Top 100 Biology Research Topics For High School And College

biology research topics

Writing a biology essay may not sound like a very difficult thing to do. In fact, most students really like this subject. The problem is not that you can’t write a good paper on a topic in biology. The problem is with finding excellent biology research topics. Now, you may be wondering why you would want to invest so much time into finding great biology research paper topics. After all, what you write in the essay matters more than the topic, right? Wrong! We are here to tell you that professors really appreciate interesting and unique topics.

And it makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. If you simply pick one of the most popular biology research topics, you will never be able to pique the interest of your teacher. He has read dozens, if not hundreds, or papers on that exact same topic. What you want to do is come up with interesting biology research topics. You want to find topics that none of your classmates are thinking of writing an academic paper about. You will shortly see why this is important. And we will also give you 100 biology topics for research projects that you can use for free – right now!

Biology Research Paper Topics Really Are Important!

It doesn’t matter what area of biology you need to write about. This information applies to everything from zoology and botany to anatomy. The reality is that your professor will really appreciate good topics. And you can rest assured that he or she knows how to spot them. The moment the professor starts to read your paper, he or she will immediately realize that you really did your best to find an excellent topic. And if you write a good introduction paragraph (which contains a captivating thesis statement as well), you are in the best position to earn bonus points.

You may not be aware of it, but teachers are willing to treat great papers with more leniency. This means that you will not get penalized for minor mistakes if you come up with a great topic. In other words, you will get a better grade on your papers if you manage to come up with good research topics for biology. This is a fact and it is based on thousands of pieces of feedback from our readers.

How Do You Choose Good Biology Research Topics?

Choosing research topics for biology can be a daunting task. Frankly, the research paper topics biology students are looking for are not easy to come by. The first thing you want to avoid is going to the first website that pops up in Google and getting your ideas from there. Most of your peers will do the same. Also, avoid topics that are extremely simple. You will simply not have enough ideas to write about. Of course, you should avoid overly complex topics because finding information about them may be extremely difficult.

The best way to find a good topic, in our opinion, is to get in touch with an academic writing company. You will get access to a professional writer who knows exactly what professors are looking for. A writer will quickly give you an amazing research topic in biology.

Eloquent Examples of Popular Biology Research Topics

To make things as simple as possible for you, we’ve put together a list of biology research project ideas. You will find 100 topics on various subjects below. Of course, you can use any of our topics for free. However, keep in mind that even though we are doing our best to maintain this list fresh, other students will find it as well. If you need new topics for your next biology essay, we recommend you to get in touch with us. We monitor our email address, so we can help you right away. Also, you can buy a research paper from our service.

Biology Research Topics for High School

Are you looking for biology research topics for high school? These are relatively simple when compared to college-level topics. Here are a couple of topic ideas that high school students will surely appreciate:

  1. Identifying Three Dead Branches of Evolution.
  2. What Is Sleep?
  3. How Does Physical Exercise Affect the Metabolism?
  4. A Behavioral Study of Birds.
  5. How Does Music Affect Your Brain?
  6. Climate Change and Biodiversity.
  7. Are Bees Really Becoming Extinct?
  8. Rainforest Extinction Is Dangerous.
  9. The Benefits of Organic Farming.
  10. Can the Brain Repair Itself?
  11. The Effect of Bacteria on Depression.
  12. How Do Sea Animals Camouflage?

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

Research topics in biology for undergraduates are more complex than high school or college topics. Our researchers did their best to find topics that are relatively complex. However, each one of the following topics has plenty of information about it online:

  1. What Is the Mechanism of Metastasis in Cancer Patients?
  2. How Do Tumor Suppressor Genes Appear?
  3. How Can We Destroy Cancer Cells Without Damaging Other Cells?
  4. The Benefits of Gene Therapy.
  5. Analyzing the Huntington’s Disease (the HTT Gene).
  6. How Does the down Syndrome (Trisomy of 21st Chromosome) Appear?
  7. Analyzing the Brain Activity During an Epileptic Seizure.
  8. How Are Our Memories Formed and Preserved?
  9. The Effect of Probiotics on Infections.
  10. Analyzing Primate Language.
  11. Analyzing Primate Cognitive Functions.
  12. The Link Between Darwin’s Theory and Biology.

Biology Research Topics for College Students

Biology research topics for college students are of moderate difficulty. They are easier than undergrad topics and more complex than high school topics. While compiling this list, we made sure you have more than enough information online to write the paper quickly:

  1. Using DNA Technology in the Field of Medical Genetics.
  2. The Effect of Drinking on Embryonic Development.
  3. How Are Genes Mapped and Cloned?
  4. Explain What Genetic Polymorphism Is.
  5. What Is a Hereditary Disease?
  6. The Effect of Drugs on Embryonic Development.
  7. Describing Oligogenic Diseases (like Hirschsprung Disease)
  8. What Is the Mendelian Inheritance?
  9. How Transcriptomics and Proteomics Changed Modern Medicine.
  10. The Risk Factors of Infertility Explained.
  11. How Does Aging Effect Infertility?
  12. What Do Ash Elements Do in a Plant?
  13. Explaining the Pigments in a Plant Cell.
  14. How Is Photosynthesis Done?
  15. The Role of Fats in Plant Cells.
  16. The Effect of Smoking on Embryonic Development.

