How To Write A Case Report? We’re Here To Help You!

how to write case report

In the medical field, research is important and all medical professionals need to know how to write a case report. A medical case report example will show you that part of knowing how to write case reports will be coming up with an eye-catching title as readers most times decide whether to read a paper based on the title.

The title should contain the phrase ‘case report’ so that all readers can understand the type of study it is.

A case report study can be written for any discipline – science, education, administrative, psychology, social work or medicine. If you require, there are medical case report examples that will show you what detail will be relevant and what the general format is for a medical case report.

In the medical world, a case report study is written by doctors, researchers and nurses and describes a new medical condition and treatment. A medical case report format will include the title, abstract, introduction, case description as well as the discussion and sometimes a conclusion.

Also, all case reports will also include certain parts, so how to write a medical case report will include the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of the patient.

What is a Case Report?

A case report aims to enhance the reader’s general knowledge but there are other case reports that aren’t medical related. A case report definition describes an individual case and which can be written like a detailed story.

It’s important to know how to write a good case study report as it’s also useful to tell people about how valuable your products or services are. These case studies allow you to highlight your successes in order to solicit business.

You should know how to write case report as in the medical world it communicates information about a rare event that will be published in a medical journal. The report is publishable when it is a rare illness, when it reports a dilemma or controversy or it reveals a medical error. The Journal of Medical Case Reports will take into account a case report that expands knowledge in the field of medical knowledge.

Unusual Medical Presentations

If you want to know how to write a case report medicine, it should have useful practical information.

It is the practice in medicine that when an interesting case comes up with an unusual presentation, the rest of the medical world needs to know. How to write a patient case report when your patient is a child will require you getting permission to write the case from the parents.

How to Write a Case Report for a Medical Journal

Every author tries their hand at sending their case report to a reputed medical journal. Often the journal rejects it. Authors have to heed certain points and know how to structure the case report. Writing a case report contributes to medical knowledge, shedding new light on the pathogenesis of a disease or an adverse effect and is an opportunity for sharing an interesting case with your peers.

The whole idea of a case report is to present a unique topic that is of benefit to the reader and many a student has gained a publication in the process as well. If you need an interesting idea, check our medical topics.

True, case reports aren’t as popular as they once were in the medical literature community, but they still serve as an important source of meaningful knowledge.

The case report format isn’t always the same and you will need to structure your case report according to the journal format. How to write a case report for publication will depend on the journal but you can always read some journal case reports to get a general idea of the format.

Make use of case report forms – paper or electronic questionnaires used in research. All data on patients participating in clinical trials are documented in the case report form template.

All case reports include the following components:

  1. An abstract

    The case report abstract is always short – roughly 150 words – and summarizes the case, the problem and the message it conveys. Like scientific abstracts, you need to know how to write an abstract for a case report because the case report abstract also has rules which say what the format and length should be. How to write a case report abstract will require you describing it in such a way as to make it interesting while still conforming to the accepted format. Most case report abstracts start with a brief introduction, describing the context of the case and explaining its importance.

  2. Introduction

    The introduction is a brief overview of the problem that the case addresses and usually ends with a sentence that describes the patient and the condition they are suffering from.

  3. The case

    The case provides all the details and has a particular sequence:

    • Description of patient
    • Case history
    • Physical examination results
    • Pathological tests results
    • Plan for treatment
    • What outcome is expected
    • The actual outcome
  4. Discussion

    The discussion convinces the journal that the case is worthy of publication. It is followed by a summary of the existing literature on the topic.

  5. Conclusion
  6. Every case report ends with a conclusion, but a lot depends on the journal’s specified format. The conclusion briefly gives readers the key points. A case study conclusion is your chance to bring ways in which you can end your case study.

The idea is to complete your case study report with a conclusion that lets the medical industry know with your case study, that you’re contributing to new and useful medical literature that the medical industry can learn from. For more assistance, please contact our professional writers.