231 Engineering Research Paper Topics to Choose From

Engineering Research Paper Topics

Just like writing a research paper on any other broad topic, simply choosing engineering as your research paper topic can be a very difficult task for you to navigate considering how broad the engineering field of study is. Breaking it into bits and areas of interest and knowledge with assistance allows you to write an excellent research paper and broadens your knowledge.

There are so many engineering research paper topics to choose from—genetic engineering research paper topics, engineering ethics research paper topics, research paper topics security engineering, and so many more. Here are some other engineering topics.

Engineering Topics for Research Paper

Numerous research paper topics can be easily carved out from any of the different subfields within engineering. Some of the topics include.

  1. How mechanical engineering is at the forefront of innovation
  2. The emergence of robotics and how it benefits the study of mechanical engineering
  3. How Companies can expand through embracing mechanical theories
  4. Civil Engineering: how it intends to address the rising infrastructure challenges in the US
  5. How the embrace of Mechanical engineering can handle hazardous waste in the US
  6. The rising effects of food processing machines within the US food industry
  7. A move towards the Use of Solar Energy: What it means for the environment and the Electrical sector
  8. The Rising challenges of storing power in an ion battery
  9. The Functional design of an ultra-low-power integrated circuit
  10. A Case study of Regenerative Braking
  11. Electrical Loads: How to accurately forecast them
  12. An in-depth exploration of the environmental impact of green buildings
  13. Environmental Engineering: Minimizing the damage caused by Wildfires
  14. Some of the challenges faced with supply chain traceability
  15. Data mining technologies: How it benefits businesses
  16. The Rising Use of Chatbots and how it’s impacting the business sector
  17. The extent of the human interaction with computer technologies
  18. The Rise of Algorithms and the gradual decline of Manpower
  19. How new computer technology is rewriting the work culture
  20. An implicit overview of the programming paradigm
  21. The Growth of Database over the years
  22. The Challenges of using different programming languages
  23. The Major concept of aerospace engineering
  24. Redefining the coverage and outlook of electrical signals for electronic communications
  25. Analysis and interpretation of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  26. Computer recognition: biometric data verification for promoting and enhancing security
  27. How the Internet of Things promotes innovation in modern business decisions
  28. The Role of Computer engineering in the e-commerce sector
  29. An interpretation of how reliant e-commerce is on Computer engineering
  30. How Computer engineering is reshaping access to information technology
  31. Automotive technology for administrative procedures
  32. Computer Engineering and the future of Digital Education.

Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

If you are a student pursuing a degree in Industrial engineering, or a professor within academia boosting their portfolio, there’s always going to be the need to engage in research paper writing every time.

There are so many topics surrounding industrial engineering. To get started, it’s important to choose a topic that interests you and move forward in formulating relevant research questions that will guide you through the project. Some of them include:

  1. 3D printing: Its Rapid Growth, Impact and how it’s revolutionizing the manufacturing
  2. Analysis and Interpretation of a network-based methodology to model Supply chain systems
  3. The impacts of technology on mass customization
  4. A Case study on Automation
  5. Additive Manufacturing as an advanced manufacturing technique
  6. The use of Process Mapping to assist Supply Chain
  7. Analysis of the Ergonomics Method Application
  8. The Optimization of inventory in Pharmaceutical Companies
  9. E-commerce: the role of Supply Chain within the industry
  10. Analysis of the fuse of Supply chain design into small-scale online business
  11. Evaluation of the supply chain management
  12. The Using of Systematic Layout Planning to improve facility layout
  13. Development of Risk-based approach to supply chain management
  14. The development of a maintenance strategy for a milling company
  15. The level of productivity improvement in the Manufacturing Industry
  16. The Optimization of Transportation Costs in Supply Chain management
  17. Problem analysis of the n Machines and m Operators
  18. Interpretation of a Sequence Dependent Machine set-up
  19. The overlapping nature of the Industrial Engineering and Production management
  20. The impact of the supply chain within the small-scale business
  21. The role of Industrial engineering within the Health sector
  22. Integrated Product development: Robust Design tools
  23. The Logistics Efficiency of Supply Chain
  24. Supply Chain beyond the Realms of small-scales
  25. A Case Study: Surveying of quality problems in Small Scale industries
  26. Interpretation of Practical Algorithm for Large Scale Vehicle Routing
  27. Analysis and Interpretation of Machine Learning impacts within e-commerce
  28. A Comparative Study of Algorithms and Machine Learning
  29. Productivity boost within Small scale industries without Supply Chain
  30. Analysis of the developmental process of a software package for design of experiments
  31. Influence of computer engineering on augmented reality.

