Learn How to Write Faster: The Ultimate Writing Guide

how to write faster

Nowadays, most students are under a lot of pressure to complete their writing assignments as fast as possible. In many cases, you have less than one week to write an essay. This is probably why you are looking for advice on how to write faster.

The problem is that most people can certainly write an academic paper in 7 days or even considerably less. However, you have to work on several papers at the same time in most cases. So from 7 days, you have just 2 days at most for each paper. And this means that learning how to write faster can be of great help.

The good news is that you are not alone; most of your peers are in this very same situation. Don’t despair; there are many tricks and advice about how to write fast. This article will cover all of the most important ones. You can read this article in less than 10 minutes and know exactly what to do to become a faster, more creative writer!

Want to Learn How to Write Quickly?

When trying to learn how to write an essay fast, most students will look just at ways to improve their writing speed. Typing 200 characters per minute is not difficult, given enough exercise. The problem is that you won’t be able to think this fast. In other words, you won’t have what to write about so quickly. Learning how to write a paper fast requires much more.

We agree some students are natural academic writers. These people require very little exercise to write an incredible essay quickly. But they are just a small fraction of students. The rest are left wondering how they can do the same. We will show you a combination of methods and tricks that will help you write fast. However, we must first explain to you the concepts behind our approach.

Writing Faster or Think Faster?

You can definitely write better faster. But learning how to write quickly requires something more. It’s simply not enough to output 200 characters a minute, because you brain can’t keep up. You’ll run out of things to write in around 2 or 3 minutes, frankly. What you need to do is think faster. Moreover, you need to learn how to organize yourself and your project before you even start typing the title of the essay.

Everyone can master quick writing, but few can become experts at quick thinking. What you should do, starting right now, is work on some quick writing prompts. You need as much exercise as you need. Below, we will show you how to take a prompt and compose an essay on it from A to Z in less than one hour.

How To Become A Faster Writer: The Process

Learning how to write fast and neat when you write your essay involves three things: organization, creative writing skills, and fast typing. Here is the fastest way you can write a paper without lowering its quality:

  • Organize your paper. This means carefully reading the prompt and the requirements twice. Do some quick research and find the most important ideas you want to talk about. Create an outline with these ideas (this is the most important part of your organization).
  • You may be able to type faster, but is it enough? No! You will need to work on your vocabulary and on your word usage. You need to become a creative writer who can express his ideas in a wide variety of ways.
  • Now, you can finally start writing your paper using the outline you just created. Is typing faster than writing? It depends. Some people prefer the pen and paper, while others love the keywords. It’s up to you which is best.

Become a Great Creative Writer

There are a few things you can do to not only speed up your essay writing, but also ensure you do a good job on each and every paper:

  1. Find a quiet place to study and avoid distractions at all costs. If you want to write fast, you need to be focused.
  2. Get into the right mindset. Enter your creative mode and write quickly! Focus all the power of your mind on your work.
  3. Learn about the five paragraph essay structure. You can use it in a creative manner for almost any writing prompt.
  4. Learn how to write better by improving your vocabulary. The simple way to do it is to read. Read works by renowned authors and pay attention to the way they use the vocabulary to their advantage.
  5. Before you focus on ways to write faster, learn how to create an outline in just 10 minutes. Yes, this includes research as well! Learn the fastest two research methods: skimming and scanning.
  6. Once you have the outline, it’s much easier to think faster. You have all the main ideas right there in front of you. Always think one step ahead of the sentence you are writing. This way, you will avoid pauses between phrases.
  7. Don’t be afraid of the draft. You will have to write quickly, so the first version will be a rough draft, which you can polish in another 10 minutes. You can always hire an editor, by the way.

Using these tricks, you can quickly learn how to write a blog post fast or how to write a book fast. Yes, you can use these tricks to write virtually anything!

How to Write Fast: The One Thing You Can’t Escape

While you can experiment with quick writing exercises to gain even more speed, there is one thing you cannot escape. In fact, we strongly advise you to not even try! And the thing we are talking about is proofreading. Learning how to get faster at writing comes at a cost.

You will write so fast that you will inevitably make mistakes. If you don’t proofread your work thoroughly, you will get penalized. Why lose valuable points? Reading this article on how to write faster certainly took you less than 10 minutes. You can proofread your essay just as fast, so don’t skip this very important step!

Aren’t Writing Fast Enough? Get Help!

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