Writing A Research Paper on Abortions – Best Tips!

Research Paper on Abortions

When the subject of abortion is raised in any conventional gathering, there is a lot of contention on it. Some will support it while the protagonists will also defend their stance on this debatable subject.

However, we will keenly look at this research paper on abortion and see different tips that will help you get the best grades. Get ready to learn and unlearn a lot as we delve into this topic.

What is an Abortion Research Paper?

It is a carefully thought out piece of academic writing based on original research that seeks to analyze and interpret research findings on abortion.

On itself, abortion is the termination of pregnancy. In other words, it refers to the pre-mature removal of the fetus.

The numerous controversies surrounding the topic are what make most lecturers assign their students such an essay. In some countries, the practice is legal while in others, it is unheard of – more of a taboo. The safety of abortion and the aftermath is what complicates the subject further.

So, what are the peculiarities of abortion research papers? Scroll down to explore some of them.

Peculiar Characteristics of a Paper on Abortion

Unlike most of the other papers you write on, this one is a little bit unique. First, the sensitivity of the topic itself makes it stand out on the style of writing and the choice of words that you are going to use.

Here are some of these peculiarities:

  1. It reveals the truth on abortion rather than give a writer’s own opinion or defence.
  2. It should have well-researched facts, information, and data. There is no room for guesswork, misconceptions, myths, or rumours.
  3. Such a paper should be free from emotional persuasion and instead use neutral and open language.

In most cases, research papers on abortions take two forms:

  • Argumentative approach
  • Analytical approach

In the argumentative approach, you should major your reader’s focus on the arguments relating to abortion and supporting your point of view with evidence from primary sources. You will choose to support the practice or oppose it and give your arguments clearly and convincingly.

The analytical approach requires you to take a neutral stance on the topic. You then present your research paper about the abortion body in the form of a well-supported critical analysis. It should not be to force the audience to take a particular point of view. Both sides of this topic should be carefully brought to light.

Now, in case you prefer to write on a pro-choice research paper, then you should be sure to cover the following aspects:

Pro-Abortion Approach: Requirements

  • Supporting the right of women to either carry a pregnancy or not
  • Give the benefits of this practice.
  • Validate the moral and ethical acceptability of abortion.

A research paper on abortion pro-choice is argumentative with real-life examples that show the necessity of carrying it out.

If you choose to take the pro-life approach, then this means that you will be against the practice. Here are some of the considerations in such a plan:

Pro-Life Research Paper on Abortions

  • Show the essence of the right to life.
  • Give the alternative means to abortion.
  • Let your reader see the legal, moral, and ethical implications of it.

As discussed earlier, these two approaches will only work for argumentative papers on abortions. If the essay is analytical, you will have to provide both sides, then give a balanced view based on the points of both parties.

To a greater extent, religion is a critical player in this topic. However, the moral and ethical considerations also come in handy and can be a great source of abortion research questions. Some of these include:

  • When does life begin?
  • Does the law recognize a fetus as a human being?
  • Which life matters most, the mothers or the fetus?
  • Does removing a fetus means killing?

These are just but a few of the abortion topics that can form the basis of your argument. In the next section, we are going to explore some specific issues that you can use for such an essay.

30 Great Abortion Research Topics

As we said, this is a highly contested topic, and there we expect thousands upon thousands of issues and ideas. However, these should help open up your mind to that possibility.

  1. Factors that influence the abortion decision-making process
  2. Universal implications as a result of abortion
  3. A critical analysis of the methods used to carry out an abortion
  4. Does rape allow one to carry out abortion?
  5. Are doctors allowed to perform abortions on girls without their parents’ consent?
  6. Why is there spontaneous abortion among school girls?
  7. Is induced abortion ethical?
  8. How does abortion infringe on the rights of women?
  9. What is the role of the church in abortion?
  10. Are anti-abortion movements doing their job?
  11. Who is the first contact in case of an abortion?
  12. How does abortion affect the body?
  13. Is abortion a cause of barrenness in women?
  14. How many times should a woman carry out abortion?
  15. Are ladies who carry out abortion still considered mothers?
  16. Can a school-going girl abort to continue with her studies?
  17. Does it matter what stage an abortion occurs?
  18. Are aborted babies accorded a decent send-off?
  19. At what stage should schools teach on this topic?
  20. What are the psychological effects of abortion
  21. Should there be restrictions on abortion, why?
  22. Why is abortion considered a controversial issue?
  23. Are the current laws on abortion stringent enough to curtail it?
  24. How do political campaigns use abortion as a topic of their campaigns?
  25. Which countries have the highest abortion rates and why?
  26. How did abortion start?
  27. A study of the cultural arguments for and against abortion
  28. What is the comparison between medical versus surgical abortion?
  29. What are the circumstances compelling women to carry out abortion?
  30. Is it ethical for abortion clinics to continue making profits out of this practice?

And the list goes on and on. You can take one abortion topic from the list above and gauge your writing and research capability.

Impressive Tips for Writing an Abortion Paper Outline

An abortion research paper outline is not different from any other essay. It has the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, here are some great tips that can help improve your outline and give your readers a natural flow:

  1. Make your introduction as captivating as possible by using:
  2. A hook introductory remark (a quote, statistic, fact, etc.)

    A thesis statement that is clear, specific, and one that you can comfortably handle

    A smooth transitory statement to the Main Body

  3. Ensure that your main body communicates to the audience precisely through using:
    • A clear topic sentence
    • Supporting examples in the form of statistics or facts
    • An elaborate explanation
    • A transition to the conclusion
  4. Make your conclusion a remarkable and memorable one by ensuring that you:
    • Summarize the main body
    • Give your stance (argumentative essay)
    • Have a knockout statement

    With these expert tips, nothing can stop you from handling any research question about abortion.

Quality is vital for any kind of paper. That is what we have been helping you achieve all this while. Nevertheless, looking at the sample outline on abortion above, you can note that as long as you have done your research well, you can finish this topic in a few minutes.

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