Research Paper Topics about Electrical Engineering

When sourcing research paper topics for engineering, it’s important to note that every aspect of the engineering discipline is very broad. Electrical engineering itself is a broad sub-discipline of the subject and a quite interesting one at that.

Focus, while writing a paper on electrical engineering, can be on electric vehicles, renewable energy sources, machines, power electronics, and every other thing related to electronic engineering. Here are some of the topics on the subject.

  1. Solar Systems and their growing impact on sustainable living
  2. An interpretation of Maximum Power Point Track Algorithm
  3. A power quality analysis of the microgrid connected to a power grid
  4. A Case study on algorithm development for electricity bill reduction through the use of control charging
  5. Interpretation of energy minimization algorithm
  6. Economical analysis of all-wheel drive electric car
  7. Analysis and Interpretation of load-leveling using EV
  8. An overview of the economic analysis and life of a battery with a supercapacitor
  9. An interpretation of the efficiency of regenerative braking on an electric scooter
  10. Sensitivity analysis: parameters of vehicle design
  11. An interpretation of the performance of a battery from an electric scooter from a field data
  12. Analysis of the simulation model of an electric scooter
  13. A carrying out of the performance level of an electric scooter from a different motor
  14. Battery performance level in an electric scooter
  15. A thorough look at the optimal selection of components of EV from the vehicle simulation analysis
  16. An in-depth overview of the design and installation of 250 Watt Solar Power system
  17. Designs: an outlook at the process of designing and construction of an FM Radio transmitter
  18. The use of an infrared Remote Control to construct a home automation
  19. The designing of a distance proximity sensor using LDR and LED
  20. A look into the myriads of factors affecting power outage and low power supply in Remote areas
  21. Constructing a 500W Transistor amplifier
  22. Construction of an automatic phase selection
  23. How an audio amplifier of 200Watts DC supply is constructed
  24. Designing and Construction: developing an intelligent traffic light control system with the use of sensors and a microcontroller
  25. Silicon Controlled Regulator model for the designing of a battery changer
  26. Factors constantly affecting electrical trade students achievement in the US
  27. A Case study of an electronic device that can be used in measuring the temperature and the humidity level of an environment
  28. Factors and challenges responsible for students in practical electric installation and maintenance work
  29. The improvement of the capacity of a renewable power system with the assistance of solar power panel
  30. The construction of a light-sensitive and sustainable alarm system
  31. The designing and construction process of a single-phase auto-transformer

Research Paper Topics Related to Civil Engineering

While it is still highly recommended that before choosing your college research paper writing topic, it’s important that you are familiar with the subject and will undergo relevant research to enable desired results.

Choosing your civil engineering research topic also gives you knowledge on what could be asked of you during an interview. Here are some of the topics you can look at.

