161 Brilliant Evolution Paper Topics To Inspire You

evolution paper topics

Evolution paper topics focus on natural diversity and the evolution theory. Evolution refers to habitable characteristics’ changes in species through several successive generations. It’s a process that results in biodiversity occurrence.

Thus, evolution is a process occurring in every species on the planet. The evolution theory explains different species’ origins through this process. Many people consider Charles Darwin, the father of the evolution theory.

How to Write a Paper on Evolution

An evolution paper can include information about species, extinction, and survival. The instructor will tell you whether to use MLA or APA format when writing the essay. Once you’ve researched the information to include in your paper, follow these steps to write it.

  1. Write the IntroductionIntroduce the evolution topic briefly and tell the readers about the structure, elements, and the main idea or thesis statement. Ensure that the introduction has a hook sentence to grab your readers’ attention. Usually, this should appear in the first or second sentence of the paper. For instance, you can use a scientific fact about evolution. That way, you can grab your reader’s attention and interest. Also, overview the topic and the essay structure in the introduction.
  2. Write the BodyUse logical and consistent paragraphs revealing arguments and facts supporting your thesis statement. Here, present all relevant and valuable information that your audience wants to hear about the topic. Present and support your argument in the body paragraphs. The number of sections you include in the body will depend on the preferred length of your paper.
  3. Conclude the PaperWrite a firm conclusion by reminding the audience what you set out to do from the beginning and showing them how you’ve done it. You can also recommend further studies on the topic. Nevertheless, your conclusion should summarize the entire paper without introducing new ideas. Recap the essential findings and facts that the readers should take from your essay. Also, restate your thesis statement using different words to make your paper sound integrated and logical.

That’s a summary of the easiest way to write an evolution paper. However, your approach might vary slightly depending on the instructions you receive from the educator. But most importantly, use information from relevant and verified sources. Also, be consistent and logical in your argument.

Use a topic sentence to start your sentences in the body sections. Above all, explain your facts after stating them and avoid plagiarism in any form. After writing your paper, check the instructions from the educator to ensure that you’ve done the right thing. Proofread and edit your essay before submission to eliminate all typo, grammatical, and factual errors.

Evolution Research Paper Topics

Perhaps, you want to write an evolution paper but don’t have a topic for the essay. Maybe the educator asked you to pick a unique title for your essay, but this gives you a headache. If so, here’s a list of the best titles to consider for your evolution essay.

  1. Does evolution try to explain morality?
  2. Is there evidence to prove evolution?
  3. Explain how Darwin came up with the evolution theory
  4. Theories that will potentially debunk the evolution theory
  5. The evolution thought’s history
  6. Common myths about the evolution theory that people still believe
  7. How Darwin’s theory influences science
  8. Evolution theories that existed before “The Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin
  9. Describe the Life Tree concept
  10. Essentialism- What is it?
  11. The evolution theory objections
  12. Who deserves credit for the evolution theory- Darwin or Wallace?
  13. What was Alfred Wallace’s contribution to the evolution theory?
  14. Describe different categories of evolution theories
  15. What is neo-Darwinism?
  16. Describe the De Vries mutation theory
  17. What is evolutionary psychology?
  18. Describe the social change evolution theory
  19. Explain why scholars consider evolution a theory
  20. Describe the synthetic evolution theory
  21. What is somatic selection?
  22. Explain evolution as a theory and a fact
  23. Describe the adaptation theory
  24. Describe Lamarck’s evolution theory
  25. Are all human beings related?

Select a topic from this list and then research it extensively to develop a winning evolution paper. Some of these titles are relatively easy to find related information from reliable sources. Thus, writing an essay about any of these titles shouldn’t be difficult for most learners.

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

Evolutionary biology entails observing changes in living organisms. Writing a research paper on a topic in this category can help you understand the versatile nature of life on the planet. Here are interesting issues to consider in this category.

