Top 100 Chemistry Topics To Research In 2023

chemistry topics

So, are you looking for the best chemistry topics on the Internet? The good news is that you have arrived at the right place. In this blog post, we will explain why you need to find the best topic in chemistry. You will quickly understand that you have a lot to gain just by writing your next paper on an interesting, unique topic. And the good news doesn’t stop here. You will be thrilled to find a list of 100 topics (including AP chemistry topics) right here. Of course, you can use any of our topics. The list is updated periodically to help as many students as possible with their search for chemistry research paper topics.

Do You Need an Interesting Chemistry Topic?

OK, but why do you need to find the best topics in chemistry? Why can’t you just pick one of the first topics that pop up in Google? The answer to these questions is pretty simple actually. Professors want to see something new. They want to see that you have dedicated at least some time and effort to finding an original topic. Your professors see the same chemistry projects topics over and over again. Frankly, they are bored of reading the same essays every time.

We know that finding good chemistry presentation topics can be a daunting task. This is why we have asked our professional writers to put together a list of topics for you. Feel free to use any of the topics below and nail that A!

Always Choose the Latest Chemistry Paper Topics

There are hundreds of chemistry related topics on the Internet. However, not all topics are created equal. The truth is that your professor will appreciate an original topic that is also about something current. In other words, you should do your best to find topics in current chemistry whenever possible. Just go through some of the latest journals and articles about chemistry. You will quickly find out everything about the latest breakthroughs. Also, fresh topics are excellent to use as interesting chemistry topics for presentation. You’ll awe your professor from the second he sees the title of your essay – guaranteed.

The Benefits of Finding Great Chemistry Topics for Research

Finding great chemistry topics for project or for essays has plenty of benefits. Here are just some of the benefits of writing your next paper on one of our excellent topics:

  • Your professor will have something new to read. The mere sight of the title should make him or her want to read more.
  • You will get bonus points for originality. Professors most often award bonus points to papers that stand out from the rest.
  • You will stand out of the crowd because your essay will be different. Your classmates will most likely write about the same old topics.
  • You can show your professor that you’ve really dedicated a lot of effort to finding a great topic. He or she won’t know that you’ve picked one of our topics.

Read Our List of 100 Chemistry Topics

Best Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Explain photoelectrochemical water oxidation.
  2. Are food dyes bad for you?
  3. Importance of silicon dioxide for solar energy companies.
  4. An in-depth look at Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures.
  5. A thorough examination of Electron Dot Models.

General Chemistry Topics

  1. How can whisky be diluted?
  2. Uses of Small Molecule Accurate Recognition Technology (SMART).
  3. Analyze the stability of nucleic acids.
  4. What is snow pollution and why is it so dangerous?
  5. The various isomerism types.

Organic Chemistry Topics

  1. What are nucleophiles?
  2. How do globular proteins appear?
  3. What are electrophiles?
  4. Is phenol an acid or not?
  5. Analyze and explain aniline dyes.

High School Chemistry Topics

  1. What is Hordenine in beer?
  2. Analyze the positive effects of food dyes.
  3. The Sun: burning without oxygen.
  4. How can air freeze?
  5. Describe nanoreactors in chemistry.

Interesting Chemistry Topics

  1. What are Lewis Structures?
  2. The effect of sulfuric acid on organic materials.
  3. The photocatalysis effect in 3D printing.
  4. Sodium Azide and its use in airbags.
  5. An in-depth look at the Californium element.
  6. How does a bomb calorimeter work?

Chemistry IA Topics

  1. Enzymatic reactions: Explaining the kinetics behind them
  2. How do iodine values change in cooking oils?
  3. Is the pH in your mouth affected after brushing your teeth?
  4. How can we reduce caffeine in coffee?
  5. Calorimetry: Most common sources of error
  6. Why are aspirin tablets coated? (hydrolysis of aspirin)

Chemistry Research Topics for High School Students

  1. How is alcohol metabolized in our bodies?
  2. How are calories in food counted?
  3. The dangers of chemical reactions.
  4. How are chemical adhesives created?
  5. Properly balancing chemical equations.

