How To Make A Paper Longer: Ideas That Will Help Any Student

how to make a paper longer

Maybe you want to know how to make a paper longer because you’ve been researching and writing the essay without reaching the word or page count your teacher needs. Maybe you’re getting desperate because it looks like you might not achieve this goal. That’s because you’ve tried to be fluffy with descriptions, paying with words, and rewriting your sentences, but nothing seems to work. Luckily, you’ve come across this article where you will learn tips for making a paper longer.

The length of academic papers varies depending on the subject and educational level. Some courses have specific requirements, and departmental guidelines can also affect the size of academic writing. Nevertheless, most teachers and professors provide guidelines for the number of pages or words to write.

In most cases, the length of an academic paper is a range instead of an exact figure. For instance, your educator can ask you to write between 2500 and 3000 words or 10 and 12 pages. The length of most high school papers ranges between 200 and 1000 words. College admission essays range between 200 and 650 words, while undergraduate essays range from 1500 to 5000 terms. Graduate school admission essays can range between 500 and 1000 words, while graduate school essays’ word count range from 2500 to 6000.

Many students want to learn tricks to make a paper longer because they struggle to meet the word count that their colleges, teachers, or departments specify. And this is mainly the case when a learner is juggling multiple assignments and exams. Nevertheless, increasing a paper’s length shouldn’t be an agonizing process. All you need are tips for adding depth and clarity to your writing.

How to Make Your Paper Longer by Expanding Some Sections

You can make your paper longer by expanding some sections.

For instance, you can go back to the conclusion and the introduction sections to see if you have included all relevant details.

In most cases, ideas can hit your mind when writing the paper. If you started this task by writing an introduction, you could revisit this section to see if you might want to add anything.

Maybe you decided to leave out some information, yet it can help the readers comprehend your argument. In that case, include this data to see if it will extend the length of your paper. Also, check the conclusion to ensure it summarizes all the main points of your essay. Additionally, make sure that your concluding section provides a solution that readers can consider. Don’t hesitate to revise these sections if you feel like you can add something after reading the conclusion and the introduction.

Use Your Rubric or Prompt to Make a Paper Longer

Perhaps, your supervisor or educator provided a comprehensive rubric or prompt for the paper. In that case, read it a second or a third time to determine whether you’ve included everything the assignment requires.

Consider the following after reading your rubric or prompt:

  • Does the paper answer every question in the essay rubric or prompt?
  • Does my essay provide adequate supporting evidence backing up every claim in it?
  • Does the paper meet all requirements, apart from the length?
  • Does my writing leave out vital information that can boost the reader’s comprehension of my argument?

If you don’t answer any of these questions with a decisive “yes,” revise the paper to ensure that it provides the best response to your essay prompt.

How to Increase Paper Length Using the Format

The format or outline of a paper is more than a guide for writing an academic essay. When looking for the sections that you can take longer, consider reviewing the structure of your writing.

Looking at your paper outline can help you identify vital points that you might have overlooked. You can also notice issues that you have not developed sufficiently and adequately. Thus, you can identify concepts that you want to go back and clarify further.

Also, you can find paragraphs that deserve breaking down and introducing new ideas. When you break down each section, you can explain their primary points and provide supporting evidence. And such acts will increase your paper’s word count.

If your paper has longer paragraphs, you can break them down to boost the world count. And this can help you if the page count is the primary issue. Breaking up sections in your paper is easy, and it makes it more readable.

Essential Tips on How to Make an Essay Longer

Maybe you’ve exhausted every detail of your topic, but the page count doesn’t correspond to your professor’s criteria. In that case, try these tricks to extend your paper’s length.

