60 Best Business Law Topics for Research Paper

Business Law Topics for Research Paper

Business Law, also known as commercial law, is a set of integral laws that guide society. To write an impressive research paper on Business Law, it is vital to find a few business law paper topics that not only interest you but also offer scope for research and critical analysis.

You can then discuss the topics with your guide to shortlist the one that offers maximum scope to showcase your research capabilities and get good grades. Here is a list of some great topics for business law research paper, that you can consider. Take a look:

Advanced Business Law Research Topics

These are some advance business law topics that reflect in-depth subject knowledge and research capabilities:

  1. Can the Exclusion from antitrust laws be good?
  2. Essential details about Abercrombie and Race Discrimination.
  3. Various methods of treatments for Accidents in the workplace.
  4. Age Discrimination Act: What is it?
  5. How to Avoid sexual harassment lawsuits inside a company?
  6. How to identify Bankruptcy fraud?
  7. Everything about the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  8. What is the Collective Bargaining Union?
  9. Corruption in Business Law: how to get rid of it?
  10. Hazards of the Construction Industry: What are the solutions provided by the Government?
  11. Effective methods to keep business running.
  12. Is Paternity leave for a father acceptable?
  13. Sexual Harassment Law: what does it say?
  14. What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
  15. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
  16. How does piracy affect the profitability of a business?
  17. What is the Ocean Liner Contract system?
  18. What should be the level of confidentiality of trade secrets?

Interesting Business Law Topics for Research Paper

Here are some of the most well scoring and attention-grabbing business law topics to write about for your dissertation –

  1. The role of Law of Contracts in Business Transactions.
  2. Interpretations of The Law of Contract.
  3. A thorough investigation of the Contract Laws.
  4. The importance of Commercial Law.
  5. An explanation of the working of Contracts.
  6. How does Legislature impact the interpretation of Contracts?
  7. Analysis of the difficulties faced by the business due to pursuing Commercial or Regular Lease.
  8. Analysis of the Structure of Transactions under Business Law.
  9. What is the role of a Director’s Guarantee under Business Law?
  10. Investigating the practical use of Copyright and Trademark by business entities.
  11. The role played by Copyrights and Trademarks in relation to Business Transactions.
  12. Everything you need to know about Advertising Law.
  13. The consequences of Copyright Infringement.
  14. The effect of Business Law on Commercial Transactions and Licensing.
  15. The application of Termination Agreements and Contract Law in Business Transactions.

Business Contract Law Topics for Research Paper

These are a few research topics in business law that can be used as a guide to create your paper and score well:

  1. The importance of Contract Law for small or single entrepreneurs.
  2. Contract Law and why is it essential in a versatile global business environment?
  3. The role of Contract Law in relation to shipping and transportation across five countries in the world.
  4. The importance of the Mudaraba contract in context with Islamic Law.
  5. Islamic Law and limitations in the implementation of Contract Law.
  6. A thorough investigation of the Tort Liability Law in the United Kingdom.
  7. The analysis and comparison of the Contract Law for Small, Medium, and Large enterprises in the United Kingdom.
  8. What is the significance of online privacy policies on the Contract Law?
  9. The role of the state in implementation of the Contract Law
  10. What is the difference between the UK and the EU after the implementation of the Brexit Contract Law?
  11. Everything you need to know about code, law, and their interpretations in the digital world.
  12. A discussion of the Penalty under Contract Law in context with the English Law.
  13. The difference between verbal commitments, non-contractual relations, and Contract Law: What problems are faced during their enforcement?
  14. An investigation of the impact of Labour Laws within the country.
  15. Emerging Economies: Analyzing the enforcement of Contract Law

International Business Law Topics for Research Paper

If you want to work in the arena of business law these topics are sure to be a big help with research paper:

  1. The right of the company to choose its nationality
  2. International arbitration – best policies to choose
  3. Is it still possible to buy the services of judges in first world countries?
  4. The Understanding impact of the litigation processes on small and medium business entities operating in international arenas
  5. The Doctrine of Separate Legal personality and its significance in International business
  6. Is there a way to avoid litigation procedures in foreign lands?
  7. What are the cases in international business when the data security and confidentiality policies are not applied?
  8. Solutions for stopping former employees from joining rival companies.
  9. Implementation of employee non-disclosure agreement across national boundaries
  10. Is it legal to say no to paternity leaves for fathers when working with foreign employees?
  11. Drawing up international extractive contracts for oil and mining companies
  12. Can domestic laws be incorporated in international business agreements – the consequences.

For most law students curriculums are extensive and topic research can be a time consuming task with other college activities. If you are worried about finding some good business law paper topics to work on or need professional help to write an effective research paper, we have the answers. Get in touch with us for effective research paper topics for business law class and we will be happy to assist with your assignment.