and Inclusivity
  30. Want it means to live within a pandemic as a low-income worker

30 Rhetorical Analysis Example Topics

The challenge that students often face when asked to write a rhetorical essay is the problem of how to craft a topic that best conveys their thoughts as well as that which they can grasp easily and have adequate available and accessible information on.

There are so many researchable ideas to write on; the hitch is often crafting your topic into something capable of inciting attention and encouraging conversations.

This is because, in rhetorics and persuasive writing, the rhetorical analysis topics for essay are also of crucial importance as much as the content. Here are some easy rhetorical analysis topics.

  1. Why is Disneyland referred to as the Happiest Place on the Planet Earth
  2. Why free Sanitary items is essential in every public space
  3. The impact of Hip Hop in growing the Feminist Consciousness
  4. Ted Talk: How it gives and encourages voices
  5. Why Some blogs become Influential within a short period
  6. The Myth of Consistency is Key
  7. How Access is Key
  8. How Shame culture emerged from Respectability Culture
  9. Calling Survivors of Abuse Victims is Derogatory
  10. How Speaking up exposes Survivors to more Harm
  11. Analysis of Cancel Culture and Social Media Justice
  12. The Importance of Commercials on Tv
  13. How Commercials promote Falsehood
  14. The impacts of Colorism and the Issue of Color Complex
  15. A Room of One’s Own: The coming of Virginia Woolf before her time
  16. A Rhetorical Analysis of Reality Tv
  17. This is how Commercials can be more Relatable
  18. How Relatability Tv impacts us
  19. The importance of Inclusivity, Diversity, and Representation in Popular Culture
  20. The Therapeutic effect of Representation
  21. The Therapeutic effect of Yoga and Meditation
  22. Why Low-income Workers should be exempted from Tax
  23. The Ripple Effect of the Internet on Young Adults
  24. Where the realistic depiction of Tv begins and ends
  25. An Existential analytical approach to the works of Sylvia Path
  26. The Rhetorical strategy in Frederick Douglas’ Memoir
  27. Rhetoric as style in Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream
  28. Why the Bob Dylan Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016 was deserving
  29. Award Culture is slowly Killing Creativity
  30. A Historical approach to Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales

Ideas on Rhetoric Research Paper Topics

Every writing within academia hinges on the effective use of rhetorical situation essay topics; this is because the basis of everything done within academia is to impact ideas through the use of language and this language is usually persuasive in nature even while it seeks to educate.

For university students, it’s most likely very rare that you can run away from rhetoric research paper topics during your school year, in fact, it’s a prerequisite while in school.

It comes in the form of assignments, research, and term papers. If you are looking for topics, there are a variety of good topics to write a rhetorical analysis on. Below is a list of rhetorical analysis assignment ideas.

  1. An Analysis of the Rhetorical Device implored in Beowulf
  2. A Case study of Contemporary Popular Culture
  3. The political and social implications of 90’s Hip Hop
  4. A Comparative Analysis of Tv shows and Movies
  5. The Futility of the American Dream as explored in F.S Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  6. The Symbolic exploration of “The Green Light” in The Great Gatsby
  7. The Impact of Technological Innovation on American Student’s attention span
  8. The Misogyny of the American Entertainment Industry
  9. Structural Racism: The Mother of Gentrification
  10. The Growing Concern of the Broken American Childcare System
  11. The Triumph and the Bold Rhetorics employed in Diversity Tv
  12. Restructuring: Why Diversity, Inclusivity, and Representation should be Championed
  13. Purity Culture: A social construct that seeks to control women’s body
  14. The representation distinction in the movie adaptation of Push and the book
  15. A Comparative Analysis of Digital Literature and Traditional Literature
  16. Innovation: The growing effects of Technological advancement
  17. Late Capitalism: Self-care culture as a tool
  18. The need for Inclusivity in the discussion of Beauty Culture
  19. American Gun Culture and how it perpetuates greater harm
  20. Domestic Violence, Abuse: The Battered Woman Syndrome
  21. Affirmative Action: A Tool for Subjugation and Intellectual Relegation of the Minority Communities
  22. Race Relations: The future of the American System
  23. The Intrinsic effect of the exploration and promotion of interracial marriage on American popular Culture
  24. Obesity: The distinction between Fatphobia and a need for Medical Attention
  25. The Evolution of Identity Politics within the American System
  26. Diversity Higher: Why America Needs a quick Racial intervention
  27. A Comparative Study of 90s Hip Hop Culture and early 2010s Hip Hop
  28. Rape Culture, Victim Blaming: The need to listen to Survivors
  29. The Explicit Way American Hip Hop Explores Abuse and Misogyny
  30. The Institutional Bias of the American System

Rhetorical Argument Essay Topics

When writing an argumentative essay, rhetoric is employed as the tool to not just convey thoughts and opinions but also to capture the interest of the audience or reader(s).