  1. A study of the dynamic inversion of soil mechanical parameters
  2. A Case study of concrete-filled glass fiber reinforced compression member
  3. A comparative and seismic analysis of the performance of transmission tower system
  4. An interpretation of spatial stress analysis of a large underground project
  5. A case study of the acoustic emission features of limestones after high temperature
  6. Analysis of the reinforced concrete block masonry basement
  7. Analysis and Interpretation of monotonic and fatigue properties of functionally graded composite beams
  8. The process of application of the intensified approach on recycled aggregate
  9. An investigation into urban infrastructure construction and effects on environmental impacts.
  10. Properties of concrete: Impact of admixtures on concrete and construction projects.
  11. Carbonation experimental study on thermal deformation of cement-asphalt mortar under cyclic heating and cooling
  12. Developing rainfall models and effects on your locality or state.
  13. Comparative analysis and investigation of industrial waste and byproduct materials within your locality.
  14. Risk analysis and assessment of rock removal technology companies.
  15. Analyzing the stability and structural model of modern material energy storage.
  16. A comparative analysis of the strength characteristics of soil within a locality and impacts of civil engineering construction.
  17. An interpretation of the design and assessment models of construction projects planning.
  18. A study of climate change and its influence on civil engineering construction projects.
  19. Coal mining and its ecological factors through land reclamation technology.
  20. Small-scale construction firms development performance framework.
  21. Setting up a sustainable project in civil engineering construction and design development.
  22. Sustainable development: the use of rainwater harvesters and their reuse in sustainable building
  23. The management and control of industrial pollution through civil engineering projects and design methods.
  24. Climate change and influence on material sourcing for construction projects.
  25. An analysis of water management problems within your locality.
  26. A study of the properties of concrete recycling towards sustainable water and land management.
  27. A focus on safety measures within the construction site
  28. Latest invention on civil engineering and how they apply to the modern society
  29. How to overcome problems on the multi-passage leakage of Dam by temperature in bores
  30. The growing lack of certified and capable experts: a looming problem within the civil engineering field
  31. Pressing challenges within the civil engineering field and possible solutions to it

Research Paper Topics Software Engineering

Another area of engineering that is as important as other areas is the software aspect of engineering. With the present growth and advancement of digital technology today, the demand for professionals within the software engineering sector keeps multiplying. It’s an interesting subfield in engineering. Here are some research topics worthy of consideration within the subfield.

  1. The importance of programmed machines within the health care sector
  2. The best algorithm for setting up an efficient machine learning system
  3. The importance of algorithms and machine learning to e-commerce
  4. The benefits of web-based learning for the healthcare sector
  5. How artificial intelligence is compounding and helping in the expansion of knowledge in the present society
  6. The use of thumbprints, computer recognition programs, eye prints in establishing cybersecurity
  7. The importance of network and data security for large and small corporations
  8. The importance of the Internet of Things in telecommunication
  9. A comparative study of cloud storage and older storage models
  10. The application of algorithms for the setup of e-commerce websites.
  11. The programming of computerized bank verification numbering systems and how they enhance financial security
  12. Designing of employee monitoring software for improved productivity within the workplace
  13. The designing of software that enables the smooth fit of virtual bookkeeping services
  14. The reliance of e-commerce on software products for smooth functioning and productivity
  15. Creating a computerized insurance application process for an easier process
  16. The roles of digital products in the smooth operation of fintech companies
  17. Software products for online survey systems
  18. Creating mobile websites for residential business use
  19. Information technology training in the US
  20. Impact of wearable technology for improved healthcare
  21. An innovative approach to information technology for data security
  22. The application of algorithms for security
  23. How algorithms systems identify spam
  24. How mobile applications increase learning
  25. The designing and programming of digital products
  26. Creation of automated reporting aids
  27. Advanced technology and its effect on the climate
  28. The importance of data security
  29. Automotive technology for enhanced security
  30. Use of technology in identification and classification

Research Paper Topics in Automobile Engineering

Writing an outstanding research paper in engineering requires thorough research. But, the ability to carry out said research is only possible if students writing on the said subject have grounded themselves enough with knowledge of the area. Here are some research topics on automobiles.