  1. Compare the ectotherms and endotherms evolutionary process
  2. Explain how animal physiology adapts to a geographic range
  3. Investigate the stamina evolution of animal locomotion
  4. Explain how bees learn communication by dancing
  5. Explain ways via which species achieve maximum fitness
  6. Life history theory: Explain how the life history of a species influence its evolution
  7. Explain the process of determining age in the herbaceous plants
  8. Explain how stabilizing selection maintains a species’ phenotype during evolution
  9. Discuss the four questions by Tinbergen
  10. Describe the advantages of sexual reproduction
  11. Why does cancer persist?
  12. Evolution and society: What is their connection?
  13. Explain the limited alcohol dehydrogenase gene occurrence in Southeast Asia
  14. Dividing humans into different races- Is it scientifically logical?
  15. Tracking the aging evolution in human history
  16. Explain how speciation works
  17. Genetic drift- Explain how it affects variation
  18. Describe the Modern Synthesis problems
  19. The Red Queen hypothesis- What does it state?
  20. What is morphological development?
  21. Ideas on sex evolution and recombination
  22. Recent evidence supporting or refuting Wright’s shifting balance theory
  23. Evolution evidence in the chloroplast genome
  24. Codon choice evolution evidence
  25. Sympatric speciation evidence
  26. Speciation evidence through polyploidization
  27. Reticulate evolution evidence
  28. Speciation evidence through hybridization
  29. Flowering plants’ ancestral group evidence
  30. Evolution evidence in the mitochondrial genome
  31. Evolution evidence arising from predator-prey interactions
  32. Evolution evidence for developmental pathways
  33. Evolution evidence for diverse mating systems
  34. Demonstrate the disease role in a species’ evolution
  35. Describe evolutionary changes in how species mate
  36. Describe the evolution of the human immunodeficiency virus
  37. How wolves exhibit a social behavior
  38. Why do malaria parasites resist drugs?
  39. Animal camouflage- Describe the evolutionary evidence and causes
  40. Evolutionary response by parasites to vaccination
  41. Natural selection for aquatic organisms
  42. Human appendix- What were its original functions?
  43. Describe the evolutionary connections between butterflies and moths
  44. Chimpanzees versus gorillas anatomy
  45. Describe aquatic speciation
  46. Explain the genome response to environmental toxicants
  47. What are the impacts of evolutionary theory?
  48. Explain the plants’ evolutionary history
  49. Does evolution has any applications?
  50. Explain the evolution of plants

Evolutionary biology research topics can cover geology, genetics, and ecology. Some of these titles cover paleontology too. Nevertheless, select a title you can comfortably work with and impress the educator.

Interesting Evolution Topics

Maybe you want to have some fun researching and writing your evolution paper. Perhaps, you want to write about a topic that even your audience will find exciting to read. In that case, consider these titles for your paper.

  1. Describe the evolution of mating systems in plants
  2. Interactions between biotic and physical environments
  3. Neglected taxa genomic diversity
  4. Life-history evolution and reproductive allocation
  5. Sexual conflict and sexual selection
  6. What is social evolution?
  7. Memory and learning in the wild
  8. Infectious disease evolutionary biology
  9. Evolution of the immune systems and immunity
  10. Parasites evolutionary ecology
  11. Host-parasite co-evolution
  12. The speciation genetics
  13. Genome and molecular evolution
  14. Bacterial evolution
  15. Viral evolution

Many scholars would love to research and write about these exciting topics in evolution because they can unearth exciting information. Nevertheless, take your time to explore any of these topics to develop a winning paper.

Human Evolution Topics

Do you want to research and write about human evolution? If yes, this category has some of the best topics to consider for your essay.

