Schizophrenia Research Papers: Tips And Topics

schizophrenia research papers

Schizophrenia is regarded as one of the most serious psychiatric disorders that exist. It is also one of the most common psychiatric disorders. Symptoms of the disease include disorganized speech behavior, hallucinations, and delusional thoughts. Schizophrenia research as with other research under psychiatric medicine areas of today is tailored towards the industry demand.

Over the years, there has been a massive increase in educational programs, however with little or no increase in schizophrenia research topics. As a result, current research on schizophrenia deals more with the prescribing of newer antipsychotic agents. The implication is that there is a vast array of grey in schizophrenia studies. This article will provide some tips that you might need to write schizophrenia research papers on your own, and to standard.

Writing a Good Research Paper on Schizophrenia

In writing a good schizophrenia paper, here are some steps that you can follow, that would be very helpful.

  1. Choose a Suitable Topic

    In some cases, you might be lucky enough to be assigned a topic that makes this step relatively irrelevant. Otherwise, if you are to choose a topic on your own, of all the steps involved in writing your research paper on schizophrenia, this might be the toughest. First, you would have to research schizophrenia to understand what you are going into. After this, you would have to decide if your schizophrenia paper would be on areas of research that have previously been touched. You could also decide to dive into totally new research on schizophrenia.

    Whichever topic you choose, a good research topic should not be too broad. A relatively broad topic might capture a general view of the research rather than capture a more specific view. For instance, a topic like “Hard drug dependence in Schizophrenia” can easily be narrowed down to “Nicotine dependence in Schizophrenia patients.”

  2. Do Thorough Research

    After you might have selected an article that suits you, the next phase is proper research on your chosen topic. You can use the internet to get yourself a lot of schizophrenia research articles. In achieving this aim, you can make good use of Google Scholar.

    A simple search with the words “latest research on schizophrenia” or “new research on schizophrenia” would bring you journals that might be helpful in your research study. After you might have found the schizophrenia research article that you need, do well to write down your sources in a way that you can write your references properly in the end.

  3. Write an Outline for the Paper

    Developing an outline will help you come up with ideas as well as order your thoughts appropriately. Without a proper outline, your work might like focus and direction. In creating your schizophrenia research paper outline, you create subheadings that have central themes with the topic you have chosen.

    Look at these subheadings as key points that you need to discuss your topic for proper understanding. You’ll need to develop the points using what you have found in your schizophrenia research and in the research articles on schizophrenia that you have read.

  4. Writing the Paper

    In writing your research paper on schizophrenia, you could go through two ways. You could start typing your work directly or you could first have a draft. Having a draft will allow you to create a more error-free schizophrenia research paper. However, making a draft could see you extend the time you have in coming up with your schizophrenia paper.

Schizophrenia Research Journals

To come up with a research article on schizophrenia that is of standard, you’ll need to cite some journals. From these journals, you will find research papers on schizophrenia. From these papers, you’ll find the results of a series of schizophrenia research studies that might be helpful. You can also contact professional writers who are experts in this field. Here is a list of journals that are available at your disposal.

  • Schizophrenia Research. The schizophrenia research journal is a journal that contributes to the dissemination of information associated with research on schizophrenia. The schizophrenia research impact factor as of 2018 by Clarivative Analysis is 4.569.
  • Schizophrenia Bulletin. In this journal, you will find reviews on recent development in the world of research in schizophrenia. It looks into areas of schizophrenia research study bordering around the etiology and treatment of schizophrenia. The Schizophrenia bulletin impact factor is 7.289.
  • World Psychiatry. this journal is published by the world’s Psychiatric association. The Journal deals widely with psychiatric medicine as a whole. However, it could as well provide readers with answers to schizophrenia research questions about significant clinical, service and research developments.
  • Proceedings from Conferences. In addition to journals, you can make use of proceedings from conferences. For instance, proceedings from the international congress on schizophrenia research that takes place once in two years.

Sample Schizophrenia Research Paper Topics

Just in case you need a topic to write on for your research paper on Schizophrenia, here are a few topics you can work with:

  1. The role of alkaloid in schizophrenic psychosis.
  2. Relationship between schizophrenic psychosis and animate thing Pathogens
  3. Medical Marijuana and its impact on people with Schizophrenia
  4. “Schizophrenia and also the psychological state shopper Movement
  5. Incidence of schizophrenic psychosis Among tending Professionals
  6. Genetic Links Between schizophrenic psychosis and Associated Co-morbid Conditions”
  7. Longitudinal Studies on Schizophrenic psychosis
  8. Schizophrenic psychosis and Aging
  9. New Treatments for schizophrenic psychosis presently in Clinical Trials
  10. Schizophrenic psychosis and PET Scan Findings”
  11. Schizophrenia, Schizophrenic psychosis and Neuroplasticity
  12. Schizophrenia, Schizophrenic psychosis and Homelessness
  13. The impact on people with schizophrenic psychosis in states that opted out of health care Expansion/The State tending Exchanges underneath the Affordable Care Act

Having all the necessary information relating to your topic would not necessarily make your schizophrenia research paper a good one. A good research paper in addition to having all the necessary information is one that is free of errors. Amongst other things, make sure to review your work properly for grammatical errors. Finally, look out for the flow, use of logic, sentence structure, the order of paragraphs, and avoid plagiarism.