In any rhetorical argument essay, the writer must employ ethos, pathos, and logos as this enables the writer to navigate the topic better. For every form of rhetorical argumentative essay, there has to be a thoroughly carried out research, an understanding of the audience, a solid thesis statement, and the use of a writing style that captures attention.

The basis of an argumentative essay is that it must contain persuasive elements, without that, the argument isn’t complete. Here are some rhetorical argument essay topics to look into while writing your essay.

  1. Can Drug Abuse be Contained by Legalizing and Regulating certain Drugs?
  2. High-end and Fast fashion, how does it contribute to the Unhealthy lifestyle in our environment
  3. Does a Democratic system have any significant drawbacks?
  4. Why working moms and nursing moms should be given more workplace privilege
  5. Why Maternal paid leave should be legalized
  6. Is Cyberbullying capable of affecting mental health?
  7. Should Diversity Higher, Affirmative Action and Inclusivity be made mandatory?
  8. Does Feminism obscure the need for women to lash out at their fellow women?
  9. Is Religion really the Opium of the Masses as Suggested by Karl Max?
  10. Are there significant drawbacks to marrying off of a Dating App?
  11. How Social Media Fame negatively impacts one’s real-life experiences
  12. Is the presence of Artificial Intelligence going to lead to human extinction?
  13. How hyperactivity on Social media plays out in impacting loneliness
  14. Is there a possibility of Electronic money wiping out paper money?
  15. Can human society experience growth without the presence of technology?
  16. Is the consistent attachment to cell phones contributing to depression and anxiety?
  17. Do public cameras infringe on individual privacy?
  18. Is sustainable living capable of helping us reverse Climate Change?
  19. Limiting Children’s screen time, does it contribute to their academic growth?
  20. Should people be encouraged to use Marijuana now its health benefits have been dictated?
  21. Are Academic Stress and excessive academic workload a form of psychological torture?
  22. Has homeschooling improved the nature and operation of the school system?
  23. Does beauty pageantry influence the concept and idea of beauty in society?
  24. Is it Ethical to demand maternity leave for fathers?
  25. Is Killing a Murderer a Punishable offense?
  26. Should High school children be introduced to sex education in school?
  27. How does the knowledge of sex education impact high schoolers?
  28. Lecturer-Student friendship: is it an ethical practice?
  29. Are students supposed to bring school work back home?
  30. Impromptu test within the University system: Cancelled or Promoted?
  31. Does access to so much information lead to Misinformation?
  32. Does homeschooling contribute to students’ anti-socialism?
  33. Should College Education be made completely free?
  34. Will free education make or mar the performance of the academic institution?
  35. Is GPA a sound determinant of intelligence?

Visual Rhetoric Essay Topics

There are different means through which rhetoric can be employed as a communication feature. Rhetorics occur in oral form, in written format as well as in the visual display. Visual rhetoric essay topics detail effective communication that is attained through the use and analysis of visual images, this is what differentiates it from other forms of rhetorical essays.

Communication through visual presentation has been noted to be effective and visual rhetoric makes communication and understanding very easy. It occurs in movies, painting, commercials, and other forms of art exploration.

For college students, especially those majoring in media studies and visual arts, assignments usually fall under visual rhetoric essays and visual text analysis. Here are some of the topics to look at within this subject matter.

  1. Analyze the impact of TV Commercials and Ads on consumers
  2. A case study of a prominent Hollywood production and the visual arts involved
  3. Rhetorical analysis of the emotional appeals employed in web ads
  4. Dissecting the ad of a TV Commercial and its implications
  5. The emotional appeal within the movie The Help and permeates the entire Movie
  6. A critical exploration of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa Painting
  7. The use of Lighting and Effect in Movies and what they Signify
  8. The Cinematography of a Movie: A Language of its own
  9. How Visual Commercials influence us more than Written Commercials
  10. An exploration of the use of visuals in marketing
  11. Analysis of Yellow Journalism
  12. What is the most effective visual ad you’ve seen and how did it influence you towards a product?
  13. How Visual ads increase people’s purchasing power
  14. An in-depth analysis of effective visual campaigns
  15. How TV influences our understanding of and our relation to society

Having a Hard Time Thinking of Rhertorical Analysis Topics?

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