  1. Are humans different from apes?
  2. Why did humans start walking on their two feet?
  3. Explain what happened to Neanderthals
  4. Describe the evolutionary benefits of establishing a society
  5. Evolution and art- Is there a correlation?
  6. Evolution variation
  7. Host-parasite co-evolution in malaria
  8. Sex differences evolution in cognition
  9. The human nervous system’s evolution
  10. Immunity evolution
  11. Evolutionary theory and its social effects
  12. Describe evolutionary medicine
  13. Describe monogamy evolution
  14. Human intelligence- How has it evolved over the years?
  15. Describe the Red Queen hypothesis
  16. Explain why humans laugh
  17. Explain what enabled the human species to dominate the others on earth
  18. What makes the human brain different from that of the other species?
  19. Describe the human eye evolution
  20. Explain why humans perceive beauty
  21. How the evolution theory tries to explain speech and language existence
  22. Describe the recent human mutations
  23. Describe the evolutionary sex theory by Geodakyan
  24. Sexual reproduction evolution
  25. What are the evolutionary advantages of a culture?

All these are exciting topics to consider for your academic paper. Nevertheless, spend sufficient time researching your title to develop a stellar evolution paper.

Creation vs. Evolution Topics

Maybe you want to write about creation versus evolution. This category has some of the most controversial topics to explore when writing a research paper. Consider these ideas for your essay.

  1. Examining the arguments for evolution and creationism
  2. How evolution and creation explain the origin of humans on earth
  3. How different religions explain the creation theory
  4. How Buddhism explains the creation theory
  5. Evolution and the creation myth
  6. Is the creation theory an abuse of science?
  7. Is there a common ground between evolution and God?
  8. A Darwinian as a Christian- Is it possible?
  9. Why creationism and evolution present a public controversy
  10. Why is the creation theory so different from the evolution theory?

These are brilliant topics to consider for your college or university paper. However, prepare to research your paper extensively and use other theories to support your argument if possible. That way, you can compose a unique, custom paper that will impress your educator to award you the top grade.

Good Evolution Research Topics

Maybe you need a good topic that most people will find captivating to read about and find relevant information. In that case, this category has good titles to consider for your paper.

  1. Aqua man- An evolution across the ages
  2. The evolution of whales, cats, dogs, or any species
  3. Describe the earliest forms of life on earth
  4. With examples, explain the animal kingdom’s parallel evolution
  5. The animal kingdom’s cladistics
  6. Parasites evolutionary ecology
  7. Birds and evolution
  8. How climate affects evolution
  9. Describe fungi evolution
  10. Describe hair evolution
  11. Describe the animal selection process in the animal kingdom
  12. Describe the co-operation development
  13. How chromosomal change affects plant evolution
  14. Describe evolution during animals domestication
  15. Sexual modes reconstruction throughout evolution
  16. Evolution and pant population genetics
  17. Early neurons evolution
  18. Animal genome evolution
  19. Medusas and polyps evolution
  20. The evolution of early animals

This category has simple and complex topics for students at different academic levels. Nevertheless, you can find information on most of these topics from reliable sources. Thus, you can write your paper on any of these titles and impress the educator.

Additional Evolution Topics for Research Paper

Perhaps, you’re yet to find an exciting topic for which you can write a detailed paper. In that case, these additional topics should present a title you’ll find worth working with if the teacher has assigned you an essay on this subject.

  1. Intimate selection- What is it, and how does it work?
  2. Optimality concept- Describe it in detail
  3. What is a gene-centered view
  4. What effect of biology is social?
  5. Multicellular organisms development
  6. Adaptation and hereditary architecture
  7. Describe evolutionary robotics
  8. Palaeobiology- Describe it with examples
  9. Neuroscience and evolutionary biology
  10. Immunology and evolutionary biology
  11. Biological preservation- What is it?
  12. Evolutionary biology- What are the conceptual problems?
  13. The evolutionary sperm biology perspective
  14. Evolutionary biology and mathematical models
  15. Phylogenetics and evolutionary biology
  16. Biology Genetics and evolutionary population

Please select these topics and then develop them into awesome papers through extensive research and analysis. Evolution is undoubtedly an exciting subject to study and even write about in high school, college, or university. However, students need time to research and write papers about this subject. Unfortunately, not every learner finds this subject exciting or has adequate time to write an essay about any of these topics. And that’s where the help of professionals comes in.

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