  1. Change the font size: If the educator didn’t specify the font size for your paper, consider using a larger one. Also, use fonts like Cambria, Bangla Sangam MN, and Courier New that make a document seem longer. However, avoid exaggerating by using fonts like Arial Black or Lucida Handwriting. That’s because the professor will notice that you’re trying to give your paper a long appearance by using a larger font. Also, you can adjust your font size from 11pt to 11.5pt.
  2. Use periods and commas: One of the best ways to make your paper longer without the educator noticing is by enlarging periods and commas. To do this, press control +F on your keyboard. This command will prompt the computer to display the “Find” and “Replace” that you can use to select 11pt periods and commas and then change them to 12pt.
  3. Change spacing: You can also make your paper look longer by changing the spacing between sentences. If the educator requires you to double or single-space the document, open “Format” and then “Paragraph.” This command will prompt the computer to display the line “Spacing” option. Using this option, select “Multiple” and then enter 1.1 or 2.1 inside the box.
  4. Scale down the margin: You can also scale down the paper margin on the right side. To ensure the educator won’t notice, adjust by a quarter. For instance, if the educator requires your paper to have a 1.5cm margin, scale it down to 0.9cm. To do this, click “Format” followed by “Document.” Once the box appears near the right side of the paper, enter 0.9. That way, you can extend the paper length without noticeable changes. However, don’t reduce the margin on the left side of the paper. That’s because educators use the left margin to justify documents. Thus, altering the left margin can give your essay a visible change.
  5. Expand the bottom margin: You can also make your essay appear longer by increasing the bottom margin. Find a box next to the “Bottom” in the document and enter 1.25. If this is too visible, reduce it to 1.15. That way, your paper can look longer, and the educator won’t notice the large bottom margin.
  6. Expand words spacing: Expanding the space between words is also another practical tip on how to make a paper seem longer. Open “Font” followed by “Advanced” to do this. Once the “Expanded” box appears, enter 1.6 adjacent to the “By” button.
  7. Increase the header: You can increase the page count of your paper by expanding the paper header. To do this, include the title, name, course number, date, lecturer’s name, email, and student ID. Ideally, you can increase the length of your paper by including more information in the header. You can also double-space sentences in this section to give your essay a long look.
  8. Center the title: Your paper title should appear below the header. To make your paper seem longer, place it at the center and expand its font size. Also, use double space between the header and the title. The same should apply to the first paragraph and heading.
  9. Add a footer page: The footer page includes numbers that make the paper appear longer.

These are practical tips on how to increase page count for an academic paper. However, read your educator’s instructions carefully to ensure that you do everything without going against them.

How to Make Your Essay Longer with Your Writing Style

If working with periods, commas, and spacing doesn’t help, check your writing style. Ideally, you can use words to make your essay longer.

Here are tips on how to extend paper length with words:

  • When using a number with a value below ten, spell it out. For example, you can spell two instead of using the numeral. That way, you can make the paper longer while keeping it professional because formal writing requires authors to spell out numerals.
  • When writing something formal like a research paper, academic guidelines require you to avoid shortening words. Therefore, you can extend the length of your essay by writing words. For instance, you can write “will not” instead of “won’t” and “do not” rather than “don’t.”
  • Include a short conclusion for every paragraph. Perhaps, this is the most effective tip on how to make essays longer because it enables you to add your paper’s word count. Ideally, you can summarize the main point in a paragraph and then give an opinion.
  • You can also extend your paper’s length by using more descriptions in a capstone paper. When you provide new information, give definitions, explanations, specific numbers, people’s names, and dates.
  • Use names to replace names. For instance, you can use Donald Trump and Barack Obama instead of replacing them with “they.” Nevertheless, be careful to avoid exaggerating with this tip.
  • Using more transitional phrases can also make your essay seem longer. What’s more, transitional words enable you to move from one idea to another naturally. And this increases the paper length while making your thoughts easy for the readers to follow. Therefore, read the paper to see whether you can add transitional phrases to make your thoughts and sentences flow better. Most graders look for transitional phrases and words when marking academic papers. Therefore, use them to make your sentences clearer and link everything together.
  • You can also make your paper look longer by adding more examples. For instance, you can add an example to every argument, idea, or paragraph. Also, you can use quotations to elaborate ideas or support a position. Ideally, you can think about ways to make every point by demonstrating instead of telling your readers.

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