Alcoholism Research Paper: Writing Guide & Topics

Alcoholism Research Paper

Writing a research paper on alcoholism might seem like pushing a cart downhill; nevertheless, most students end up feeling frustrated. The need to bring out a new and captivating piece, in the end, remains a dream to many. But luckily, there’s a way out!

Read the sections that follow and forget about alcoholism research paper hangovers and blackouts.

How To Write an Alcoholism Research Paper Thesis

As earlier introduced, knowing the secret behind any successful paper puts you in the winning team. We need to note that such an article will majorly serve two essential purposes:

  • To fight alcoholism
  • To raise awareness among the people

The alcoholism outline for the research paper is as follows:

Alcoholism Research Paper Intro

An exciting introduction will hook the reader to your research paper. He/she will want to read more to feed his curiosity. Since the intro is the first paragraph that meets the reader’s eye, it should be outstanding as much as possible.

You can spice up your introduction in the following ways:

  • Present unexpected statistics and facts on alcoholism,
  • Brief definitions of technical terms in your topic, if any
  • Give the context of your research through background information
  • Add a clear and precise thesis statement

The thesis statement serves as an anchor for your paper, determining your stance on the subject. Therefore, keep it short and sweet yet communicating the main point coherently.


It consists of all the arguments in support of your thesis statement. For a strong defense, ensure that you line up your undisputed and important ideas first as you move to the least. Some of the alcoholism research paper points to include in your body can be:

  • Social effects of alcoholism on students
  • How to help people struggling with alcoholism
  • Symptoms of alcoholism in teenagers

Arrange the points in an orderly way so that your reader can follow through quickly. Each body paragraph should have a well-stated topic sentence, followed by an elaborate explanation and relevant examples.

Conclusion For Alcoholism Research Paper

After presenting your case on alcoholism and defending it with supporting arguments, it’s time, to sum up, your paper. The conclusion for alcoholism research paper summarizes the discussion in short, clear, and precise sentences.

You should also restate the thesis statement to emphasize your main idea of the paper. In conclusion, the general rule of thumb applies, do not add any new information. Strife to make it as short as possible yet not devoid of meaning.

When writing papers on alcoholism, be sure to use factual arguments, especially for the symptoms, effects, and other related statistics. Remember to be sensitive to the choice of words not to end up stigmatizing your reader.

Whether it’s a paper on addiction or withdrawal symptoms, do not vocabularies that may blur the reader from the article’s full picture.

Below are professionally handpicked alcoholism research paper topics for your inspiration:

Teenage Alcoholism Research Paper Topics

  1. Why do most teens think drinking alcohol is cool?
  2. Reasons why most students in college’ want to fit in.’
  3. Do parents who drink influence the teens also to start the habit?
  4. Does alcohol make teens feel more comfortable around their friends?
  5. Can alcohol raise the self-esteem of teens?
  6. Why many teens opt for alcohol when they feel pressured
  7. What are the withdrawal symptoms for teens addicted to alcohol?
  8. How teens can battle anxiety and depression without taking alcohol

Topics For Research Paper on Alcoholism and Family

  1. How alcohol makes parents neglect their essential duties
  2. Why forgetfulness as a result of alcoholism may disrupt family relationships
  3. Domestic violence as a result of excessive alcohol drinking
  4. Financial instability in families with alcohol addicts
  5. Can parents who drink alcohol help their children with homework?
  6. Why do children from families where parents drink alcohol suffer depression?
  7. Difficulty with intimate relationships among adults who drink alcohol
  8. Mental and physical health issues as a result of alcoholism in the family

Topics on Risks of Alcoholism

  1. Motor vehicle accidents arising from drinking and driving
  2. Why cases of homicide are on the rise among those who drink
  3. What causes alcohol poisoning?
  4. Risky sexual behaviors as a result of irresponsible drinking
  5. How mothers can experience miscarriage if they take excessive alcohol consumption
  6. Why do alcohol drinking people develop high blood pressure?
  7. Learning and memory difficulties as a result of alcoholism
  8. Why you risk losing your job if you continue drinking

Topics on Alcoholism as a Disease

  1. Can we classify alcoholism as a curable disease?
  2. The pre-alcoholic phase of alcoholism as a disease
  3. What is the relationship between increased heart rate and alcoholism?
  4. How effective is the Intensive Outpatient alcoholism treatment Program?
  5. Causes of relapse among patients recovering from alcoholism
  6. Aftercare support programs for patients dealing with alcoholism
  7. How scary is a diagnosis of alcoholism?
  8. Medical treatment options for people struggling with alcohol addiction

Alcohol Abuse Research Paper Topics

  1. The impact of alcohol abuse on relationships
  2. How alcohol abuse can cause harm or injury
  3. How alcohol abuse can harm the quality of your life
  4. Sexual dysfunction complications as a result of alcohol abuse
  5. Recommended ways of controlling alcohol abuse
  6. Medications to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal among addicts
  7. The role of support groups in reducing alcohol abuse
  8. Warning signs that you are abusing alcohol

Addiction Research Paper Topics

  1. Why is the youthful population the most affected with alcohol addiction?
  2. Best approaches to dealing with alcohol addiction among adults
  3. How drug addiction has led to increased crime rates in society
  4. Does counseling help to deal with the problem of drug addiction?
  5. Compare and contrast drug addiction between first and third world countries
  6. What measures can the government institute curb drug addiction?
  7. How drug addictions contribute to marriage breakups
  8. Why most drug addicts cannot have gainful employment opportunities
  9. How alcohol addiction impacts human health
  10. Why are the majority of street children drug and substance addicts?
  11. What are the policies legislating against drug addiction?
  12. Why are more men drug addicts than women?
  13. Rehabilitation systems of helping drug addicts
  14. Sociological perspectives of drug addiction
  15. A step by step approach to helping adolescents in drug addiction

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