Top 50 Environment Research Topics For Your Paper

environment research topics

The planet Earth has been home to humans for years and years. The earth has been a source of sustenance by providing food and most of our basic needs. However, our environment has also been unkind to us as species sometimes. Floods, draughts and a host of other disasters have been the end to many humans, causing humans to research into their causes. In essence, environment research by man spans through human history and in a way, has been more of a survival technique.

Today, man has evolved, so has his understanding of the environment. Environment and ecology research, as of today is not just a survival technique. Instead, it has grown into a field of study under environmental sciences. The research so far in environmental science is very wide, seeing environment research topics even overlap with some other disciplines.

Environment Research Topics Cover Different Fields

Environment research topics in the areas covering water environment research could overlap with disciplines like biology, chemistry, civil engineering, oceanography, zoology, water resources engineering, and even oil and gas. This implies that there are a whole lot of environment-related research topics that you can write about. Since time and resources are very limited, you must be wise in writing your environment research paper.

The first and arguably the most important step in writing environment research papers has to be coming up with research paper topics about environment. In coming up with the research topic, you have to decide what area of research you are going into. For instance, are you conducting marine environment research or is it just about the terrestrial environment?

You can go further to capture the dangers and effects of some ecological problems in the research environment in your research paper topic. Your topic may also reflect a by-standers assessment of how the earth and man have evolved with time. Better still, but more difficult, your topic can be about proffering solutions to the modern-day environmental problems.

50 Environment Research Paper Topics

The following is a list of environment topics that will help you to write your paper faster. The environment paper topics have been arranged into groups to make your search easier.

Most Interesting Topics About The Environment

  1. Possibilities of new ecosystems in the future
  2. Coral reef destruction: impacts, way forward.
  3. Fixing the environment by power: switching to cleaner vehicles and fuels
  4. The relationship between acid rains and industrialization
  5. Small water bodies and their importance in the environment
  6. Paleoecology and its importance in environmental research

Environment Debate Topics

  1. Natural and artificial radioactivity: will life on earth adapt to radiation?
  2. The oil industry and oil pollution: of what use is oil in the ecosystem?
  3. Can the depletions in the ozone layer be reversed?
  4. Can led lights make real difference
  5. Is green energy really green?
  6. How far can green energy help to redeem the planet?
  7. Is extinction natural? To what extent should humans interfere?

Environment Safety Topics

  1. Toxic waste and its impacts on the environment
  2. Global warming in the world today; causes, effects, and the way forward
  3. How humanity can harness the greenhouse effect
  4. Ozone layer: depletion, present status, and the way forward
  5. Global warming: what could happen if ice glaciers melt?
  6. Recycling: business or safety strategy

Good Environment Speech Topics

  1. Environmental issues and their impacts on the world today
  2. Desertification in the World Today
  3. Sustainable consumption; implementation and possibilities for the future
  4. How PET bottles can kill you
  5. Drought and its effects on soil quality parameters
  6. GMOs in cattle grazing and its effects on greenhouse gas production

Environment Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Conservation: strategic actions to preserve the environment
  2. Saving the planet; how can Trump help
  3. Endangered species: why humans should be concerned
  4. The dangers of deforestation in the world today
  5. Impacts of wildfire destruction in the amazon forest
  6. Afforestation in a dying planet

Environment Project Topics For College

  1. Scientific examination of the scientific consensus on climate change, with particular emphasis on critic reviews
  2. Animal grazing and spread of harmful micro-organisms
  3. Farm chemicals and soil contamination
  4. Farming and how it affects the environment
  5. Causes and risks of ground water contamination
  6. Bush burning: coping mechanisms of forest ecosystem

Environment Essay Topics

  1. Urban migration and air pollution
  2. Noise pollution and modernization
  3. Harnessing solar energy for the good of the environment
  4. How important is the gulfstream
  5. Technology and its impact on the environment
  6. Ecology prospects in the next century

Living Environment Topics

  1. Importance of the unique endemic wildlife in nature
  2. Importance of national parks on a global scale
  3. Impacts of tectonic movements on ecosystems
  4. Radon and lung cancer
  5. How nature is killed: acid rain and its harmful impacts on wildlife and aquatic life
  6. Worldwide invasion by black rats
  7. Prehistoric wildlife and its importance in future eco-systems

How Can I Help Change The World? Check Out Environment Research Jobs

Finding a job in environment research could be very exciting and rewarding, especially if you have formal education in the field of environmental science. As a student, finding an internship in any of these places could help with learning environment research.

  1. Conservation ScientistThese scientists conduct field experiments to determine how natural resources are used in a bid to protect these natural resources. They are concerned with how farmers can use the soil safely for continued use. As a researcher working on conservation, you could also conduct experiments and collect data about groundwater contamination and proffer solutions.
  2. Environmental ChemistThese are special scientists that research in a bid to understand the impacts of chemicals in the environment. They travel around areas that have been contaminated, collecting data in the form of water, soil, plant life, and other materials. It is from these data that they determine which chemical or chemicals are causing the problems. The results of their findings are used in giving recommendations.
  3. Research AssistantYou could also work as an environmental research assistant as well. Research assistants provide support to professionals conducting research, gathering data or analyzing information. As a research assistant in the field of environmental science, you could work with think tanks. A very good example of such think thank is the Property and Environment Research Center.
  4. Academic Journal EditorAcademic journal editors review research papers that are to be published in academic journals. To become an environment research journal editor has to do with a lot of work. You have to write a lot of environment research papers and have them published in the journal of your choice. If your work is good enough, chances are that you might be called up to be the editor of the journal. For those who are looking for academic paper writing help, we advise to check our custom paper service.

Deciding to go into environment research is just as exciting as it sounds. The truth is, the environment we live in is very important. All life-forms are inter-connected and inter-related and our existence is dependent on the well-being of every organism on the planet. Deciding to pursue a career in environment research makes you understand this interconnectivity better. It also puts you in the best position to give informed recommendations on how to make the world a better place.