Cool Chemistry Topics

  1. Calculating the concentration of active substance in a medicine.
  2. Explain the thermodynamics concept.
  3. How to use a spectrometer to determine the speed of a reaction.
  4. Using the volume of gas to calculate absolute zero.
  5. When does lipase denaturation take place?

Physical Chemistry Topics

You can also check out our physics topics.

  1. What is thermochemistry?
  2. The importance of spectroscopy.
  3. Define solid-state chemistry.
  4. What are chemical kinetics?
  5. Advantages of photochemistry.

Argumentative Chemistry Topics

  1. The best way to cook an egg.
  2. Testosterone is men’s drug of choice.
  3. Homeopathic treatments and their side effects.
  4. Is synthetic better than natural in medicine?
  5. Aromatherapy is not useless.

Inorganic Chemistry Topics

  1. Antibiotics and they negative effect on your health.
  2. Explain covalent bonding.
  3. Common inorganic spectroscopic problems.
  4. Analyzing ions in solution.
  5. What is the molecular orbital theory?

Chemistry Project Topics

  1. Analyzing arsenic concentrations in water.
  2. Why is cyanogen bromide forbidden in health care centers?
  3. Is a pH of 5.5 really neutral?
  4. Can we have a fire in space?
  5. A thorough analysis of acids.

Controversial Chemistry Topics

  1. The effects of alcohol on the human brain.
  2. What makes drugs so dangerous?
  3. Can a love elixir be made?
  4. Describe food fraud.
  5. Differences between generic medicine and original medicine.

Chemistry Topics for Presentation

  1. The reaction pathways of radicals.
  2. Let’s analyze the architecture of matter.
  3. What is entropy?
  4. Defining aromaticity.
  5. How an ion-selective electrode works.

Innovative Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Explain gel electrophoresis.
  2. What is the fat freezing point?
  3. How does biological nitrogen fixation work?
  4. Analyzing symmetry in chemistry.
  5. NMR spectroscopy and its advantages.

Environmental Chemistry Topics

  1. Heavy metals are contaminating our environment.
  2. The effects of plastics on the oceans.
  3. What causes acid rain?
  4. Is organic food actually safe to be consumed?
  5. Detecting traces of heavy metals in plants.

Chemistry Regents Topics

  1. How do two atoms of fluorine become one molecule?
  2. Describe the wave-mechanical model of the atom.
  3. What happens when the electron moves from a higher to a lower energy state?
  4. Elements with properties similar to cesium.
  5. Analyzing the kinetic molecular theory.

Chemical Engineering Topics

  1. How is gas artificially colored?
  2. How is dry ice obtained?
  3. How do batteries work?
  4. How do vitamins help the human body?

Chemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates

  1. The most dangerous compounds in food dyes.
  2. Here is how an allergy develops.
  3. Is Ibuprofen really as safe as some claim it to be?
  4. An in-depth look at surface tension and its applications.
  5. Nanophotonics and their military uses.

Easy Chemistry Topics

  1. What are ionic crystals?
  2. How are pearls created?
  3. Can diamonds be grown in the lab?
  4. How does a nanofiltration system work?

Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

  1. How do synthetic molecules replicate?
  2. What are competition processes in chemistry?
  3. Barium toxicity and its effects.
  4. The importance of chemistry for the makeup industry.

Whether you’re looking for inorganic chemistry topics, organic chemistry research topics or any other topics, you’ve arrived at the right place. Our seasoned academic writers periodically add new topics to our list. This way, we assure that we always have topics in chemistry high school students will be thrilled to use. And don’t forget: these topics can be used by college students as well. Pick one of our topics right now and write the perfect chemistry essay. Good luck!