90 Outstanding Management Paper Topics To Use

Management Paper Topics

Despite your status, management is an aspect that you cannot avoid. From how you spend your pocket money to how you go about your daily activities, management is at the centre of it all. That is why you need quality management paper topics.

Coming up with such a topic is a two-edged sword; it is easy yet difficult at the same time. Many students find it difficult crafting such a topic because of its broad nature. Those who find it easy to handle such a task is as a result of practice and thorough research.

However, to be successful, you have to focus on the practical aspects of management. Use the factual statistics and data to make an informed decision on which topic to settle on for your paper.

Ensure that the topic you are handling brings a fresh perspective, not the old, boring fairy tales. To help you get what we mean by this, we have put together a list of 80+ professionally written management topics for research paper.

Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the responsibility of nurses in managing the affairs of patients?
  2. Discuss problems that patients encounter when dealing with the administration
  3. How have hospital management practices evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  4. Management faults that lower the reputation of hospitals
  5. Effective software that hospitals can use for records management
  6. How hospitals can deal with a financial crisis and recover
  7. Loopholes in the management of patient’s records in hospitals

Human Resource Management Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of a good human resource system for any company
  2. Should companies provide stipends for increasing the working efficiency of human resources?
  3. How appraisals and incentives help to increase productivity levels
  4. How to identify the missing links in the human resource system
  5. Effective criteria for promoting and demoting human resources
  6. The impact of coronavirus on the effectiveness and productivity of human resources
  7. Will the future workforce work remotely from home?

Project Management Research Paper Topics

  1. How to effectively deal with team conflicts
  2. Is digital technology a game-changer in project management?
  3. Principles and dynamics of project management in 2023
  4. Analyze the impact of coronavirus on project management
  5. What causes project delay and how to avoid it
  6. Considerations for project selection and suitability
  7. Project management soft skills that every manager should have

Supply Chain Management Research Paper Topics

  1. Success factors of digital transformation in supply chain management
  2. The impact of cross-functional collaboration when making decisions
  3. The relationship between block-chain and sustainable project management?
  4. Factors affecting the application of IoT on supply chain
  5. Evaluate the use of technology in modern-day supply and management
  6. Strategies to reduce costs in the supply chain management process
  7. The influence of Green supply chain management practices

Management Information Systems Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it possible to achieve satisfactory management information systems
  2. Efforts in MIS that paint a picture for future progress
  3. Impact of online MIS in data archival and retrieval
  4. MIS that can be used by schools during the COVID-19 pandemic
  5. Should businesses incorporate online MISs in their operations?
  6. The importance of having superior MISs in cost reduction
  7. How MISs have led to economic growth and development

Research Paper Topics For Business Management

  1. How to deal with challenges in a business start-up
  2. Business ethics that promote development and growth
  3. How to regulate diversity in the workplace and achieve maximum productivity
  4. Why owning your own business is better than franchising
  5. Why you should invest in online advertising as a business
  6. Ways of creating healthy work environments in the digital age
  7. Are women better business managers than men?

Research Paper Topics About Hotel and Restaurant Management

  1. How to handle guests effectively during the coronavirus pandemic
  2. Are fast-food restaurants really ‘fast’ per se?
  3. How to make affordable hotel & restaurant costs without incurring losses
  4. Why most, if not all hotel staff dress in white and black
  5. Analyze the location of hotels & restaurants
  6. How to deal with customer complaints arising from poor services
  7. Ways of achieving social distance in fast food restaurants

Risk Management Topics Paper

  1. How to best manage a terrorist attack in a hotel
  2. Can we detect natural disasters before they occur and manage them?
  3. Risk management tools for a nuclear energy processing plant
  4. How to effectively conduct a security drill without hurting anyone
  5. Best methods for dealing with operational risk management
  6. How to protect assets in financial risk management
  7. Ways of dealing with occupational hazards in dangerous work environments

College Management Information System Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the various applications of IT in MIS and its success
  2. Explore how MIS is applicable in marketing and market research
  3. How managers use MIS to inform their decision-making process
  4. Investigate ways in which MIS meets business needs
  5. Explain the role of data preservation in Management Information Systems
  6. Improving business management through strategic business modelling and simulation
  7. Identify the available business intelligence tools and techniques
  8. How to align MIS to the prevailing business needs

Change Management Research Paper Topics

  1. Using culture as a determinant for change in a multi-cultural company
  2. Why you should first build a change agent network before implementing the process
  3. How to implement change management that meets your specific environment
  4. Why you need different minds in the changing ecosystem
  5. How change management leads to business sustainability
  6. Review how Google implements their change management practices
  7. Compare and contrast change management in the private and public sectors
  8. Human factors that hinder change management

Research Paper Topics Hospitality Management

  1. Are the health and safety regulations too tough for hotels?
  2. How to ensure satisfactory hospitality services to all
  3. Discuss how the hospitality industry can retain its customers
  4. How to treat local and international tourists
  5. Evaluate the variations in hospitality services between different countries
  6. How to deal with a disappointed client in a hotel
  7. How have the new travel restrictions affected the hospitality industry?
  8. Ways of improving ecotourism in 2023

Operations Management Topics For Paper

  1. How to improve vertical and horizontal communication
  2. The role of human resources in enhancing operations management
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing logistic operations?
  4. Compare and contrast the operations management systems for B2B and B2C companies
  5. Operational risks involved in a chemical processing plant and how to minimize
  6. Discuss the unique differences between operations management for products and services
  7. The role of operations management in forecasting market trends
  8. A case study analysis of operations management in an infectious disease unit
  9. Examine the role of the government in creating sustainable businesses
  10. Discuss different techniques involved in operations management

Topics in management should not give you sleepless nights. You can pick one of those listed above or seek expert paper writing help online at affordable rates today.