Cell Biology Research Topics

Some of the best biology topics are cell biology research topics. The scientific community is constantly making progress in this area, so there is always something new to write about. Here are some of the best examples:

  1. What Is Regenerative Medicine?
  2. A Closer Look at Tissue Engineering.
  3. Discuss the Future of Regenerative Medicine.
  4. Analyzing Therapeutic Cloning.
  5. The Pros and Cons of Creating Artificial Organs.
  6. How Do Cell Age?
  7. Can We Reverse Cell Aging?
  8. Advances in Cell Therapy.
  9. What Is Cell Adhesion?
  10. Explaining Cell Division.
  11. What Is Cellular Metabolism?
  12. Describe Active and Passive Transport in Cells.
  13. What Are Cell Plastids?

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

If you want something more complex, you can try your hand at writing on evolutionary biology research paper topics. As with all our topics, you will be able to find a lot of ideas and information online. Here are our picks:

  1. Where Did Plants Come From? (The Evolutionary Theory)
  2. Explaining the Host-parasite Coevolution.
  3. How Did Parasites Evolve over Time?
  4. What Is Natural Selection and How Does It Work?
  5. Explain Sexual Selection.
  6. Explain Sexual Conflict.
  7. How Did Our Immune Systems Evolve?
  8. How Do New Species Appear in the Wild?
  9. The Evolution of Cell Respiration.
  10. What Is the Hippo Pathway? (Developmental Biology)

Various Topics

Antibiotics resistance, agriculture and cloning are hot subjects nowadays. Your professor will surely be interested to learn more about biology research topics. Here is a mix of topic ideas from our established community of academic writers:

  1. The Problem of Using Antibiotics on Large Scale.
  2. Examining the Effects of Salt on Plants.
  3. What Is DNA Technology?
  4. The Effects of GMOs on the Human Body.
  5. How Is the Quality of Antibiotics Controlled?
  6. How Are GMO Food Crops Created?
  7. The Effect of Veterinary Antibiotics on Humans.
  8. The Allergic Reactions to Specific Antibiotics.
  9. A Look at How Penicillin Works in the Human Body.
  10. How Are Antibiotics Obtained?
  11. What Are Natural Biochemicals with Pest-repellent Properties?
  12. The 3 Most Toxic Effects of Antibiotics
  13. How the Human Body Develops Resistance to Antibiotics.
  14. The Impact of Biology on the Us Agriculture.
  15. What Is the Green Revolution?
  16. Analyzing the Minerals in the Plant Cell.
  17. Analyzing Muscle Development and Regeneration
  18. The Uses of Cancer Stem Cells.

Marine Biology Research Topics

There is a lot of talk about global warming, about microplastics in our oceans, and about endangered marine species. This means that marine biology research topics are a very hot topic today. Here are some of our best ideas:

  1. Can GMO Organisms Break down Oil after Maritime Accidents?
  2. Pollution-absorbing Bio-films.
  3. Microbes That Can Absorb Toxic Compounds in the Water.
  4. Can We Really Use Bioluminescence?
  5. How Is Bio-diesel Created?
  6. Analyzing the Coral Reef Biology.
  7. Why Is the Lobster Population Dwindling?
  8. The Effect of Mass Fishing on the World’s Oceans.
  9. Global Warming and Its Effect on Marine Microorganisms.

Molecular Biology Research Topics

Writing about molecular biology research topics is not easy. However, it’s a foolproof way to get a top grade. Your professor will really appreciate your willingness to write an essay about a complex topic. Just make sure you know what you are talking about. Below you can find some of the best topics:

  1. How Is Insulin Produced?
  2. How Is the Growth Hormone Produced?
  3. Analyzing the Repropagation of Translation.
  4. What Is DNA-telomerase?
  5. The Process of Sequencing Nucleotides in DNA.
  6. What Is Telomerase?
  7. The Link Between Telomerase and Cancer.
  8. The Link Between Telomerase and Aging.
  9. How Does DNA Forensics Work?
  10. Describe the Process of Protein Metabolism.

There is no such thing as easy biology research topics. When the topic is too simple, you end up getting penalized. You can’t write 500 words about it without straying away from the subject. Also, no matter how interesting the topic may be, you should make sure that the essay is written perfectly. This means that not even interesting biology research topics can save you from a bad grade if you fail to follow all applicable academic writing standards.

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