Creating Unforgettable Social Media Research Paper With Ease

Social Media Research Paper

Research papers on social media are becoming a norm for almost every college and university. The advancement of the digital age has made these assignments inevitable. Furthermore, emerging issues and trends in social media add fuel to the matter.

If you have a research paper on social media and wonder where to start, this post is the perfect place to begin. On top of the outline and structure, we have social media research paper ideas to keep you going. Read on.

How To Write Social Media Research Papers

Many students underrate writing such a research paper since it does not seem to deal with a technical aspect. Nevertheless, the fact remains that without the necessary writing ideas and expert writing tips and tricks at hand, it would be impossible to complete it.

Let us begin with the outline:

  1. Read and understand the research topic on social media that you are handling
  2. Brainstorm to find the necessary points for your paper
  3. Please write down the main points and narrow down your research to them
  4. Have a skeleton of how you intend to write your paper
  5. Begin writing your social media research paper
  6. Proof-read to make sure that your paper is devoid of any errors

For an influential social media paper, currency and relevance should be at the core of your writing. Make it as practical as possible to make your reader relate to it. Ensure that your paper is in tandem with the structure below:


Here, you’ll mention your social media topic and state its thesis. Any essay or research paper is dependent on the thesis statement. Therefore, as you write your introduction, ensure that the thesis is clear and precise. It will help you determine the arguments to include in the body paragraphs of your research paper.

Social Research Paper Body Paragraphs

The body comprises paragraphs, each with arguments supporting the thesis statement. Include facts, data, examples, and any other pieces of evidence to prove the topic sentence.

A typical research paper will have the body made up of the Literature Review, Research Methods, Findings and Analysis, Discussion, and limitations. Each part should contribute to the overall intended meaning stated in the thesis statement.

Conclusion of A Social Media Research Paper

It is a summary of your main arguments. You also restate your paper’s main thesis statement, assuring the reader that the paper’s stated goal has been achieved. Some social media research questions in conclusion include:

  • What you learned about social media that you didn’t know before
  • What conclusions have you made from the research?
  • What other areas of study can you suggest?

With that, you are ready for a top-tier social media research paper!

Social Media Research Topics – Facebook

  1. What should be the age limit for joining Facebook?
  2. Does Facebook, as a company, invade people’s privacy?
  3. How to crowd-source people for a common goal on Facebook
  4. Why is Facebook still a giant social media platform in the 21st century?
  5. How to curb theft and conning on Facebook

Research Topics on Social Media For High School

  1. How to use social media as a practical learning tool
  2. Should governments have control over social media posts?
  3. How Trump used social media to win a majority of voters
  4. Is social media making the world a global village or not?
  5. How social media has led to families being kept apart

Media Research Topics For College

  1. What are the technological advances in social media?
  2. Why does Twitter limit the number of words for a post?
  3. Is social media making people live fake lives?
  4. Why parents should be worried about teenagers joining social media platforms
  5. What is the best way to make social media a haven for everyone?

Exemplary Media Topics For Research

  1. Network connectivity and bandwidth concerning social media
  2. What legislations can countries pass to improve the effectiveness of the media?
  3. Do online games pay?
  4. The impact of online dating sites on relationships
  5. Why everyone should be concerned about their data online.

Social Networks Research Topics

  1. How to develop private business firms on social networks
  2. The role of social networks in the rising cases of suicide
  3. Using social networks during the coronavirus pandemics
  4. How to maximize your social network
  5. What causes social media addiction?

Current Media Topics To Write About

  1. The role of the media in propagating false information
  2. How social media has helped in COVID-19 sensitization
  3. The rift between social media and religion
  4. How Twitter has helped save lives
  5. Is it right to monitor your spouse’s activity online?

Digital Media Research Topics

  1. The 5G network and digital media
  2. Improving interactivity on social media
  3. Is hyper protection by parents online necessary?
  4. The danger of a profile picture online
  5. Disconnecting people through social media

Mass Media Research Paper Topics

  1. Censorship in mass media
  2. Children advertising and media ethics
  3. Copyright law in mass media
  4. Mass media bias during elections
  5. Mass media ownership

Media Studies Research Topics

  1. Remediation of new media
  2. Growth of mobile journalism
  3. Blogging and fake news
  4. Accreditation of journalists
  5. Currency of news

Mass Communication Topics For Research Papers

  1. Media and crime
  2. Democracy and mass media
  3. Mass communication; pros and cons
  4. Advancements in mass communication
  5. Impact of coronavirus on mass media

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