40 Catchy Concept Papers Topics To Amuse Your Prof

concept papers topics

It’s not easy to come around topics for concept papers that you can confidently present to your professor. However, we understand this great and urgent need, so we came up with this useful post.

What is a Concept Paper?

It is an academic paper briefly written to provide a clear summary of the research project. In short, it acts as a prelude to the primary research paper that will be presented.

Why do you need a concept paper?

Your lecturer will know what your thesis, project, or research paper is all about through your concept paper. Need I explain how long such projects are and how busy the professors are too?

In a concept paper, you develop an idea and bring it out for others to understand. Since it is short, you should master the art of using words conservatively while communicating effectively.

For example, if you are a Mass Communication student, you might want to study why fake news spreads faster than factual news. Or perhaps, you would explore why most media stations are privately owned. The list goes on to infinity.

Principles of Writing A Concept Analysis Paper

As with every type of academic paper, this, too, has its standards. Looking at a sample concept paper alone may not give you an accurate outline or writing format. That is why we have compiled these writing guidelines for you!

  • The number of pages: Concept papers are typically short documents of 2-3 pages.
  • Spacing: A double spacing to make the paper easy to read through
  • Font size: Use a 12-point size, which is standard and readable.
  • Margins: 1 inch all around is better

On top of the formatting aspects discussed above, there is also language use. Ensure that you use action-oriented language to communicate your ideas in your paper. Instead of using the statement, “could potentially help” opt for “will curtail, will certainly improve productivity, etc.”

When writing your concept paper, the following areas should be of significant focus:

  • Arguments that address the main idea
  • Bring out areas of controversy
  • Point out areas of incomplete knowledge
  • Historical and germinal works supporting your paper

The composition of the concept paper should be as follows:

  • The topic should be in the form of a question
  • Conduct a brief overview of the research topic
  • Briefly state the research questions that the project seeks to find answers to
  • Why is the research necessary?
  • A brief description of your research methodology

Let us look at a list of topic ideas for a concept paper:

Concept Paper Topic Ideas in Environment

  1. Are acid rains solely connected to industries and diesel vehicles alone?
  2. Is global warming a natural cycle of the earth?
  3. Can humanity benefit from forests without having to cut down trees?
  4. Has the coronavirus helped in reclaiming Mother Nature due to the lockdowns?
  5. Is humanity doing the best it can to protect endangered animal and plant species?
  6. Is deep-sea oil mining well for the aquatic life in the sea?

Concept Paper Topics in Health

  1. Have we done enough to prevent the occurrence and spread of another pandemic like COVID-19?
  2. Is what was considered healthy in the ancient past still considered healthy now?
  3. Why have there been more psychological causes of depression and anxiety during coronavirus?
  4. Why have African countries experienced low numbers of COVID-19 infections and death compared to Western countries?
  5. Why is cancer still the most dangerous disease in the 21st century?
  6. Is plastic surgery right for the health of the patients? Are there any side effects?

Concept Papers Ideas in Education

  1. Why is it a challenge to implement online learning for middle and high school students?
  2. What is the role of technology in enhancing research and innovations?
  3. Should all countries adopt the same learning curriculum for schools?
  4. Are long holidays proving to be detrimental to students rather than helpful?
  5. How much homework should a student have?
  6. Who is to blame for bullying cases in schools?

Concept Paper Ideas in Technology

  1. Why should countries adopt the 5G network?
  2. Are mobile companies spying on their clients?
  3. Why is hacking still a significant problem despite the technological advances made?
  4. Is it safe to use infrared and laser beams on humans?
  5. What is the role of technology in combating crime and terrorism?
  6. How can we enhance data privacy and security in the wake of mass data?

Concept Paper Topic Ideas in History

  1. Who is to blame for the Euthanasia project in the concentration camps?
  2. Is there a cold war among nations because of the I and II World War?
  3. Why the American flag has stars
  4. What are the reasons for slavery?
  5. Did explorers determine the sizes of countries as they are today?
  6. Is colonialism still persistent today?

Concept Topics in Family

  1. What causes divorce?
  2. Are children to blame for marriage break ups?
  3. How to live with drunken parents
  4. How to cope with grief in the family
  5. Problems associated with fostering a child

Controversial Concept Writing Topics

  1. Is abortion an ending of life?
  2. Is same-sex marriage legal?
  3. Should sex education be introduced in middle school?
  4. Children and advertising
  5. Surrogate mothers

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