How to Write Research Paper

We have various writings that certainly require different approaches. Most students are faced with the challenge of how to properly write research paper. If you are one of such individuals then this post can be helpful as it will be exposing some of the easiest and most powerful ways to write these types of projects.

Step By Step Guide

Ensuring the complete and successful writing of a research paper is really not as scary as it sounds. You are about to find out why. Contained below will be a list and as well as brief explanations of all the steps any average person will need in order to have a research paper successfully written:

Select a Subject

This is the very first step in the journey of writing a successful research paper and as such, a lot of caution has to be applied to get it right. You need to carefully choose your topic with some factors in mind: the length of the intended research paper, the amount of time you have at your disposal, who your intended audience are and the resources you have to execute such a writing.

Make The Topic As Narrow As Possible

A lot of students are guilty of this part as they choose topics that are very broad and complicated and end up getting themselves burnt in the process. Ensuring that your topic is as narrow as possible will not only help you in saving time during the course of your work but will also aid you in making your research paper writing as concise as it ought to be.

Have Your Objective Clearly Stated

Before commencing any research work, it will be of great benefit if the objective of your research is clearly outlined. This will help act as a guide during the course of the work as you will always carry out your exercise within the scope of your objective. The stated objective will also aid you in choosing your research materials. With a clearly stated objective, you will have a great deal of the job accomplished.

Craft out An Initial Bibliography

An initial bibliography in this sense simply means a list that will contain possible sources of information. Just be sure to constantly assess the possible sources as you progress, bearing in mind how well they actually relate to your chosen topic. You can also try to know how up-to-date these sources are and how available they are to you.

Prepare A Working Outline

Outlining your work is very important as it helps to arm you with the priority of what has to be taken note of. In the course of your endeavor, you may need to keep reviewing your plan if you ever lack the necessary information about a topic. Nonetheless, it provides a good point to start from and it is very vital before you start jotting down some notes.


Begin by writing out the topics you want to have discussed in your paper. Then go further to divide the items available on your list into major topics and less major topics. This is very vital for every paper writer.

Start Taking Down Notes

It is indisputable that the faintest pen is better than the brightest brain. It is highly important that you take down important notes during the course of your research. This can be better done after you have gathered your materials together. You can scribble down your notes on different papers and label them with an appropriate topic. Just ensure that each of your notes should in some way be related to what you have in your project outline. Each can also include the title of the information source.

Outline The Paper

The overall outline is almost the same as the working outline just that it is more complex, with each topic being divided into subtopics. For you to successfully accomplish this, you have to arrange your notes into different heaps according to the topics you wrote on top of them. Then proceed to sort those heaps according to the subtopics listed.

A Rough Draft

After completing your final outline, you can begin to craft out what will be your rough draft. It is important to bear in mind that this draft will be revised. Hence, it’s expected that you pay less attention to things like spelling or grammatical error. Rather, you should lay more emphasis on the content of your paper.


When you are through with the rough draft, read through it again and again and revise it. Special attention should be given to the organization and content of the paper. Make sure you have smooth transitions between the different sections so as to keep your reader always up to speed with the objective of your topic.

Write The Final Draft

Your final draft has to be typewritten and it should include citations and a bibliography. Some paper might require a title page, this is totally dependent on the formatting style of your supervisor. The title page must include the following: the title of the paper, your name, the course name, instructor’s name, and the due date of the paper.


Footnotes are not compulsory as it is only a matter of style and you can consult with your supervisor on the format he prefers. The bibliography is simply a list of the sources you used for information gathering on the said topic. Finally, be sure to do a final proofread before handing in your paper to your supervisor.

Getting Professional Help

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Having seen the above, it is obvious that writing a detailed research paper doesn’t have to be complicated. This is because it is very easy once you follow the outlined steps that have been explained above.