  1. A critical evaluation of electrical vehicles and the older models
  2. Approach towards cooperative traffic control solution
  3. The use of artificial intelligence in automobile design
  4. A comparison of electro-hydraulic brake system and conventional hydraulic system
  5. Use of artificial intelligence in vehicle threat assessment
  6. Evaluation of the use of nitrogen gas in place of simple air for automobile tires
  7. Making safety airbags in cars more efficient
  8. The use of advanced models in automobile designs
  9. A study of an industrial framework for verification in the automotive composite structure
  10. Study of the predictive quality of cars
  11. The use of computational verification in automobile safety system
  12. Motion planning and control for truck and trailers
  13. A study on the drive for electrical vehicles
  14. Comparative study of independent wheel suspension and conventional wheel suspension system
  15. Equipping night vision technologies in automobile
  16. The sustainable benefits of hybrid and electrical cars
  17. A study of older car models
  18. Analysis of the use of electric machines in vehicles
  19. Examining how kinetic energy recovery system benefits cars
  20. Study for the on motion control of heavy-duty vehicles
  21. A case study of freight trucks
  22. Evaluation of the benefits of intelligent variable valve training deliver great gruel efficiency
  23. Artificial intelligence in electrical cars
  24. Artificial Intelligence in hybrid vehicles
  25. Sustainable benefits of modern cars
  26. Comparative analysis of hybrid and electrical cars

Aerospace Engineering Research Paper Topics

With an aerospace engineering degree, the student is afforded opportunities to go beyond traditional aircraft and spacecraft knowledge. This will be reflected in their research paper. Topics include.

  1. Study of aerospace system designs
  2. Overview of aerospace system simulation
  3. Flight plan optimization
  4. Aerospace conflict detection and solution
  5. Artificial intelligence within the aerospace system
  6. Avoidance of storm: necessary knowledge in aerospace system
  7. Impacts of GPS velocity
  8. Structural analysis of land gear
  9. Benefits of ICT within the aerospace system
  10. Fuselage designs and how they promote passenger survivability
  11. Radical new designs in aerospace engineering
  12. Designing an innovative aircraft
  13. Examining older model aircrafts
  14. Latest trends in aerospace technology
  15. A study of aeronautical engineering
  16. Study of astronautical engineering
  17. Interpretation of aerospace technology
  18. Control oriented modeling of aircrafts
  19. Flutter analysis of an aerial vehicle
  20. High velocity operating features of aerospace
  21. Study of aircraft operation
  22. A study of aero-acoustics
  23. New research on aerospace technology
  24. Aerospace: Stability and Control navigation
  25. Study of aerodynamics
  26. Analysis and Interpretation of hypersonics

Chemical Engineering Research Paper Topics

The chemical engineering field is another relevant aspect of engineering. Here are useful research topics on the subject.

  1. A study of coal activated carbon emission
  2. Assessment of carbon monoxide level in mining locations
  3. Comparative study of Coal, Fuel Oil, Crude oil and natural gas
  4. Analysis of the extraction and formulation of perfume from plants
  5. The extraction process of perfumes from lemongrass leaves
  6. Chemical properties of activated carbon for water purification
  7. A case study of the hydrolysis of cellulose
  8. A chemical analysis of the anti-inflammatory properties of methanol extract
  9. Environmental impacts of carbon emission
  10. How to determine the concentration level of total petroleum hydrocarbon
  11. Preparation of soap through the use of different types of oil
  12. The construction process of the steel shelf
  13. Study of the water purification process
  14. Analysis of the dehydration of ethanol-water solution using activated starch
  15. The study of the construction of a simple distillation unit
  16. In-depth analysis of a coal activated carbon
  17. The extraction process of oils from cashew
  18. Study of local rubber latex as a binder in paint formulation
  19. A study of chemical pollutants
  20. The production process of Alkaline with local raw materials
  21. Chemical processing of wood adhesives
  22. The production process of vaporized perfume
  23. Chemical extraction of oil from plant seeds
  24. The chemical processing of coal
  25. The chemical processing of crude
  26. What is the refining process of soya bean oil

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