Smart Tips For A Tip-Top Economics Research Proposal

Economics Research Proposal

Economics is a subject that most students shy away from attributing a wide array of factors. Some would argue that the statistics and calculations behind it are tedious and boring, unlike other disciplines. That is why a business student would prefer looking for a sample research proposal in economics on the internet to get his/her assignment done.

However, you’d be surprised to know that you do not need a research proposal in economics example to complete your homework. What do you need then? Scroll down to unveil the secret you’ve been missing all this while.

What Is A Research Proposal Economics?

It is a gateway to the real research paper that performs the following functions:

  • Summing up the nature of the proposed economic research
  • Describing its context and details
  • Showing the existing knowledge of economics

Unlike other papers written in college, this one is relatively short and won’t take up much of your writing time. A sample research proposal in economics gives you a chance to analyze the subject matter and its intended research before committing to work on it.

Economics Research Proposal Outline

Knowing how to write such a paper does not need a brilliant mind. All you need is to understand its structure, including all the sections and what each of them entails. So, before you settle down to start writing your economics research proposal, pause to think about the following:

  1. What is your research going to be about?
  2. What is the relevance of the topic to you and society at large?
  3. How are you going to perform the research?

Once these three are in order, the next stage is to carry on with the writing. To excel in this second stage, you need to know the structure of this kind of paper. Despite the variations among different institutions on the economics research proposal structure, here is a standard guide:

  1. Introduction:
  2. It is the first chapter after the title page that contains the section below:

    • Background information to the problem.
    • Statement of the problem
    • Objectives of the study
    • The research questions
    • Significance and scope of the study
    • Limitations of the study

    The introduction is also referred to as the ‘why’ part of the proposal. It should also develop interest on the part of the reader through its currency and relevance.

  3. Literature Review
  4. Review the existing literature on the economics topic you are handling while showing the link between the two. It would help if you did this chronologically – from the earliest to the latest material. The literature review also involves identifying the gaps left by other researchers.

  5. Methodology Section
  6. This chapter indicates the type of research design you intend to use in your study. It would be best to analyze your research problem economics’ theoretical tools such as production and cost, demand and supply, and customer behavior, among others.

    Depending on the type of research data method you choose to use (primary or secondary), this section may vary in length and structure.

  7. Conclusion
  8. It provides a summary of the deliberations above. The conclusion refers back to the original question and restating your proposed solution.

  9. References
  10. The references section should be completed using either the APA or Harvard style depending on your institution’s requirements.

Your proposal might be rejected if:

  • It presents an irrelevant or outdated topic
  • The stated objectives don’t coincide with the methods
  • You are not well knowledgeable in the field of study you have chosen

Look at the following sample writing ideas for an economics research proposal:

Health Economics Research Proposal Writing Prompts

  1. What are the rationale and economic justification of health insurance?
  2. Economic consequences of COVID-19 on the health sector
  3. How technological innovations in health have helped save costs
  4. The economic impact of cancer care and treatment
  5. An economic analysis of the healthcare policies in the US

Agricultural Economics Research Proposal Ideas

  1. An economic perspective of prioritizing agricultural activities
  2. Agricultural impacts and economic costs of lockdowns
  3. A review of the agricultural policy decision-makers on the economy
  4. An inquiry into the current challenges in agricultural economic modeling of GMOs
  5. Views on research priorities in agriculture economics and funding for innovations

Business Major Research Proposal Economics Topics

  1. The role of banks in maintain an economic equilibrium
  2. Accounting for customer competencies in emerging business enterprises
  3. Why corporate social responsibility is a crucial feature of any business that wants to succeed
  4. How to develop competitive intelligence in a recession period
  5. Exploring the influence of social media on the thriving of businesses
  6. How agricultural economies compare concerning operationalization and practice of engagement across different contexts

Research Proposal Behavioral Economics Ideas

  1. A behavioral economics perspective on what motivates consumers to buy
  2. How behavioral economics helps to reduce substance abuse
  3. How the behavioral economics theory fits into the modern world business
  4. The implications of big data on behavioral economics
  5. Ways in which discounting helps to shape behavioral economics
  6. Online purchase behavior economics in the 21st century
  7. Discuss the implications of pricing and the decoy effect

By now, you should be confident when your instructor presents with you an economics research paper. These guidelines should give you the mileage you need to write a research paper proposal example for your peers.

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